American Holidays - Mother's Day

hi everyone I'm Alicia mother's day is held on the second Sunday in May of

every year it's one of the most important commercial holidays in the

nation the holiday is over 100 years old and was officially declared a federal

holiday in 1914 originally the holiday was celebrated by hanging a flag to

recognize the mothers who had a child who died in war today it has no

association with war whatsoever

the first Mother's Day celebrations were associated with a particular movement do

you know what movement with which it was associated will show you the answer at

the end of this video Mother's Day is just as the name implies

a celebration of everything to do with mothers it's common for people to buy

expensive gifts for their mothers or at the very least to send them a card

showing their appreciation Mother's Day cards have become among the most

commercially successful items associated with the holiday it's one of the times

of year where card companies are just swamped more so than other occasions in

the United States children will sometimes really go over the top for

their mothers on this holiday this is particularly true of sons in families

where there is more than one son it's not uncommon for all of them to compete

to get the best gift for their mother this is truly a day where motherhood is

venerated in the United States while motherhood is the main theme behind

Mother's Day people in the United States only celebrate this holiday for their

own mothers it's rare for people to give Mother's Day gifts to anybody but their

own mother some families may include the grandmothers in the celebrations but by

and large this is a holiday celebrated within the nuclear family


the International Mother's Day shrine is a historic landmark in the United States

where the inaugural Mother's Day celebration was held and now here's the

answer to the quiz do you know what movement the first Mother's Day

celebrations were associated with some of the first Mother's Day celebrations

were connected to the temperance movement the movement behind the

prohibition laws that went into effect in the early 20th century today however

Mother's Day is completely apolitical how is this lesson did you learn

something interesting is there a day dedicated to mothers in your country

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