NATIONAL DOG DAY ft |Fashionnova|

his name

is the real tarzan my man the real

tarzan came down

24 year old michael holston out on the

water at night

with its scenes of charging rhinos

savage pygmies and a great hunter



brother brother


so today

it's national dog day it's a perfect day

to ease out calm out just spend some

time with the dogs

so poor dog

if you take a bath nice and easy i'll

give you a coconut

i'll give you a steak and

i'll go swimming

sure he loves to swim so deal

shake on it all right

i made a promise don't break it

come on let's go

i got that secret dog shampoo get over

here hey

get over here jiggy doesn't want to sit


flip this out spray it out

clean the sugar

thank you sir thank you sir

oh oh oh

dude you're getting heavy man

dude what are you weighing these days

would you come in at a light heavyweight

what are you freaking doing so

when we're giving back for the bath time

gotta soak them down first

then it's game time

you're gonna need like a social security

pension or something

what do you think i think you're getting

older you think you're a spring chicken

was getting his pedicure and manicure

they love oh thank you sir

you gotta make sure you don't get soap

in your doggy's eyes even though

i got some tear-free stuff and it's got

cbd in it so

feel good oh

you're all clean now he was once a very

dirty boy

now you are clean my good sir you done

yeah give me my loves come on yeah

always good to dry off with like a white

towel or something so you can see

how much dirt they actually attract to

themselves we're gonna take them in the


blow dry them a little bit let them sit

in front of the fan for like 15 minutes

so you can dry off completely then we'll

bring them back out but we're gonna go

on to the next one

so meet mr

a good boy

so this is sugi's son

mr potay and both day's about to get a


yesteryears super good dog

and he's a puppy which he still is he's

only a year old

he turned a year a couple weeks ago so

happy belated birthday to messed up hot


you guys ever watched queen yourself and

that guy

this is him so check out his feet

i've never uh seen a dog with like a

little baby

little baby toes i never cut his nails

ever they're just like they got little

baby feet

and he's got like little fruity pebbles

on there you see it a little ticking in



his personality is like a very

very relaxed laid-back individual

doesn't care about much doesn't get too

involved in other people's business

other dogs business like handsome mans

i tell them good stuff all the time he's

handsome he's a good boy

he's a great fetcher he's an awesome


let's get dogs confidence up man love


unconditionally but also let him know

that they're dogs

which means a lot they're our best


now your other brother's next all right


his birthday we're gonna go get twinkie

and timon and the rest of the squad

hi hi hi

hi hi hi mama

what's up i missed you yeah yeah

i saw her like three four five six seven

maybe 20 minutes ago

i see it every day we live together and

as you can see

the rest are getting jealous you want to

bath come on let's go get up here

oh they're getting so heavy

oh man she's probably the lightest one

we have

she's born she's born small

this is a rocket ship though she's our

fastest little girl

okay let's go

yeah am i good girl that's my girl girl

you're okay

where are you going see every dog is


every single dog is different come on

with my laughs

oh yeah that's what you get

that's what you get you're trying to

take my toes and guess what

you did a tumble again i want you to

really pay attention

to these dogs okay their personalities

they're all

livered in the same house under the same

rules eating the same food

getting the same water and they're all

completely different

and i love it i just completely love it

as you can see there was between porte

and tuna fish totally different dogs

so we're gonna gather up and uh get her

from this bath

chuggy enough pal

you just gotta bath he's like yo

where's my coconut that's why he's

tripping right now

so you stay still that's my good girl

not no hey no

so when they do that just move them away

from that edge and put them in the


now is a good time to introduce water

it's okay baby

so you see she takes almost like a

submissive stance

she lays in her belly she'll lay down

she'll let me do what i got to do

the males are more like super prideful

you know i'm not laying down

chickie does it every now and then but

remember like i said also

look at potay's nails look at her nails

she's got long nails now

not as much hair on this dog as it is

both day same mom the same dad

but just a total different bone


some different personality told you from


she takes more after her mom than potato

does after his death

come here he's it

thank you

okay yeah i

am arnold schwarzenegger and this is my

ballistic missile

we'll be back

so now that we got some of the kids up

and washed

we're going to keep going i'm going to

go down here i'm going to pick up timon

so for timon as you can see

he has the tip on his tail

whereas both it doesn't i think tyler's

fan too

and he is the twin of his brother


easy hold on easy

hey easy that no

all right over here what are you doing

come here

there's nothing you can do about it it's

a big ass dog

everybody's different see what i'm

talking about now

when a dog docking like that it's best

to wash them close

now make them feel okay make them feel


you gotta give your dog confidence about

his washes

you're doing great timon you're doing

such a good job now

that's also a great time to check on

your dog's paws your

their toes their joints any bites or


bugs out there go day

what's up pal oh gee goat man over here

you wanna bath cody

yeah you wanna go next i got you just

make sure you're in line you passed the

washing class

you earned yourself a coconut

you need a good job you're almost done

come here tail

come here well

we're gonna go swap him out ah you do it

you're doing it

hi hi


she is a thick and wiry dog

good day yeah i'm just trying to catch

my breath

you're a fast dog i can't keep up with


look what i got i got a whole bunch more

ah you did it that's my good girl

thank you down down

good girl thank you ma'am now what's


