What is Off-Peak Heating?

when the temps in northern Minnesota

bottomed out in the depths of winter see

that's what I meant when it looked like

fire which I think we all look for ways

to stay comfortable and warm one way

Rural Electric co-op members have done

that over the years is through off peak

heating programs no doubt

nearly all Lake Country power members

have heard the term off-peak but what

does it mean and better yet how can it

save you money off-peak is a term

describing energy that's used between

the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 8 a.m. 7 to

8 a.m.

more than 30 years ago as off-peak

gained traction

some foreign companies were producing

electric equipment to take advantage of

the overnight void but in the 1980s the

power industry sought out american-made

products and turned to the small Steffes

company of North Dakota for assistance

the electric community you know really

helped us start our electric thermal

storage which was our first OM product

in 1987 all helped to kind of get us

from being a blacksmith shop to being a

manufacturing plant where we made the

electric thermal storage heaters the

Steffes family business has been around

since the 1940s bridging into small

metal fabrication in the late 60s before

breaking through with its off-peak

technology which employs special bricks

that are electrically charged and

produce a radiant heat as they release

energy we heat those bricks up at night

they're actually as hot as 1,200 degrees

internally in that heater and then that

heat heats your home throughout the day

as far as benefits since electricity

isn't in demand during the off-peak

hours utility companies and cooperatives

including Lake Country power can offer

reduced rates for members the rates are

very competitive versus propane and fuel

oil which are the other choices in rural

rural America the Steffes family

business grew from two employees to more

than 300 today manufacturing it's

energy-saving heaters north of Dickinson

North Dakota shipping many of those

units right here to northeastern

Minnesota we feel strongly that it's a

good product

Stephan's had been a good partner with

us their customer support is outstanding

yeah between their technical support and

their sales team we've been able to been

able to solve any issues that our

members have had with that product and

if that wasn't enough we sell the

products at our cost we including the

control equipment and then we maintain

parts so that we can repair those

heating systems in addition we rebate

those systems at a rate of $50 per KW of

installed heat so they're actually

getting a heating system for less than

the cost from the manufacturer