How To Compliment A Girl You Like | 5 Compliments That Women Love To Hear From A Man!

compliments can be amazing at the right

point in the right moment in the right

way about the right thing they can be

magic and women's hearts can melt if you

get that right if you ever do it you

come across as manipulative if you under

do it you know women just don't know

what you really like about them or

whether you like them at all so in this

video I'm gonna give you five examples

of great genuine compliments that you

can give at the right point just as

ideas not as lines okay and I'm gonna

give you a couple of key rules with

compliments as well my name is Stephanie

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attract women in a natural wave now in a

second I'm gonna give you five ideas for

compliments for genuine compliments that

women have reacted really really well to

over the years but first I want to give

you a couple of rules about compliments

and that's probably the most important

thing here rule number one is do it at

the right moment about the right thing

but what does that mean well it means

that you give a compliment about

something that you've just observed yeah

so if she's done something and you

notice it and then you give a compliment

about it makes perfect sense for her

because what you don't want a compliment

to come about as is as sort of like a

manipulative device that you've been

cooking up beforehand or that you're

giving out to all the girls that you're

meeting if you give that sort of

compliment then she knows you're just

trying to manipulate her right so a

compliment has to come across as

spontaneous and out of the moment a

reaction to something she's doing that

you've noticed or something that just

happened that goes together with a

second rule for compliments which is

don't lie I know the sounds obvious but

don't lie just don't make stuff up you

know if there's something that you want

to give her a compliment about do it but


every compliment about something that

you don't really believe don't lie

because women can sense that compliments

are not tools to get girls to you know

like you or get attracted to you unless

you doing some advanced tactics with

them they're there to help her build

connection with you to help her notice

that you notice things about her which

are unique to her and to you and that's

the stuff that connects people that

Bond's people that builds a real deeper

connection and that can be great

so you know compliments are there to be

freely shared okay they're not there to

be used as manipulative tricks third

rule about compliments is the following

teach yourself to get good at

compliments by giving compliments

frequently to people in general look

around you and notice the good things

about people so that you could give them

compliments about and do it frequently

so that you get used to it

the fourth rule is the most important

when you give a compliment don't expect

something back don't wait for her to

react in some grandiose way or give you

a compliment back give it let it go and

move on or give it and play with it

basically reset the balance as I would

say and then move on so you could give a

compliment and say but don't let it go

to your head yeah so you're resetting

the balance and you're taking that

pressure off her to reciprocate at that

point let it sink in let her enjoy it

lastly rule number five don't use these

examples I'm giving you in a second as

lines okay find your own way of giving

compliments but hopefully they will give

you some idea of what kind of

compliments could be appropriate

compliments to give a go and compliments

actually that over the years I have

noticed women really respond to very

well okay so here are some examples of

compliments that women respond very well

to and that make women feel great in

many ways so number one you have great

taste in music clothes part when you

make a compliment like this make it

about something that you've just

observed or noticed so for example if

you've met her for the first time on a

date and you've just talked for one

minute and you just look at her again

and we check out something about her

clothes and that you think is really

stylish look at her give her a moment to

realize that you're looking at it and

then say you have great taste in clothes

or you have great style yeah take your

time with it

let it work its magic and in that case

it might actually be plausible to follow

the compliment up with a question so for

example you look very stylish are you in

fashion yeah and then you have a

conversation so you have great taste in

whatever it is that you've just been

talking about if you really feel she

does let it go and then move on now the

second is actually about something about

her looks or her body or physical

appearance or a voice and I don't tend

to give that a lot as a compliment but

this works really well if you are

specific and unique if you're just

saying to go off you're the most

beautiful girl in the world that I've

seen today or whatever and sometimes

people say oh you have to give

compliments like that to me these kind

of gushing over-the-top compliments that

can really land you in that needy

category that you want to avoid so if

you want to give a compliment about

something physical about her make it

specific and make it unique so I might

say you know I really love listening to

you speak you know you have such a

beautiful voice but you might look at

her hands and you notice wow they're

very slim and elegant and you might just

