INTERIOR DESIGN | Watch This BEFORE You Decorate for Spring

hey guys welcome back to live your style

today is an exciting video because it's

almost spring which means we have

another excuse to redecorate and I want

to show you guys some of the things that

I got at Target and some other places

and kind of show you how I use them

around my space and hopefully you guys

will be inspired and can shop some of

the items if you are interested I bought

these things like I don't know a few

weeks ago and I was showing you guys on

Instagram some of the things that I got

so if you guys aren't following me there

you should be that way

you guys can see the things that I

sometimes I'll do like calls or whatever

decor pieces I find and mostly things I

think are still online but in the event

that they aren't I try to share it with

you on Instagram right away that way you

guys can find those things if you want

them just because it's harder it takes

longer to get a youtube video out so

keep that in mind I didn't really do

like a full recall of everything I kind

of did a lot of swaps in and out just to

show you easily how you can update your

space and just make it feel fresh and

different than coming out of fall and

winter I'm wanting to make it not feel

Christmasy or wintery and make it feel a

little bit warmer in here and I'm really

excited so today's question of the video

is what is your color palette for the

spring season for me I usually keep my

house pretty neutral that way I don't

have to do that much changing when the

new seasons come in but I definitely am

highlighting a blue hue whereas last

year I did more pink this year I'm doing

more blue but I'm also incorporating a

lot of like blues kind of on that side

of the space and then some more

terracotta natural tan that'll make

sense in a minute colors and I'll show

you how I'm doing that but leave me your

color palette okay if you haven't comes

up this video make sure you do that hit

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answer that question in the comments

