you know as relationships progressed

yeah there's there's more to play with

yeah I'm more comfortable with each

other you talking about a sexuality

anything really like you know you guys

fartin in French oh oh oh oh this yeah

we talked about this a little bit

earlier um it was that was I was it was

an ally you know I got that's a big

first step a lot of people yeah relate

relationships as they as they evolve and

move on over time the people get more

and more comfortable with each other and

so I got first I think the boy and the

girl they go on their first date and

let's be honest both both of them have

to fart but people have to fart on the

first date okay and the third day as

well and instead they make that face

they hold it in with a weapon and they

squeak it out a little bit right yeah

now after a couple weeks and hold the

horse of course sometimes you can't get

away with theirs letting one out like

that's that's a little risky for me you

know I'm the type of dude where I'll

hold it till I get home and have like a

like a mental break won a full 60

seconds of flatulence full-on I'm I set

my boy you know it's these seconds

sometimes yeah

that's a minute that's good math nice

job so as the relationship goes on you

know you get a month in and this is

usually about the time when guys starts

just spraying you know you're sitting on

the love sack you're watching movie

might even [ __ ] go for the leg lift a

month in and the girl goes babe I'm

every [ __ ] couple watches knows what

I'm talking about most girls go ooh I

feel like yeah oh yeah baby

now now is the interesting thing is when

you get to the three to four months cuz

up until that point you like to believe

that girls don't fart or poop at all but

at the three to four month mark they

have they usually have a slip-up it's

not it's not purposeful at first it's

they're sitting there and watching a

movie and just here

anyway what was that what the [ __ ] was

that was a step on a duck well in the

movie but then they're like okay I got

one through he didn't break up with me

and then they feel like it's it's right

it's rapid-fire time like Open Sesame

you just start getting hurt and you're

just looking he's like yo God and I feel

like like I get so much more mad at her

when she farts that vice versa because

girls aren't supposed to party I don't

care what anybody says girls are not

supposed to martyr the fact that they

pee is even risky because I eat at that

restaurant sometimes and so the fact

that pee comes out of there even that

stresses me out you know what I'm saying

and so like I'm getting warm no listen

ladies that what he said okay to [ __ ]

joke it's a joke for comedy what he's

saying is this fart and poop it's early

sure wherever you want oh yeah like you

um no really hear me when I say wherever

you want later if you want to if you

want to poop on a public bench in the

park do it if you want to poop at Grand

Central Station do it like don't don't

let the confines of society like

Congress like let's be honest bro going

to the bathroom is a societal construct

you're he's right if joking as he is

he's right you think the Romans went to

the bathroom you know the Romans did

they sat with a hundred other Romans and

[ __ ] to gets true actually outside the

Coliseum is a massive public and and

cavemen just [ __ ] wherever they want it

it would just [ __ ] randomly there's one

there's one place I don't two places I

don't want you to poop one and I hate to

say but I don't I don't want you to poop

on my penis if I if we've gotten to that

point where we're going down that route

that rabbit hole I'll call it yeah wait

I will say though that is one of those

things it's like if you pull a pin from

a grenade and hold it what do you expect

to happen right I'm malfunctioning Nate

no no no your bone so continue to

malfunction during that activity that's

it's just risky dude that's why I like

honestly honestly if I'm [ __ ] around

with a girl that I like a lot

I won't I won't really do the but do

stuff yeah it's it's it's just you have

you have too much to lose you have way

too much to lose and and you can't be

mad cuz if you're doing BUTT STUFF and

you get a little slang on the day like

what's your expect that's what you said

to me that time in New York when I had

that issue like why you why even talking

to me about this but like I walked

outside when it was raining I got wet

who woulda guessed I'm your wiener and

then the other one four people have

watched the movie the platform another

watch I'll talk about on Netflix this

guy climbed up looking for some relief

from the people in the jail cell above

them mmm and the woman [ __ ] on his head

on his head while he was climbing up he

climbed up a rope and she [ __ ] on his

head and he fell down the tube in this

movie the platform and he died that that

is modern-day weaponry [ __ ] right in his

face so your two rules are don't [ __ ] on

either head yeah wrong