say well you've got the most elegant

hands now she probably hasn't heard that

for a while because any of the corny

compliments that guys give are usually

about you know wow you're so beautiful

or whatever and they're very gentle and

they don't really make a girl feel

anything other than a guys hitting on me

alright so you want to come from a place

of real appreciation about something

specific and unique about her rather

than general and I'm trying to

manipulate you number three I couldn't

help myself

I wanted to give you something slightly

playful and indirect okay and this is

the following something along the lines

of you know you handle me really well I

have to say what does that mean it means

that you're difficult to handle that

you're a bit of a wild animal and that

she has a bit of a hold on you now that

is a compliment saying basically you

carry yourself well you hand

to me well at the same time it plays on

the relationship that you are playing

with entering and so that's a great one

I really I mean don't use it word for

word please but III love this sort of

idea of complement because it's about

her and you and at the same time as

giving her a compliment you also giving

yourself compliment and at the same time

talking about the relationship between

the two of you and building a certain

dynamic so for me that's sweet

fourth is about again when you'd notice

something when she does something

something that all women want to be seen

as I believe is being kind even when

they're not kind very often they do see

themselves as kind and also frankly I

only like kind people I don't like women

who are [ __ ] to other people I like

kind women kind girls I like girls that

can be kind to others so if a girl said

does something or says something kind to

somebody and I notice it I'll say you're

very kind I like that and by the way of

noticing that you give her to understand

that you have certain standards about

how people behave you also give her to

understand that you noticed what he's

just done and maybe she wanted you to

notice it so it will give her a chance

to also want to be kind again and also

live up to that high standard so you're

doing other great things and that's

where compliments are really great if

you say something about something that

you actually want her to show you more

of you can give her a compliment about

it and then this is where this is a

little manipulative because

psychologically speaking she won't want

to prove you right okay so you can give

her a great compliment and it will mean

that she will want to give you more of

that that you gave her a compliment

about makes sense so choose your words

wisely and you might be getting a lot of

great things your way

number five is a bit of an indirect

compliment but it's actually one of the

best things you can say to a girl and

maybe at the beginning of a relationship

this is bit early but once you get into

a few dates and things like that and

you've had kisses and things like that

you can say this okay and women

love this in general especially also if

you're in a relationship I miss you oh I

really wish you were here right now

women love hearing this okay women love

feeling appreciate it and especially if

you've built some attraction or you've

you've kissed and you've build a

connection already this is something

that women love to hear once in a while

okay now again Meena

don't overdo this I I say this very very

even though I'm in a relationship I

don't tend to say this very much but

when I do I always feel like it has a

real response from her so it's something

that gives her to understand that you

appreciate her in your life that you

wish she was here with you that you're

having that moment of hmm I wish she was

here the beginning of a relationship if

you're on your first second or third

date or something I miss yous probably a

bit much okay so don't do it at that

point but then you can use it playfully

so for example if she's just gone to the

bathroom and she's coming back and

you're on your second date or something

and you can turn around and use this

playfully okay so you could say you know

what I missed you there not for two

seconds and then I realized that I got

some texting to do or something okay but

you're giving that little vibe of you

know I miss you you miss me we're

missing each other

when we're not around or you could do

this for example playfully again after

you know the second date or something

and you've maybe decided or she decided

that she didn't want to come to your

place because she wants to save herself

for a better day or whatever people say

or think about you know sleeping

somebody on the second or third date and

when you embed your texting or you going

to sleep

you know you might text hmm I kind of

miss you a little now yeah and she might

well think about missing you as well

because she might be fantasizing about

sleeping with you at that point and

regretting that she didn't come to your

place get practicing giving compliments

to people become a generous guy that

appreciates beautiful moments you want

to look for beauty in your life okay in

all parts of your life not just with her

also sneaky trick here give other people

compliments when she's

you yeah giving compliments it's just

one thing that you can do a new

conversation with a girl everything else

that I can teach you about conversations

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in a conversation

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