Breaking The Silence: How to Call Your Ex (And Build A New Connection)

Hello everyone. My name is Brad Browning and I’m an author and relationship coach…

and in this video, I’m going to teach you how to break the silence with your ex by calling

him or her.

But before you watch this video, you should watch the video on my “no contact” strategy

first. In that video, I’ll teach you why you shouldn’t contact your ex for at least

a few weeks after your breakup…along with a few other useful tips you need to employ

before even attempting to call your ex again. I also have to warn you that if you two were

the type to text each other a lot, then I would recommend text messaging your ex to

regain contact (and I also have a video on that here on my channel as well).

But let’s get back on topic… Learning how to call your your ex again after a long

period of time can be very stressful. A billion things are probably going through your head

right…things like…

What should I say? Will he/she respond to me?

What do I do if my ex doesn’t respond to me?

What if they do…?

But don’t panic. If you follow my advice to a tee, you’ll be chatting away with your

ex in no-time.

So if you’re planning on calling your ex to get in touch with him or her, then I have

to first say you that you MUST be very ready for this situation. A lot of men and women

will completely blow their chances in this step. Remember, people can tell how needy

or nervous you are by just listening to your voice. If you’re not in a stable, relaxed

state, I can guarantee you that your ex will be able to tell -- you’ll stutter, you’ll

mess up, and you’ll sound nervous. And if you do mess up, you’ll have to start the

process all over again from square one, so be very careful.

Let’s start off by talking about what you should be saying in this phone call. Now,

this is what I like to call the “voicemail contact” technique. Try this out…

Call your ex when you know that he or she won’t pick up their phone. Your goal here

is to try and get to their voicemail. Yes, as weird as it sounds, you’re going to want

to leave a short message on their voicemail first. A simple phone conversation right now

will be too overwhelming for your ex, and chances are, they’ll get weirded out…or

they’ll think that you’re trying to get back with him or her. So make sure you’re

calling your ex when it’s likely they’re at work. Let’s jump into an example; you’ll

want to say something thoughtful… something like…

“Hey, Stanley’s Bicycle’s is having a sale on mountain bikes! Thought you’d

like to know since you wanted that bike. Anyways, hope all is well.”

And that’s it. Why does this work? First of all, you’re making it seem like you want

to talk to your ex for a very good reason. You aren’t calling him or her to beg, plead,

and cry about your life and how much you miss them — you’re actually providing them

with real value. Not only this, but what you’re saying is actually quite thoughtful! Another

crucial part of this voice message is that you’re not asking them to return your call.

You’re ending the message with, “Anyways, hope all is well.”

Remember, we’re trying to convey to your ex that you’re completely over the breakup

and you aren’t going to accomplish that by asking them to call you back or hang out.

Get my drift here?

Here’s another tip: remember that WHAT you say is just as important as HOW you say it.

If you’re talking with a stutter or you sound like you have no idea why you’re calling,

your ex will call your bluff and you will absolutely blow your chances of them responding

to you. So do your best to sound happy, calm, and relaxed... and make sure you’re not

talking too quickly or else you’ll sound nervous. If you leave this message correctly,

your ex will respond to you, and from there you can start building attraction. For more

information on how you can segway this interaction into a date and more, just visit

to watch my free full-length how-to video.

So in summary, you’ll want to make sure that you’re calling your ex when you know

that he or she is busy at work or when you know they aren’t going to pick up the phone.

Secondly, you’ll want to leave a short, brief, and thoughtful message. You need to

make sure that you sound happy, calm, and relaxed. Lastly, you need to make sure that

you end the message properly by saying something like, “Hope all is well!” as to not arouse

their suspicion that you actually want to talk to them.

But again, this is only a small fraction of my full approach. If you want to learn exactly

what to do (and more) to make sure your ex responds to you, then go to

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