Is it mandatory to announce the Niyyah (intention) of Fasting in Ramadan? | Assim Al Hakeem [2020]

a question that is often asked what is

the role of Nia in fasting and is it a

must for me to have suhoor or the

pre-dawn meal first of all as for the

nia there is a difference between forked

fasting and voluntary fasting in Forth

fasting it is a pillar that you have the

intention for fasting before the break

of dawn because the Prophet says I

assume in an authentic hadith whoever

does not intend to fast at nighttime

then there is no fast valid for him and

this is regarding the fault fasting

which means that if tomorrow is Ramadan

and I do not intend to fast it at night

and the dawn breaks and then I intend to

fast the fastest invalid now what do you

mean by intent to fast should I say no

way to an assumed tomorrow

I intend to fast should I verbally say

it no intention is in the heart when I

want to go and answer the call of nature

do I before moving say hmmm I intend to

go to the toilet to have 101 or 201 no I

don't have to say this if there's an

Apple in front of me should I say to

myself I intend to reach out to the

Apple and eat it of course not this is

insane then what is meant by the word

intention the word intention is

something in your heart you intend to do

it you do it that's it what it's fasting

your pre-dawn

miel is an intention wanting to fast

tomorrow before you go to bed or at

least before the event breaks maybe you

go to bed not intending but seconds

before the break of dawn de-identify

sure you intend to fast this is valid do

I have to do this every single night of

Ramadan no Ramadan is connected

continuous so what your intention the

first day of Ramadan suffice is the

whole of the month you don't have to

intend it every single night unless you

break or do you mean I fasted for a

whole week intending it on the first

night on the eighth day I traveled so I

broke my fast for a couple of nights

then I went back I have to initiate a

new intention for tomorrow if I did not

then the fast is invalid because of the

lack of intention a woman has her menses

for seven days she saw her purity she

took she took ocean she must intend from

night that tomorrow she is fasting

otherwise this is invalid and so on now

is the pre-dawn meal a must dancers know

meaning that if I walk while intending

to fast tomorrow

I woke seconds before the event and as I

was getting out of bed the event was

called so should I continue to fast or

this doesn't count of course you have to

fast but I didn't eat no problem

I didn't drink it has not no impact the

fastest valid it is highly recommended

that you have a pre-dawn meal as it's

the Sunnah and even if you don't want to

eat at least you have to drink a glass

of water again this is the instruction

of the Prophet isosa but if we if for

one reason or the other you fail to do

this your fast is intact