below and let's get started


okay so the first area that I'll show

you guys is my office that's where I do

most of my decorating just because I

have the most real estate over here cuz

I got my two bookshelves that everybody

loves I will note it now cuz a lot of

you guys ask these bookshelves were

custom-made for me by a friend a long

time ago so unfortunately I don't have a

link for you for these exact ones I have

found a good dupe an option that you

guys can find that is kind of a good

look-alike and there are that tallest

ones that I've found that seems to be

the hardest thing is finding really tall

ones because these are very tall I will

link those below if you guys want to

check them out and then I'll also say

cuz I know I'm gonna get questions I'm

gonna put the link for the sweater down

below too if you guys want to see that

so my big thing I don't replace

everything when I decorate for a new

season you guys will notice on the top

of the bookshelf behind me our art

prints that I actually used in the fall

decorating video that I posted in fall

of last year I just love the prints

there's really neutral when it comes to

being like seasonal they don't really

scream one season or the other they can

go more fall they can go more spring

which I love and they really dictate the

color palette which is a lot of the

neutrals some of that like rattan wood

light wood color and the art print is

kind of tribal but it's also kind of

abstract which is kind of the vibe I'm

going for in here

I guess this style I'm going for is a

contemporary casual California coastal

cozy cottage that's sort of going for

that's my design style it's really

simple and then I also still reused from

previous videos these really cool square

they're like wall art kind of wall hangs

I've three of them and I kind of divided

them up between the bookcases and I

think they add a really nice natural

component and I just I don't know I

tried to reuse the things that fit

within the color palette that I was

going for in this season but I did add

some new items I got this really awesome

pot this guy is so cute and it was only

14 bucks I love it because you guys

could put a plant in here if you wanted

to I didn't because I just kind of liked

it by itself but it's really simple and

it has obviously a very nice stone

texture and feel to it and it kind of

goes with that tribal simple

contemporary vibe that I'm kind of

trying to

achieve and it brings in some of the

brown color and tan palette that I

really haven't done in my bookshelves

before but I still think there's a lot

of layers here it doesn't seem to bear

just because it's kind of a boring color

palette in theory I like to mix it up

because I have a lot of texture going on

and some different prints and patterns

not only did I find that cool pot but I

also have these awesome tall look at

these little handles don't just want to

hold their hands so cute again you can

put stuff in all these but I am NOT

using them for that I'm just I liked the

heights here and I liked the fact that

we have some white I can step into a

beige color and then I have a little bit

deeper taupe color and this is actually

a candlestick holder a good thing to

recognize and focus on when you guys are

decorating bookshelves is decorating in

threes or odd numbers and if you guys

want more tips on how to actually style

and accessorize your bookshelves I did a

whole video on that and I'll link that

below I tried to incorporate as many

books as I could to try to mix in the

whites and the neutrals and the tans and

I tried to get creative with the

different textures I have a couple linen

books and wanted to also sprinkle in

some blue and sage green colors and

really I try to find books that have

pretty bindings I know that sounds crazy

but it pays off in the end and then on

the top shelf of the other bookcase I

really love this vase that had again

some more abstract shapes but it's

really simple and unique and I love the

colors and kind of a another layer of

texture that's really fun and of course

it's always good to have some

inspiration on all of your walls so this

month's inspiration is YV midi when you

can shake your booty


just try it it helps and thanks to my

amazing a garage inventory that really

helped this time around because I knew

certain white decor pieces or tan decor

pieces that I wanted to reuse I knew

exactly where it was where to find it

and I brought up things like my crystal

geode and a couple silver kind of

metallic candle holders that gave a nice

little shimmer to my space I've been

kind of looking for a good book end that

I could put on my desk I also wanted to

get a new pen holder and I found this at

the Container Store I think it's so cute

I love that I can separate them if I

want to they fit my stone kind of matte

finish vibe I'm going for it you know

I'm a sucker for pens and look at this

one and this one and this one don't talk

that way you're not only dry by too many

pens but you guys already know this

about me I buy too many notebooks I got

a new notebook but I really didn't have

like a plain notebook I had a lot of

planners and I may have gotten any

weekly planner but it's just so cute and

I can't help it and it was totally in my

color palette you guys you won't know if

I walk stripes hello look at what I'm

wearing what I wear all the time I'm

kind of addicted you have a problem ok

let's move on


okay then the next place that I spring a

fied was my living room

you guys know my office is very close to

my living room here in my little cottage

I put in a couple new pillows cuz you

know me and pillows we have a really

good relationship and I love buying them

because they're just so simple it's an

easy way to completely change the look

and the vibe and the feel of your space

and another good thing a tip if you guys

are wondering like what do I do with all

these pillows well sometimes I just buy

the pillowcase and you fill the pillow

with the inside so I can like exchange

and swap out the exterior of the pillows

and not always buy new pillow fills

every time it's not make sense if you

out of the pillowcases by themselves

that is often better space wise I also

added a nice clean sage kind of frosted

greens color to my color palette like

this awesome little centerpiece that I

found kind of like a little fern but

it's not the traditional green color of

the fern you know it's like you did a

little bit and also look at this

adorable little basket is that not the

cutest thing ever I love this guy I

actually bought this before Christmas so

it's not available anymore and I bought

it before Christmas and then just saved

it in my garage because I knew I wanted

to put it out after christmas is over

and then I just filled it with a variety

of different greens and you know who has

really good greens its target they have

an entire section right now out for

spring of like a whole bunch of

different little pieces of greenery

different styles different colors

different shapes so check them out I

also went down to my garage after I

cleaned it and I swapped out my chair

that used to be in this corner right

here the big grey one well now it is an

adorable metal and leather chair I love

the new pillows I got I went with an

oversized down pillow this time around

and I wanted to get that texture of the

linen I also have been for years looking

for a pillow that had a cream color that

matched my sofa it's really hard when

you have an off-white sofa to find a

pillow that looks good with it if it's

in the off-white category because it

either turns out to be too yellow or too

white so this is actually

like a perfect match it looks identical

to my cream off-white sofa which was

perfect I love the stripe as you know

and then again with the tribal print I

love this kind of warmer caramel color

of a pillow that I added I wanted to

find another one of these I couldn't

find one at my target but I think it

still looks good just by itself kind of

brings in some of my bookshelf colors

unto my sofa and even this little lumbar

pillow that was kind of more of a blue

color but it still has some of those

tribal prints to bring that shape and

pattern back in to the space I thought

looked really nice you guys I almost

forgot my two favorite pieces look at

this cute little stool it's just an

extra little place for someone to put

down a beverage or something or a meal

and then also I use it to water my

plants up there just kind of bring it on

over and step on up to water it so I

think it's really cute it wasn't

expensive at all and I'll link that

below because this is a really fun

decorative piece and then lastly my

beautiful fake fig mr. fake fig he is a

special prize that I found at Target and

I'm gonna link it below he's go really

fast they do restock them online they

have them in store this is the large one

so if you guys are shopping online make

sure you pick the large one not the

medium or the small because they are

significantly smaller but I think this

looks super real and I love the pot that

it comes in it's like a terracotta

looking color the tops of these leaves

look very very real let's go check out

the dining room


the last area that I added spring to my

home was in my little dining room over

here I added this cute little

centerpiece so you guys know I love


I found this really cute picture a

thrift store it was like $3 or $5 or


can I put some flowers in it Heather got

me these flowers for Valentine's Day and

they're still picking so that's good

I also there's a set of three these

candlesticks I showed you one of them

over there but then these two kind of go

with that set I separated them which is

another good tip if you guys buy a set

of something it doesn't mean you have to

put the whole set all together feel free

to be creative and if it doesn't all

work on one shelf mix them around put

them on the mantel use them as a

centerpiece put them in the bathroom

whatever works make it functional and

make it work for your space and then I

also switched out an art print over

above or next to the door it used to be

a Christmas print and I actually totally

forgot to take it downstairs when I

cleaned up Christmas so I swapped that

out I found this really cool print of a

lavender like herb it was free online so

I'm gonna put the link down there so you

guys can check them out they have like

six different prints that you can choose

from and they're all free okay then

there's this other thing it's not

currently up yet but I just found it at

Target and I want to show you guys

because I think it's really cool and I

have never seen pendant lighting at

Target like in the store and this isn't

sponsored by Target I just genuinely

love Target this guy was only $70 which

for a light fixture of this size is a

pretty good price only problem is it's a

hardwired light fixture and I don't have

an outlet up there and we're renting and

this place is really old and we just we

can't put a light box electrical box up

there so I am either going to try myself

or see if I can hire someone that can

rewire this so that I can have it plug

into the wall as opposed to be hot hard

wired into the ceiling business so

doesn't match my style in your soul so

well they do have one option at Target

that that I found so far that is a

plug-in already

that's not hardwired it's just a strange

shape for over a table for me for the

size of my place but I'll link that

below to if you guys want to check that

out and just see some of the different

options that they have I think it's

beautiful okay you guys that's all I

have for you today I hope you guys liked

this video it was a quick one and I just

wanted to show you guys a few of the

little things I got to make my home feel

very different and fun and spruced up

for spring so I hope you guys enjoyed it

and had some inspiration felt like

you're inspired to do some of these

things in your own homes and if you guys

do try any of these things in your own

homes please please please make sure

that you tag me on Instagram or wherever

and share the prettiness of your space

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