The Scottish Midge

veggies these flying pests are too

romantic hell sites trolls as piranhas

are too skinny the pink but what are

they really there are different types of

Medici but the ones found in Scotland or

the biting variety and live in damp or

boggy ground they move around inherited

millions meaning escape is not an option

they are active between April and

September and can actually prevent

people from working outdoors the forest

authority have estimated that of the 65

working days each summer as much as 20%

can be lost due to media tax but don't

let this put you off there are ways to

avoid them

megi traps work by mimicking humans by

releasing co2 moisture and heat once the

midges are drawn they are sucked into a

glue trap you can also try imaginate

which is a foolproof way of not being

bit however if you leave a gap in your

clothing imaginate is also a great way

to keep the midges inside your suit I

know you're thinking I legally have

completed yet but it's better than being

eaten alive by the little Scottish mate

there are plenty of major dependents on

the market - in particular work quite

well the first is Avon Skin So Soft

which technically isn't immense

repellent this works the same as the

messy trap once the meji hits your skin

it can no longer move and simply dies

which I'm sure doesn't sound very

appealing but if you've ever been caught

and a feeding frenzy you'll try


the second is smidge smidge contains a

chemical called peat which blocks

antenna receptors of fighting insects

which means they can't smell you clever

so there you have it

the Scottish veggie they're here to stay

in Scotland there's only one guaranteed

way to get rid of the midges