How To Ask For A Promotion In The Right Way

I need more money I work like a dog I'm

awesome at what I do

surely it's time for a promotion my

subject today is how to ask effectively

for a promotion now for a lot of us that

could be pretty challenging to ask for a

promotion or ask for more money I'm

going to give you a few tips that I

think will help you be more successful

in fact if you want to know how to

actually be the best employer for you

and be really valuable to the

organization just have a look at that

other video that'll help you position

yourself well so the first thing is

Planet amount of people who don't plan

asking for a promotion asking for more

money what do they do they they just fly

by night wing it and it comes across

that way now look you might be doing

such an awesome job that actually it

works for you and my suggestion is is

really think about it now Carnegie said

I like strawberries and cream but the

fish I fish for like worms so I don't

put the strawberries and cream on my

hook I put worms and it's the same for

your boss okay don't put your what you

like out there find out what they want

now look it can be divided into two

areas sometimes you're in a position

where you are a cost center in other

words the business looks at you as a

cost unnecessary cost to help service

the organize I'd like there to be

customers or you're a profit center you

make money you generate money for the

top line look it's really important that

you understand where you sit because

when you're presenting your ideas you

need to be talking about how you're

saving the organization money okay or

you're adding to the prosperity of the

organization and talk in terms of those

interests so that's a planet the next

thing is don't start the conversation

about what you want hey boss Oh what

more money you know what that thinking I

don't care so what you need to be able

to do is talk in terms of their

interests hey how's it going today John

well it's going really well

hey how's business going gonna go how's

my department going very very good what

things that I'm doing really well and

give them the talk but what some of the

things that you value about me

what are some of the things that I can

improve that well look I've been

thinking about it I know that I might

cost cinta Kasim there may be a finance

or one of the other areas that people

see as it cost Center by the way I don't

think planets is accustomed to I think

it's absolutely essential to the

business but anyway here are some of the

things that I vow to save the company

here are some of the things that I've

been able to do that really helped my

department become more effective in fact

it equates to around about $30,000 over

a 12-month period if you're in sales

customer care we were able to generate

revenue here are the things that I've

been able to do in my department that

actually has increased the value of the

department here are the mistakes that

are not happening here are the customer

complaints that I'm now dealing with

when you can talk them tunes and give

evidence to your boss about what you're

doing why you're doing it and even talk

about areas that are weak and this is a

weakness that I'm I'm currently looking

at this is what I'm trying to do to

overcome it here are some of the steps

that I've taken to become more valuable

to you by the way as a result of that do

you think I'm ready for the next step do

you think I'm ready for the promotion

now when you give evidence that way and

you tie it to the business and what the

business is requiring it becomes very

difficult for that boss to go no I'm not

going to give you a promotion

nope look in some sectors in Australia

right now there is a shrinkage of market

share and there is real economic

challenges for some businesses and you

might actually have to say that look I

understand the market share is just

dropped by 30% for me to ask for a

promotion is a real challenge to you but

I promise you that I'm going to give you

this this this this and I'm worth it

when you position it that way you can

imagine that any boss is going to be

compelled to say you know what I don't

want to lose you I can see that you've

made a plan to add value to the business

know what the answer is yes and if it's

not know it'll be in the near future so

this really ties in with how to be a

most awesome and most valuable person in

your organization so that's up there

people just want to click but it also

ties into your own personal trade of

time knowing that you're valuable and

that you're determined to be the best

you possibly can look I'm William farmer

counting engagement specialist hey if

you're a boss I'd love to know what you

think about this video is there a way

that people should approach you when

they're asking for a promotion that you

resonate better with or maybe you just

got a promotion and maybe you did

something that's quite unique hey just

leave your comments or you can contact

us Dale Carnegie comm a you