Is It OK to Date Your Boss? | Good Morning Britain

here's the thing about this fool until

recently I saw a stat of 40% of all

marriages begin with an office romance

is that over is it done

you just lost haven't you to ban all

romances across the UK but I think

that's a there's a real problem about

dating the boss I think when two people

come together where there's an imbalance

of power you know with a with a boss or

a subordinate there's a really fine line

between a consensual relationship and an

inappropriate well this guy but this

McDonald's guy so he's a British guy

running my dogs he's done an amazing job

for the company in the share prices I

think is doubled in like four years and

he's working over in the States

Rakeem estates where they have all these

morality clauses in contracts and so on

a son but he's a divorcee we don't know

the full story son and you know he can't

make too many presumptions here please a

divorcee having some kind of

relationship with another member of

McDonald's massive staff and a little

part of his like I get the whole me to

thing I get the way the pendulum swung I

get it all but just to seem a little bit

really this guy

transformed the company has to leave

because he's a divorcee having a

consensual relationship but I think this

is not about morality whether he's

married or not married whether it's

consensual it's about power and I think

the problem you have when you have

someone with a lot of power in their

professional life dating someone with

not so much power in their professional

life is that that spills into the

personal life and how are we sure my

yo-yo sir then who can have an office

regularly 40 percent of marriages begin

in the office who is allowed to have a

religious tissue is protecting that

subordinate employees if you take out

you know people who are exactly the same

level as you if you take out that

element I think it's less concerning

because you don't have that concern

about why you don't date people exactly

the same level as you I think there's

also issues around that because in the

workplace where do your people can meet

then because most of us meet most of us

spend the majority of our time at well

hang on what's the angle what's the

issue with somebody of the same rank

having a relationship with other person

the same rank if they're both single

being I think when things happen within

a business that

can affect the decision-making process

of that business for it to further

whatever the goal was you really want

office romance is dead gone I think that

should be guidelines around office

romance or someone that would be

acceptable to you under your rules they

far from it you can't legislate me one

example of how one example of novice

Rome as you'd be comfortable with I

think if people in different teams so

the decision-making process is not just

what is somebody in the right in the

other team then becomes the boss later

on then I think that needs to be full

disclosure but I don't think people

should be in a relationship working in a

more senior and more show in America CN

n three members of my team married other

members where they bosses of CN n o

think it was a slight imbalance between

some of them in terms of their hierarchy

but my point being the office is

historically has always been a sort of a

place you meet not in the office but at

work so if I hadn't if we've gone by

your rules I'd now be someone happy

spinster probably because most people

you wouldn't be but I would be because

because unless I would started going

down the online route which we can talk

about that as well but unless I went

down that route I wouldn't have any

romance because I don't go out it I'm

not a socialite what I do

he wasn't my boss but let me just also

say a girlfriend of mine who's the same

age as me her dad her father was the

boss her mother was a junior employee

they married they've spent 30 40 odd

years I can't do the thumbs but you know

a lifetime to get married absolutely

this as devil's advocate what about the

awkwardness for other employees if the

boss is having a relationship with

somebody who's lower down other people

might feel that individual is getting

special / special promotion special

treatment but would you rule that out I

think that's going in for the era of

nepotism nepotism you know when you have

a favorite or from you yeah I mean

that's part of the workplace at the

moment a friend of mine her dad owns the

company she works for him I promised you

it's the opposite of favoritism yeah so

it's been the

no favoritism even if even if both

incredibly put okay the perception of


you make exactly argue in the other side

what if your best friends the boss and

you're not actually in a relationship

how can you know how can you legislate

against how people get on and what level

of friendship they have in the workplace

but unless you want robots I don't think

it's really going to work is there I

think most people would agree being

parent-child or be in a sexual

relationship is different having friends

at work and I think we have to sort of

make that distinction and you know be

careful around as we said it's not just

bad for the two people involved

potentially because there can be

employment tribunals if the relationship

breaks down what happens then colleagues

can feel awkward and it can be bad for

business if productivity someone who's

asked this question miss Carlton her

name is Susanna Reese seduced Piers

Morgan would GM be second

I think she's implying that I'm the boss


can I just revert to Nicola Sturgeon

let's talk about extreme hypotheticals

the name of the view you're not rolling

it out oh I'm totally ruling it a little

bit of wriggle room no there's no

honesty it's very complicated and since

the me to thing has become much more

complicated a little bit work out where

is that line the thing about me to that

is about bad character yes people have

been in positions that they've got and

don't have no idea exactly that's not to

do with okay we have to leave it there