Date Isn't Impressed When She Has To Split the Bill?! | First Dates

yes here we go you ready for this oh my

god check that out

straight thank you what's that salt try

some I'm calling here

so do your date option are you decide to

take a girl out at once yeah Matt Dean's

drive-thru get the happy new and I've

got toys babe Arthur how about a 2 min

free since you're in a bit those on

there for the kids that's the main thing

and I also love my sister I know really

good children yeah why thank you my

oldest is a boy an iron and the twins

boy a girl when I screw up the kids mom

they took me a while to get my head

straight and everyone just seemed to

have a pee me off for I don't know it's

weird I've never gone through a process

before having kids or someone not being

with someone and minimott trying dad

it's not good


car I don't feel got heart and you lost

a rock

yeah heartbreak is one word for it he

was around a bit

both had folks as I didn't want it to

happen yeah

beside say some time getting used to it

definitely over my house with kids

partner car dog and he gone back to your

mum's in a box room square one again it

I was kicking her teeth at least yeah

I'm not there every day anymore but are

trying you do your part most watch Tom

hammer though I see a mundane awaiting

every other weekend it's not the same

it's not a family life now after why you

want to go into your family are you kids

and it's not the same

working kids I said really think about

your priorities no doubt and I don't

have a social life right now so what

type of woman you go for worship

preference they're good on a feature

woman nice eyes and a little spa

coaching your eyes yeah you know not you

some people have a twink window I like

cheeky look you definitely look drinking

havoc all worth the work any kids I do I

have some Avenue


five five days Wow


we got plan for Easter weekend football

tomorrow morning but my dad takes him

ready for this year I'll take always

trying to be nice

five kids Scott rounds for a start

and with my free w8 and putting in a

minibus or coach transport these kids

around everywhere what's in their

minutes yeah of course

I saw what nice smelling breath for you

yeah yeah he's for me yeah wherever

ladies first ladies first so guys has it

card cash I don't know David

so is it going half so yeah so I there's

all right there's a bad is it Oh No


fine yeah 35 cashier and that's fight

fan that leaves you to pay fight for 39

put 20 mi padre and then let her have

some change back yeah

you are not she's prepared oh there we

go just in case I went on cheat day