hey guys so today I'm going to be

talking about what age you should start

dating there's really no like right

cookie cutter answer of like you have to

need this exact age when you start

dating in this exact age when you get a

boyfriend but here's just what I think

the ubiquitous correct answer is it

depends it is always going to depend on

the individual and you know the maturity

it depends is it really a real answer

like this is a very specific question so

I give you guys a very specific answer

of what I think this is my opinion and I

know some people are going to disagree

with it which is totally fine you can

disagree with it okay so in my how to

get a boyfriend in middle school video

which I will put down below um I meant a

lot of comments that were like oh girls

in middle school shouldn't be thinking

about boys okay you know what telling

middle school girls not to think about

boys at all is telling a dog to stop

barking and start meowing it's not gonna

happen it's not gonna happen girls and

boys think about each other that's how

it works

girls think about boys boys think about

girls like telling them just to not to

pretend that they don't exist like it's

just it's stupid in elementary school

I actually didn't like boys I swore off

boys forever for the rest of my entire


clearly that did not work when I got to

middle school that's when I started like

having crushes at first don't think that

there's anything wrong with having

I think that if you're having like 12

boyfriend's you know per grade that's a

bit of a problem but I think tap a crush

on a boy in middle school is totally

normal and I don't think that that's

some like obscene you know absurd notion

that a middle school girl likes a middle

school boy I don't really think it's not

crazy so realistically I don't know of

any middle school relationships that

have worked out I personally don't know

anybody who's you know big

boyfriend/girlfriend in middle school

and have been together for many years I

don't know of it but I think that you

know even having an experience like that

is a good one um

so I think that in terms of like

boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that

last long-term I do actually know of a

couple people who have gotten together

in high school even like freshman year

and they're still together now many

years later so um I do think that you

know high school relationships my school

boyfriend/girlfriend can potentially

work out you know it's not the most

common thing ever for people to stay

together for a long time after high

school but it works out it definitely

does so I think in middle school it's

good to kind of like you know have group

hangouts and kind of group dates almost

I mean a date is really just a name like

it's just something to be called there's

nothing wrong if you hang out with a

bunch of friends and the guy you like

happens to be there and you guys see a

movie and you sit next to him like some

people will say oh you're too young to

date I don't think that there's anything

wrong with seeing a movie

with a boy in middle school personally I

think that even makes you better and

more prepared for high school because

then when you get to high school you're

not going to be all socially awkward

like oh boy it is so weird

but one thing to keep in mind is that

having a boyfriend or dating someone or

even really liking someone is a huge

huge huge time commitment and it's a

time and energy commitment you're going

to spend a lot of time thinking about

them checking up on them you know going

out with them texting them telling your

friends about them you know it's a huge

commitment in the end you all you may

end up with is a broken heart there are

obviously other things you could be

doing but to just tell someone oh you

have to focus on school and middle

school in high school and you can't bake

till you're in college it's a little bit

ridiculous and it just doesn't typically

happen so what to answer the big

question of this video what age should

you start dating well again it depends

but I think it's okay to start dating at

age 13 14 and 15 I think that if you're

mature enough and if you're ready for it

and if you can handle it then I don't

see a problem with dating at that age

you know I think middle school high

school it's a great place to kind of

figure things out and kind of kind of

get started with the get started with

the opposite sex that's what I think I

think dating at age 13 and up is is what

I would say to be appropriate and I know

that people are gonna disagree with me

that's cool that's all good that's your

opinion you know if you if you think

that dating is a waste of time in middle

school in high school that's all you

don't have to do those things you can

convince everybody you know to do

this is my opinion this is what I think

so that was my video thumbs up cuz I

love you guys not and yeah

leave me a comment below to tell me what

you guys think what age you guys started

dating you know what you know I'm

interested to hear I obviously know

there's gonna be differing opinions

which is okay but yeah just let me know

what you guys think and I will talk to

you guys later bye