When & How To Approach Women

what's up fellas so I had a guy that

just wanted me to do a breakdown on how

to cold approaching when to approaching

all this type of thing that's good

because I hadn't discussed when to

approach because guys everything with

women is timing

i y'all heard a wrong place wrong time

y'all here's somebody when he's a victim

of a crime they say he's at the wrong

place at the wrong time

well women is the right place in the

right time so God just understand that

you could bang the baddest [ __ ] of a

pool the baddest [ __ ] in the world if

you catch her at the right place at the

right time if she's in the right mental

mind space and she's just opening maybe

she's just trying to be open-minded to

something she's not usually dating so

let's hypothetically say a woman usually

goes for the bad boy type or a rich guy

type or the pretty boy height but let's

just say she doesn't had like three

boyfriends in a role that was a

prototypical type and this all that [ __ ]

in the back now you can catch her in a

position where she's open-minded to

thinking outside the box I please

understand that so next hypothetical

said one more user like the guy that's

ripped up 8% body fat big old muscles

but let's say her last three boyfriends

who she talked to like they were all

scumbags and all cheated well now that

you [ __ ] 20% body fat and you're

probably in his tallest she's normally a

date she'll give you a chance and I'll

get y'all a perfect case I had this bad

[ __ ] one time that was in Jersey and

she was used to talking to guys who had

a lot of money but they all [ __ ]

cheated and even though I was living in

that basement and Brooklyn while I was

telling you guys about she was open mind

to me because like she said she wanted

to try something different because that

[ __ ] what I'm working for

so just please understand that sometimes

if you catch a woman at the right place

even if you're not how tight exactly

what she won't she'll be open to giving

you a chance now you know what I have a

kick to you guys I advocate waiting for

choosing sitters

you know that's my approach you know I

have a high abundance mindset type

thinking but there's gonna be times and

for you guys that don't don't know what

choosing signals

that's when the girl is smiling at you

staring at you or she'll come by you and

[ __ ] like that way it's obvious you like

them I think this [ __ ] won't mean those

are choosing signals I

but let's hypothetically say you in a

scenario where a woman ain't got time to

give you choose a signal say you at the

mall or something like that'll y'all in

passing he wanted to know when is the

perfect time to approach all right first

of all guys before we even get into

approach that's look at the [ __ ]

situation I I women give you clues to

whether they even want to be bothered

okay you need to understand that when we

give you clues if they even want to be

approached so case in point guys if you

see a woman with her headphones on or

talking on her phone sometime most most

times guys that women don't want to be

approached that's the whole point of why

she got a headphones on or talking on

the phone she doesn't want to be Proust

if she went into the mall or something

like that a lot of women know a dude

might try to approach them they'll

instantly called a sister or call their


so they can be carrying the conversation

because that'll make most guys don't

want to talk to them alright

so please understand that women when

women do that that means that they are

not in a mood to be approached alright

and so what that mean is let's go back

to the first point what I said about

right place at right time I was a [ __ ]

in the head space but she don't want to

[ __ ] deal with me so that means that

even if you are a dude that she normally

would be attracted to that means that

she's in a mind space right now but she

probably just don't want to deal with me

alright she's giving out though I'm

don't want to be bothered

type signals those are signals that a

woman don't want to be [ __ ] bother

another [ __ ] clue I can tell you

right now guys when a woman don't want

to be bothered it's like when they be

wearing like sweat clothes or they don't

put on makeup they do [ __ ] like that in

they mind thinking like this will keep

Manning from approaching me alright like

guys please understand you can do the

[ __ ] you want to do alright you can go

up and talk to a girl with a hockey mask

on for all I care well I am telling you

is women do things that they purposely

know would distract man this distract me

and from talking to them a girl in some

baggy sweatpants

her head she thinks that this protects

her body from a guy seeing her body but

what she don't know is we can still see

that fat ass but she thinks she's

covering up in her head she's thinking

that that's gonna keep me in from

approach her but she don't know that

most men still got a good eye for a girl

with a nice shape I don't give a [ __ ] if

you got a [ __ ] body bag on I could I

could spot a good ass on my lure [ __ ]


but women think that if they put some

bag of [ __ ] on or don't wear makeup and

[ __ ] like that I'll put a hat on there

oh they making myself unattractive so no

man want to come up and approach them

but I can spot Beauty a mile away

a girl they have no makeup on some

glances I had on McDonald's head-on

sweat clothes and all that [ __ ]

