These Car Problems are NOT Worth Fixing, Save Your Money Instead

the following car problems as experts

agree are certainly not worth fixing no

matter how many instructional videos say

that they are number one dead hybrid

battery let's face it we do feel proud

when we buy a hybrid car because it

stands a class apart when it comes to

performance but if you're not a keeper

these may not behave as well as you may

have expected them to if a hybrid

battery has given up it has only wise to

buy a new car rather than to invest in a

replacement battery if you do wish to

replace it be prepared to shell out

anything from $1,000 to $6,000 depending

on the model of your car they cost a lot

invest on a new car instead

number two electrical glitches yes

electrical problems may sound normal at

first but the more modern your car is

the trickier and more expensive it is to

fix in the long run the problems are

most likely to ramify ultimately you

will want to get rid of your car so it

may be a great idea to start looking for

a prospective buyer as soon as you

diagnose the first electrical glitch

symptoms number three a blown up head

gasket this is one hard and fast rule

when is it not worth repairing your car

when the head gasket is broke as a joke

when the casket that separates the head

of the engine from the block breaks you

are in for a lot of expenditure so much

so that you'd rather buy a new car the

reason is that when the gasket gets

blown any fries and engine oil mingle

together making it the worst amalgam

ever it can cause a cloud of smoke to

come out while you drive when you open

the bay all may seem okay after cooling

off but the problem is going to be a

recurrent one with time the mileage will

drop even below miserable so listen to

some inside industry advice and don't

try and fix it number four a bent frame

if your car has faced heavy impact a

bent frame is a likely result when you

are face to face with a bent frame you

might want to buy a new car why because

a bent frame more often than not causes

harm to the main frame of the car with

that it's likely that the inner parts

are damaged

as well some experts may even set this

frame right for you but it will always

depend on the extent of the damage the

more the damage the lesser the chances

that the frame can come back to shape

anything less than perfect can prove to

be hazardous for your safety if the bend

is beyond the crumple zone meant to

protect the car in case of heavy impact

a bent frame can compromise that very

aim and last but not least a bad

transmission transmission is as

important as the engine is so if either

goes your car is likely to give up as

well and change the transmission is by

no means an easy feat neither is paying

for it the repair of a bad transmission

is likely to cost you a fortune as it is

and still may not work as efficiently as

you want it to it is in fact one of the

major car problems that are not worth

fixing it is great if you can't actually

fix some of these common car problems on

your own but do remember don't try to

fix any of these that's my video for

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