The TRUTH About Dating Someone Older Than You

Heya playa, do you wanna date someone that's older than you but you're not quite sure how

that's going to work out?

Maybe you're not as mature as them, maybe your parents won't let you date them.

There's a lot of questions that come up and in this video, I'm going to tell you exactly

what you need to know.

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Now some people feel that age really is just a number.

There are way more factors than just how old you are to determine if this is the type of

person you should be with.

And in some ways, I can agree.

There are a lot of things you need to consider despite the fact that you two are different


My main philosophy when it comes to dating is to stick within your school range.

If you're someone that's in middle school, try to date someone in middle school.

If you're in high school, date in high school.

If you're in college, try to find someone that's in college.

I think finding someone at your school level is going to make it easier for you to connect

with that person.

Because you're both sharing similar experiences with each other and that's going to help you

guys bond even better.

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you're an eighth-grader wanting to date

a high schooler or a high schooler wanting to date someone in college.

Those situations can be a little bit trickier because you might not be far apart in age

but you're in different school ranges so what do you do?

Well the fact that the two of you are in different school levels, you also have to look at how

big that age gap is.

Because that's going to help you understand a level of maturity that you're bringing to

the table and the same with that person.

Let's say your focus in life is just hanging out with friends, doing homework, going to

school, nothing really too serious and for them, they're focused on what they're going

to do once they graduate from school, what they're gonna do for work, how they're going

to support themselves, where they're gonna live, all those different kinds of things.

Well yeah, the maturity level between the two of you is way different and it may be

hard for you guys to connect.

Sure, that attraction may be there but you're not on the same wavelength.

Putting all that aside, let's just say the two of you are different ages and you just

want to date someone that's a year or two older than you.

How do you do that without it being weird?

I know the idea of approaching and talking to someone that's a little bit older might

be intimidating, you might be afraid that they're gonna think you're a little kid and

you're not serious about your feelings but it's important for you to put your confidence

on display.

To show them that you are mature enough for a relationship and you want to pursue one

with them.

Realistically, the idea of dating you might not even be something on their radar.

They may only think of you as someone that's younger so you want to change that perspective

in their minds of you.

So the best way to do that is to work on building a friendship with them, talk with them, interact

with them, flirt with them, get to know them better.

The more they can see that the two of you really are on that same page together the

easier it's going to be for them to look at you as a potential partner.

Now there are plenty of other obstacles that are going to get in your way but one important

one that you're gonna wanna address is the public perception behind your crush dating

someone younger than them.

Their friends might make fun of them, people might make comments, people might just think

that your relationship isn't real simply because the two of you are of different ages.

And this may be the definitive reason why that older person doesn't want to date you

as a younger person here.

They're afraid of what people are going to say so the best thing you can do in that situation

is to carry yourself in a mature way.

You're going after someone older and you're showing them that you're a more mature person

so it's important to carry that attitude and aspect in other areas of your life as well

so that no one will tease you guys, make fun of you or come down on you for being different


And let's be honest here if people have things to say let them.

All that really matters here is that you and that person form a strong relationship together

and the only opinions you should be thinking about are yours, that person and all the parents


Now bear with me on this because you may disagree but I think it's important for your parents

to be on board with your relationship.

Number one being if you're someone that's underage, you definitely want to have your

parents consent and agreement to you being in that relationship because you never want

to be in a situation where you have to hide your relationship behind your parents back

or lie to them because that's ultimately going to ruin your relationship with them and you

might be doing something illegal so you definitely want to stay away from that.

The question is though, how do you get your parents on board with the idea of you dating

someone older?

When they just flat out tell you no, it's not gonna happen.

So, here's how you can kind of get them to be ok with it.

First off, you're definitely going to want to be transparent here.

If you're hiding things behind your parent's backs or you're lying to them, they're not

gonna trust you and that's gonna make it hard for you to no only get in this relationship

but other relationships in the future.

One thing you can try doing is video chatting with that person and then turning the camera

to face your parents so your parents can kind of say hi to them and they can start building

somewhat of a relationship.

The more your parents know about that person, the more they interact and talk to each other,

the easier it's gonna be for your parents to make an honest and open decision about


It's probably best to talk up your parents, let them know how good a student they are.

The more your parents can see that that person has a goal and focus in life the easier it's

going to be for them to be on board but at the end of the day, you need to respect their


If they feel like the age difference is too much, don't fight with them or argue.

Recognize that as you get older, things may change.

I know, you really wanna date that person right now but sometimes you really do need

to take that half a year or a year to build trust with your parents to be on board with

you dating not only them but anyone at all.

So, it's a patient game you need to play but it's important to play it right.

And finally, one important thing you have to remember whenever they're an age difference

in a relationship is the power dynamic.

The fact that they're older means that they're more mature, they're wiser, they have more

experience and that can sometimes play a role in your relationship.

You might not think this will ever come to play because you're attracted to each other,

you're soulmates, you're on the same wavelength, all that type of stuff but the age difference

really does matter.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don't feel comfortable with what that

person is asking you to do, there's nothing wrong with talking about that to your parents,

to your friends, anyone that you could gain more perspective and advice from.

Remember, you don't have to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with and I know

you like this person but it's important for you to know that.

I'm curious though, what do you think?

Would you ever date someone that's older than you?

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