[ __ ] and I can still tell if that

[ __ ] bad if she get dressed up so women

but women don't know that all right

they think that so that that letting you

know that she don't want to be

approached but like I said you do the

[ __ ] you want to do you want to just

walk up and talk to women who don't want

to be approached do the [ __ ] you want to

do it I don't give a [ __ ] the [ __ ] got

a goddamn ski mask on if you still want

to go up and talk to a group and talk to

her but I'm just telling you me myself I

look at [ __ ] like that I don't want to

be bothering people that don't want to

be [ __ ] bothered all right what I'm a

high-value male if a woman is sitting on

sides to me that should only be [ __ ]

bother hell I don't want to bother the

[ __ ] all right who the what the [ __ ] I

look like chopped liver all right so if

you don't want to be approached and you

sending that [ __ ] to say hey I don't

want to be approached with a [ __ ] I

won't approach you and I want you guys

to carry that mindset too and if girls

doing that don't [ __ ] approach them

all right another thing you'll see is if

you like coming her away she just

started looking up like this hill I like

looking at something all right I had a

girl now I'm walking up the street

despite a month ago and I made eye

contact with her she started just

looking up she one shot I know a lot of

you mother [ __ ] talk to my son well

maybe she shot she was shot that is I'm

not interested so if you whatever you

got on your mind get that [ __ ] off your

mind I'm not interested all right

but guys you are high-value male on your

purpose you should be dating other women

why you wanna deal with women who are

showing you science

anything but hey come talk to me all

right what the [ __ ] are y'all chopped


got to start valuing ourselves again

alright I value myself if a woman

sitting out science for me not to

approach a [ __ ] I'm not approaching all

right its millions and millions and

billions of women why the [ __ ] I want to

approach a woman who is sitting out

signs that I don't [ __ ] meet wanna be

[ __ ] bother today alright now here's

the thing let's hypothetically say you

did all that I you analyze the situation

and let's hypothetically say you want to

go up to it

alright let's say she's sending you

choosing signals right if a woman

sending you choosing signals then I

introduce myself because I already know

she's interested she's already sent me

off choosing signals so I already know

she's interested so I introduced myself

and asked her her name and asked her

what she liked to go out sometime

alright if she didn't you give me

choosing signals and I decided to go up

and just make a completely cold approach

which sometimes is necessary let's be

honest sometimes a woman might not even

be aware of you maybe she's over here

shopping and you passed by so I asked

and said man I'm gonna approach up and

you just want to give it a shot alright

in that situation now right off the back

just to see if her interest level ask

her her name but don't introduce

yourself and see if she asks for your

name back alright so if I go up to and I

said hey excuse me what's your name she

say Jessica but she don't ask you your

name back like hi I'm Jessica what's

your name if she don't do that she's not


alright you just tell her how to enjoy

the rest of day and keep it moving

alright she's not interested what's

gonna happen now if you go and volunteer

your name she's gonna go through some

Iraqis conversation that means

absolutely nothing cuz she don't want to

hurt your feelings or she don't want to

be [ __ ] rude but she don't want to get

[ __ ] pimp slapped in the [ __ ]

middle of the mall by some deranged

lunatic who can't take a rejection so

she's just gonna keep up this little

[ __ ] conversation just to appease

you so you don't get offended and like I

say I go back to my first point what the

[ __ ] are y'all chopped liver we as men

gotta start valuing ourselves if I'm

talking to a woman and she's not

interested well I don't want to [ __ ]

