Tired All The Time? | What Causes Fatigue?

hi there my name is dr. Dominic Rowley

I'm the medical director of let's catch

a comm I'm here today to talk to you

about a very common symptom known as

being tired all the time or feeling

tired all the time

so what does feeling tired all the time

mean well patients commonly present to

me and the only way they can describe

how they feel is the is using that

terminology feeling tired all the time

so fatigue is a very pervasive and

pleasant feeling and it has a very much

a negative impact on your life on your

moods on your ability to function in

terms of work exercise look after your

children and also be in being a healthy

happy functioning relationship so it's a

very broad and a symptom fatigue and it

can have a very negative impact on your

quality of life

so what are the causes of being tired

all the time or feeling tired all the

time well as you probably can guess it's

a it's quite a general term tired all

the time so there are many many causes

so looking at some of the kind of

divided into we are dividing this into

two ways we can look at external factors

and internal factors so external factors

for feeling tired all the time will

include being under great amounts of

stress this could be work stress this

could be relationship stress financial

stress this can lead to you having low

mood which will also lead to you feeling

tired all the time so they that could be

external reasons for feeling tired all

the time from an internal point of view

there are many disease processes and

many physical reasons why you might feel

tired all the time and I'm going to

discuss some of the most common ones now

with you if a patient is suffering are

you're suffering from anemia which is a

low blood count so your hemoglobin or

your blood count is low this may lead to

you feeling tired all the time

in one of our other videos we discuss

this in more detail but there are many

different reasons for having a low blood

count including dietary reasons so lack

of iron in your diet lack of red meat or

a loss of blood so for example having

very heavy periods may lead to a low

blood count so that's one physical

reason for having for feeling tired at

the time having a low blood count other

reasons would include having low vitamin

levels for example having low vitamin

b12 levels are low folate levels this

can again be due to a lack of intake of

dietary intake and in b12 or folate or

indeed you may be using up too much b12

or folate if you have a decrease in

vitamin D levels depending on what

country you live in and how much

sunlight you're exposed to you may be

suffering from and having low vitamin D

levels this can also lead you feeling

tired all the time

then there are hormone reasons for

feeling tired all the time and we often

in our videos in my videos we go back to

the thyroid gland which i've referred to

as kind of the powerhouse the metabolic

center of the body and if the thyroid

gland isn't producing enough of its

hormone called thyroxine and your body

is slowed down

and you very commonly feel sluggish and

tired all the time so that would be a

hormonal reason for feeling tired all

the time

another very common hormonal reason

would be if you're suffering from

diabetes and your sugars your blood

sugars aren't under control and this

relieves you feeling very tired or

sluggish so as I mentioned in summary

there is external factors and there's

also internal factors at play

if you feel you you're tired all the

time I'm fatigued were you taking over

your life and please visit our website

let's get checked calm speak with one of

our nurses and they'll best advise you

about what tests or blood panel that

might wear as suture needs and

alternately of course you can visit your

family physician for further advice and


from any of their symptoms for example

one expected weight gain or low mood or

depression you may want to check out

some of my other videos which are

slightly more detailed about those