How Did You Handle A Difficult Situation - TOP Interview Question Answer

One question you're likely to get during your next job interview and one that you

should probably spend a few minutes preparing for it is "tell me about a time

you handled a difficult situation." In this video, you'll learn how to answer

this common interview question and how you can come out on top to show the

interviewer that you are the best fit for the position and stay around until

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don't miss a thing the interview question tell me about a time you handle

the difficult situation can put you off guard if you're not ready for it

primarily because it's not that easy to answer and it requires some thought so

that you don't ramble interviewers ask this question because they want to see

how you'll react to difficult unforeseen circumstances on the job so let's jump

into how to answer this popular interview question tip number one keep

it positive the last thing you want to do is bring up a situation where you

have to speak negatively about someone else or your former or current place of

employment this will only reflect poorly on your

character and it won't really show the interviewer that you have what it takes

to solve problems rather focus on a situation that shows your leadership or

teamwork ability a situation that shows how you your colleagues or your company

came out on top you can even mention a situation where you learned something

tip number two make it relevant and significant mention a difficult

situation that relates directly to the position you're applying for review the

job posting very carefully to find out what the interviewer is looking for in

an ideal candidate then pick a difficult situation that ties

nicely into responsibilities and requirements of the new position now

you'll make the most impact by choosing something that shows how you are under

pressure maybe there was a time constraint or

maybe something that even involved other people's emotions the goal is to

demonstrate your adaptability and problem-solving skills

tip number three explain the result employers are eager to know what result

you achieved from handling a difficult situation now the best way to do this is

to structure your answer using the star method the S stands for situation this

is where you'll start your answer by giving context and clearly explaining

the situation that you were in T stands for task this is where you're going to

mention the task at hand and mention what your role was and what your

colleagues role was in the particular situation a stands for action

so once you've explained the context behind the situation you'll then talk

about the action steps you took to solve the problem and then our stands for

results you'll want to explain the results that you achieved from handling

this difficult situation and if you can quantify your results now I have a video

that goes into more detail about the star method and in particular behavioral

interview questions I'll go ahead and link that video up below so let's look

at a sample answer to tell you about a time you handled a difficult situation I

encountered a situation in my previous position as a business analyst I had the

privilege of working with a client that was gregarious full of energy and very

eager to make things happen the only problem is that the client didn't have a

clear goal or vision of what they really wanted this led to frustration and a

whole lot of misunderstanding using a technique called I'll know it when I see

it I was able to elicit analyze and document ideas that the client hadn't

considered before after some powerful brainstorming sessions we developed a

solution that the client was over the moon with and in the end we received

three other referrals from this one client now to make sure you get it right

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