talk to her why this

might even give you her number right she

might even get your number but you can't

help getting her on a date why do you

want to waste your time with [ __ ] like

that if you want your [ __ ] purpose

you won't win me that guy and Lisa a

decent amount of inches but you got to

see me as a 9 but at least want you to

see me as a 6 I don't want you seeing me

that's a 4 or a 3 or no [ __ ] like

that at least wanna if a girl sees you

as a 6 that means that you or 2 or 3

days away from [ __ ] a [ __ ] if a

[ __ ] see you as a 4 now you're gonna

get dragged along alright

because she'll probably give you the

number because she don't want to hurt

your feelings and get pimps left in the

middle of [ __ ] mall and some of you

guys might not believe this some guys

can't take rejection alright some women

are scared the [ __ ] affair guys and

reject them somewhere I'm gonna just get

a number and now here you'd spend the

next two or three weeks getting dragged

around wondering why you can't get this

girl on a [ __ ] date

alright so here's the thing you want to

make sure you pay attention to her

interaction if she don't ask you your

name back tell it into arrested and keep

it moving if she asking your name back

they don't still don't mean that you're

in you still gotta pay attention to [ __ ]

alright how much I context is you make

it then she looked cheerful like when a

girl's interested in you she smiling she

stop actually you question what are you

from such-and-such things like that you

live around here she's asking you a

question how much interaction is she

giving you in the conversation

alright now that's hypothetical say she

got a decent amount of interaction at

this point you gonna ask her when she's

free to go out and have a drink sometime

alright and give me your car guys get

some [ __ ] cars alright get google

cards info cards on Google and get some

codes you can get like [ __ ] 200 for

like 20 bucks the [ __ ] is cheap get you

some [ __ ] cards alright and now and

the reason why you want to get cars is

because let's hypothetically say you see

a woman who's working right let's say

you see a woman who's working obviously

a woman's work and she's not gonna sit

down to have a [ __ ] 10-minute

conversation with you or even a

five-minute conversation she's [ __ ]

working and she don't want her boss a

man you see up you know having this

friendly flirting conversation so you

got to keep that she quit and she ain't

got time to write [ __ ] down or take your

weight for you to write

number down you gonna have to slide a

card and tell the giel call sometime

maybe she called maybe you know who

gives a flying [ __ ] alright so in that

situation now you want to make sure that

you had your cars ready alright now

here's the thing guys with all this

thing and I said this from the get-go

from the from the get-go and I mean this

[ __ ] I want us guys I gotta get you guys

with some standards about y'all selves

alright I don't make cold approaches

alright I just lived my life and I let

the women choose me alright I dressed

nice when I go out I have a good time

and women smile or flirt or they'll come

stand by me because they can tell I

don't not send off that energy vibe if

they're hungry vibe if you want to get

chosen no matter where you go women are

looking for this hungry vibe if you're

out looking for ass I said this before

if you're out looking for ass you're

gonna give off the wrong scent and women

would not give you chosen signals

alright first and foremost but if a

woman is in a position where she's not

able to see you I see you and you have

to do a cold approach if you find her

attractive I will in that case advise

you do a cold approach alright because

hey you know she don't see you then you

got to do a cold approach but just make

sure you look at things like and she got

headphones on just mean that I don't

want to be [ __ ] bothered is she

talking on the phone well that's a ploy

she did that before she you know started

walking down the street or winning

tomorrow she got on the phone so meaning

when it [ __ ] bother her alright how

she dressed is she a doll bagging with a

[ __ ] head on with no makeup on this

is I'm trying to dress down so bad and

make myself so unattractive that no man

finds me attractive

alright death these are signs that a

woman don't want to be approached maybe

she has a boyfriend whatever the case

may be or maybe I don't feel like

rejecting guys on maybe a [ __ ] period

on who gives a [ __ ] all I'm saying is

your high-value males and you want to

talk to women who are open to being

talking to I that's the bottom [ __ ]

line alright and if you are you gonna

make a cold approach look at the energy


giving you is she asking your name back

is she interacting in the conversation

and she just sitting up looking around

not asking you anything back

sure else was you asking her what's the

name Jessica oh you come here like no

not really do that sound like somebody

who's interested in you alright

somebody's been arresting you they go

engage in the [ __ ] conversation not

be giving you these short ass responses

like you get on my [ __ ] nerves

alright so I hope this answers that

guy's question guys actually our

question below I'm making one video at a

time I appreciate the questions y'all

guys masking y'all bad some good

questions man appreciate you guys

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