When is a relationship official?

okay so dating question for you ladies

after how long is a relationship

official I don't think you can assume

and I think that you like a relationship

isn't official until you have the

dreaded conversation why is it because

that I say Jenny because I feel like

it's always the girl that brings it up

and so it's always that really awkward

question you're like oh like I really

need to know where we are going and said

that's why it's costing I long enough to

own personally me I feel like based on

experience I don't bring up the question

anymore I just kind of leave it and like

I just wait for the guy to say he will

say something he'll say and make little

remarks and then you'll kind of be that

don't you wanting to just be up fun yeah

but I don't want I don't want to bring

it up Eva okay so he's not bringing it

up I've noticed in a few months I would

bring it up so I would probably wait

maybe like if she asked about three four

months I would probably say oh where is

this going but not that we need to put a

title on it

but just so I have an idea you're

getting to know someone and trust me

answer I'm dating so you're like it's

not change I think it's changed so much

like dating has changed so much I say

Chanel's been out of the game

I just think it's wrong I just think

it's so long a guy should just tell you

whether he likes you and wants to take

it further

like from maybe even a month enough you

know how many times you speak to a guy

and then you realize actually I didn't

actually I don't really like them also a

couple months so you don't mind speaking

to other girls thing that's yeah but

then you can speak to other guys so you

don't know I'm not saying that's what I

do but I'm just saying that in the

dating world AC news

you're dating more than one person I

personally date one person and I will

make it clear like I like to use

everything I'll just say no I'll just

say I like you I wouldn't I would never

let off that I'm only talking to you

because I feel like it's important for

you to think that I there's other people

interested and let them know about your

less than what two weeks when you start

dating someone you you taught you know

before you start date I guess we feel

like there's so much you're talking on

the phone for hours like okay like those

are places I think we're getting our

definitions of data wrong then I think

that we're talking about different being

at different ages and stages in our life

as well because obviously she know

you're married so and you can both have

a yeah yeah my six and a half years

you've been married for six and a half

years so you started dating when you was

have old I would think I was 18

okay I tune putting on her so we're

obviously older now so on illness you

know exactly so you're an experienced DC

is is or your opinion is related to your

experience which when you as a tomorrow

where we spent all the time on the phone

and we used to text all the time if

something on our life is in the way

that's my friends I'm thinking if I

wasn't married now of what I don't want

to wait around I understand the dating

game I agree there for another site

and I think I'd like that long but I

think I agree what she's saying on a

dating game is so different now so it's

okay to talk to others well maybe it's

not this okay to talk to others but

you're not on the phone all the time

you're not texting at the time you don't

maybe have that Micro really busy yeah

it just doesn't work I have seen had to

be like what's going on he was like oh

yeah we're going out can I ask how long

after that was that was probably about a

month and a half yeah yeah I thought I

just got like I was just told that we

were going out like I really just after

no we were friends for a while and then

we kissed the night before and then the

next day I when are we gonna tell people

with our no no but that was it Yeah

right for me I hadn't decided yet no but

obviously he had for me talking to

others and so when he said that on you

okay I need to cut people off mmm I like

that better sighs it's not like that now

and I think I think a month is I think a

month is a good time but I feel like I

don't I don't even know if I want to be

with you after a month of talking to you

because I'm not speaking to you every


so it's just that would be speaking to

you every day but even if we are busy

like couple couple texts you know that

for me that makes me you know you're in

Germany don't get too many room

you don't get to know somebody in text

yeah but there's no you're messaging me

you don't get any emotional I get them

by sex it comes from seeing them and

from speaking on the phone I guess if

you form a friendship like maybe you're

trying to say that you want to form a

friendship in that sort of 3-4 months is

that what you're saying to get to now

just what I can't even though your

character I need to I need to see a side

of you and I think everyone gets an

older so I'm not gonna speak to you but

I'm still learning things now six years

down the line I'm still people yeah do

you got me I know that I do I know if

the fundamental things about him but I

still I'm still learning small things as

you go along but naturally you all

because you're getting older yeah those

are gonna change all these within the

chains opinions are gonna change

naturally but I feel like when you're

dating I feel like you just like I feel

like a month isn't and just I just feel

like a month is it not time goes so

quickly now anyway I feel like you know

a new age thing three months and then

you can come if you want if you feel

comfortable enough to ask the question I

feel like my experiences are don't ask

the question and just wait sometimes

things just naturally just kind of kind

of go into things me I need any services

I need you to say yeah we are together

all to make a side comment like oh my

girlfriend's in the kitchen or something

say something

but again

once she wants you in we should be

trying to build them rather than taking

away all their rights is a little bit of

rules so she preferred what is your