The Only 3 Reasons to Get a Divorce

hey my friends this is Daniel Ali and

today I want to talk about the only

three reasons to ever get a divorce now

this is not a type of video that I

always talk about but I believe it's

incredibly important to understand

exactly who your spouse is and whether

or not you need to divorce them now I

also want you to know that every single

marriage was meant to stay together

forever because whenever you go to the

altar and you say I do that means that

you are meant to be with this person

forever but if you felt like you've made

a mistake or the person that you've

married isn't the person that they were

when they said they do then you have to

watch this entire video because it can

change your life so listen up the first

reason why you should get divorced is

because a severe abuse now there's all

forms of abuse that can happen in your

life there's mental abuse there's

physical abuse this verbal abuse there's

financial abuse and worst of all there's

sexual abuse my friends if you feel that

you've been manipulated over the years

from your spouse then it is time to get

a divorce

my friends I'm gonna tell you very

simply if your spouse is abusing you

every single day in every single way and

you cannot tolerate it anymore then you

need to walk away from that relationship

you don't have the time to be with a

person who doesn't appreciate who you

are now I'm not going to talk about

every single type of abuse but you know

whether or not that person is pushing

you past your limits because every

single person in this world has a

threshold that cannot be penetrated

within their relationship and if your

husband or your wife crosses that line

multiple times and you feel highly

offended by their behaviors then you

need to understand that you are not

meant to be with that person anymore

now I'm gonna tell you that the number

one reason why most marriages end in

divorce is because of some form of abuse

and if you understand how abusive your

relationship is then you need to seek

counseling first I'm going to tell you

straight up that a lot of times whenever

you decide to seek counseling your

husband or wife your spouse will deny

that request because they don't believe

that they have a problem in fact many

times they'll be in so much denial that

they won't even be able to address the

problem so what you need to do is to

find someone that can help you it

doesn't have to be a professional what

it needs to be is someone who cares

about you someone that loves you someone

that wants to help you to restore your

relationship once you decide to try

everything you can and actually go about

doing it

but you've come to the conclusion that

you can try no longer that now it's time

to seek a divorce now it's time to give

up on that relationship and start brand

new because in order to be yourself you

have to free yourself in order to free

yourself you have to be yourself and you

can never become yourself if you're tied

up in a relationship that's holding you

back from becoming the person that you

know you were meant to be the second

major reason you should seek a divorce

is if you've experienced tremendous

amounts of betrayal now what I'm saying

is that if you found that your partner

has consistently betrayed you over the

years and this could be so many

different ways they could have lied to

you multiple times

they could have cheated on you they

could have done so many different things

that just broke your heart so many times

you cannot tolerate it anymore

then now is the time to consider a

divorce now my wife and I have been

together for over a decade and I can

tell you when we talk to different

couples we see that once they experience

a small level of betrayal they think is

tremendous they think is the biggest

thing that ever happened they believe is

completely unforgivable but what I'm

saying to you is this just because

someone has wronged you once or even

twice or a couple times doesn't mean you

need to seek a divorce it doesn't mean

you need to give up on their

relationship just because they hit some


Meishan or they've done something that

they know they shouldn't have done it

doesn't mean that you need to give up on

the whole entire relationship what you

need to do is reconcile what you need to

do is seek understanding and make sure

you work things out within your

relationship now I'm gonna tell you

straight up it might not even be your

spouse at all that's doing the betrayal

it might be who your spouse is connected

with your in-laws that's doing the most

harm if you feel like this is a

situation forgive your spouse and

forgive their family because your spouse

isn't in control of how their family

thinks and what their family says and

how their family acts when you come

around but what you need to do is

control your reactions what you need to

do is make sure you forgive them what

you need to do is to take control of

your emotions and take control of your

mindset and how you interact with these

people now if you've been in a

relationship for a while now you might

be saying oh Daniels that's easier said

than done what do you know about my

relationship well here's what I know I

know that every single relationship has

a test a test of your character a test

of your integrity a test of your honesty

and if you don't pass that test through

dealing with that person or their

in-laws then you're never going to be

able to promote through society

you're never gonna reach your highest

potential you're never going to become

exactly who you were meant to be now I'm

gonna tell you that I've dealt with so

many situations that seem impossible in

fact I'm dealing with some of them right

now but I'm also gonna remind you that

if you remain patient and if you

understand the wisdom within your

circumstance that you will break through

you will see the light at the end of the

tunnel and you will experience new joys

new blessings new wisdom new love that

you never even would have expected

before so my question for you is this on

a level of one to ten ten being the

highest how much has your spouse

actually betrayed you

have they cheated on you have they

displayed the highest form of hate

they acted in a way that is so evil so

despicable that you cannot forgive them

if they have then you need to seek a

divorce if they haven't then you need to

work it out and if it's about their

family and it's a ten then you don't

need to worry about it because your

spouse is the one you truly love and

their family has nothing to do with the

kind of person that you're about to

become and the third and final reason

for getting a divorce is the most

important one and that reason is because

of purpose if you feel in your heart in

your soul that God is directing you out

of that relationship because that person

is holding you back and keeping you from

becoming exactly who you need to be then

you need to get rid of that person in

your life now there's been a lot of

people over time they just left their

spouse just because they felt a calling

from God but my friends I want you to be

absolutely positively sure 100 percent

sure that this is exactly what you're

experiencing in your soul now if you

feel that the Almighty God is calling

you out of your marriage you really need

to check your heart before you start you

really need to talk to your spouse and

see how they think see how they feel see

how they'll react now if you know for

sure with all certainty that this is the

right thing to do then you need to make

sure that you set yourself up for that

success but you also need to make sure

that you've set your family up for that

success you have to make sure that you

prepare every single person involved

because like I said there are many

consequences but if you know that your

faith is correct and you know that

you're leading into the right direction

then everything will work itself out

all the consequences will be accepted

and understood with every single member

involved in your decision so there you

go my friends I just shared with you the

only three reasons to ever get a divorce

if you have other people in your life

that are telling you that you need to

get out of your relationship just

because they have an agenda they need to

be aware of who they are

don't let that noise infiltrate your


or your relationship with your spouse

because a lot of times people try to

generate noise they try to make divorce

seem like a cool thing but remember what

God has joined together no man can ever

separate and if you know that your

relationship was meant to be then you're

gonna do whatever it takes to heal it

you're gonna do whatever it takes to

reconcile to communicate to make things

right because you were meant to be

together forever

like salt and pepper my friends this is

Daniel Ali if you like this video make

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with your spouse so you can make radical

changes in your life my friends this is

Daniel Ali you have so much more I want

to share with you I'll see you guys on

the next video

take care