you gonna go up for this one you ready

for it you ready

get up come on good girl come on

yo i don't know don't balance me

come on good girl oh come on jump higher

hey good girl what's next

no you're gonna go up no what we're

gonna do

anything that he loves

easy loves easy look with my easy looks

now it's time for your back

see every single dog is different

let's get some warming up to the water

because my good girl

get in the middle of your union bro

do i get love where's daddy's gloves

where's my love yeah give me a look

you did such a great job you never seems

to amaze me

i'm so proud of you this is my twink

monster when she's born she literally

looked like a twinkie

i know you guys saw you guys that before

but look at this she has all his hair on


it's like a mohawk it's thick some have

thin coats some have really

dense thick coats she almost has like

waves on her back

my kids man daily dose of

a day of dog washing dogs are our best


they're there for us all the time they

provide so much love and spunk and


they're there for you when you need them

the most

all i want to do is be loved

i think we all want that correct me if

i'm wrong but anybody out there

i bet you your dog gives you some of

your most happiest feelings

most happiest moments in your life

cherish those moments man

dogs aren't here for that long compared

to how long we're here as humans

so it's up to us to give them the best

life possible

treating like kings and queens and sons

and grandkids

that's exactly what they are man they

all have personalities

they all just want unconditional love

man that's all it is

they just want to be treated like a girl

a little girl boy

that's how i treat him man and that goes

for every person too man

every person deserves respect and love

can be treated equally you know a lot of


tensions going on and a lot of

stigmatisms around the world

of he this she that skin color this skin

color that

these dogs face some of the same

scrutiny in the animal world

the bully breed in particular they said

these dogs are bad dogs

they're evil aggressive dogs they're

just heartless killers that's what they

label them as

they're not that same thing with a lot

of people

people throw

statistics on people's because the skin

of color

because how we were raised or how we

look different or what we believe in or

what language we speak

or where we come from but we're all the

same man

all human beings

we all have souls and spirits different

dna codes

guess what you're all done you're all


those right there on my other dogs

they don't get bashed that much you want

a bath betty

huh you want a bath

i got shampoo special gold shampoo

yeah you want to get back fluffy and

white again or what you want to be dirty

all right well pull the ticket yeah

get in line dodie got a ticket so

if you want to get washed pull a ticket

i got you all right send me text

all right love you girl peace

that simple yeah

get a quick water break and then we're

back out there

so i had to go take a quick water break

it's hot out here for me and the dogs

you know

my pants were all wet so i changed my

pants i want to be in soggy pants

it's hard to fashion number for keeping

me laced up nice shorts i got some

tons of swim trunks a little inner


it's good for when i'm doing stuff and

around the yard water related

so get in here

now these guys were born

not too long ago they're about five

months old

they're still puppy puppies um hey

i'm licking your brother but uh this is

baby pock

this is pock on the track and you got

nigel thornberry over here

his name's not a thornberry because he

will chase you in a thorn bush

that's a lot of people that have dogs

some people happen for the wrong reasons

these are just my kids they all live


they all got names i'm not a number

they're not a stock id

they're my kids no i'm on a first and

last name basis

i know all their personalities oh what

they like to eat how they sleep who

snores who doesn't

who farts the worst who jumps the

highest who plays tug of war who swims

who doesn't

everybody's different but they're all my


all the loves of my life oh it's gonna

be a big dogs man

look at his paw man i mean look at his

paws compared to his brother's paws

just they don't even make sense

come here arms are trembling over here

i'm feeling weak pal he's like oh

dad get off of me rambo was a guest from

a good friend of mine

came out of him my buddy in kingdom


specializes in bull terriers

and she'll be rambling stole my heart

now they say it's not about the size of

a dog in a fight besides a fighting a


this guy has nothing but love in his


hey get all done look at that look at


red eighty red eddie check mr sheep's

you ready i want you to run eight route

cody you run a two route tater block my

left outside live back is coming

betty hold up defensive ends blitzing

all right

here's where it gets fun okay okay


easy on the coconuts get a shot get it




easy girl

every day's a dog day it's my dog life

your rambo you got a rainbow you got it

you got it

okay easy

okay okay sit no

sit sit go up

no you almost had it sit good boy

good boy now that's the encouragement

of a good boy versus no bad boy he does

something good

it's a good boy everybody's sitting you

sit you sit and you sit

so you get a treat

and you get a treat hey sit back

no no no hey

sit go boy rainbow

hey hey come on close your eyes hey get


sit okay sit good boy

good boy okay

well hope you guys enjoyed international

dog day

we've watched some dogs we've seen

different species of dogs

we've watched males we've watched

females we've seen different


in between the dogs so i'm glad you guys

enjoyed the show

this is part of my troop part of my pack

part of my family

like i said we got more dogs we got all

types of animals here

um everybody loves each other we got the

small ones

playing taco world with the big ones we

got these guys eating their own coconuts

they're all coconut kids we got the two

brothers right here what's up my boys

what's up of course these two want the

most attention

i shouldn't pull the seagull hey

easy easy come on he's like what about


what about me so

i hope you guys enjoyed it just as much

as i did i love you guys