Is it okay to sleep on my stomach while pregnant?

everyone has different preferences when

it comes to how what position they like

to sleep in and it sounds like you might

like to sleep on your stomach but you're

sixteen weeks along and wondering if

that's okay or not and at this point

pregnancy it wouldn't be a good idea to

sleep on your stomach

you can sleep flat on your back and tell

you're about 20 weeks along but then at

that point you should always sleep on

your side the weight of the growing baby

and uterus will compress your main

arteries and veins and if you lay flat

on your back that will cause your blood

pressure to drop and your blood pressure

has everything to do with circulation of

course through your body and also to the

baby so you may feel a little bit

nauseous or dizzy if you're on your back

too long and it can affect blood flow to

your baby so again it's always best for

you to lay on your side so to help you

be more comfortable especially if this

isn't a natural position for you get a

firm pillow or roll up a blanket and

prop yourself to the side by putting it

underneath your back hip and that will

leave your belly kind of hanging in

midair so it's it's more comfortable if

you get another film firm pillow or

rolled up blanket and put it underneath

your belly on the other side now you can

sleep all the way on your side if you

prefer rather than just being tilted and

put a pillow in between your legs and

underneath your belly and you'll

probably find that that too is

comfortable if you have more questions

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