Is It Permissible To Pray Fajr During Sunrise #HUDATV

is it permissible to pray fed during


Jonnie if somebody did not wake up on

time and he just woke up at the time of

sunrise is it permissible to start the

prayer right away or he has to wait

until the Sun rises

15 minutes later as we know that this is

the second time of akhaten kuraha which

is not permissible to pray but this is

pertaining the novel supererogatory

prayers let's see what the prophets

allah assalamu says in this regard

because this is a very important push

and i truly appreciate that brother Zaki

as a skosh of course I do not appreciate

that we oversleep unless if it was once

every whenever due to being extremely

tired they set up your alarm and you did

not get up it didn't go off you know but

people who take it easy because they

have to get up to work so they delay

their federal prayer and the ghurabaa

sunrise that's a major sin that's

definitely a major sin and the day will

be void from any blessings definitely

but if the person is regular on his or

her prayer and it happened that they

woke up once the same time at sunrise

the hadith is collected while mmm Bihari

in which an abuse Alleluia sell em se

mañana and soliton I wanna see her tell

you a deer matter the kuraha Lakha for

Italia in Level II whoever naman soliton

oversleeps so he misses a prayer all

Nasir or forgets about the prayer for a

reason or another then once you

remembered once you woke up you should

offer the prayer right away even if it

is exactly a sunrise well exactly at

sunset for us for innocence we should

offer the prayer and the hadith has also

another good indication which is that

you have been given an excuse because

you were asleep and you did not feel it

or you forgot about it you execute but

once you remember

and once you wake up some people wake up

as oh my god it's only the sunrise okay

leave me rest for a little bit since

it's already cover I miss the prayer and

it's gonna be a make up let me continue

sleeping oh it's a weekend oh really I

would you see for a couple hours then I

get up to pray at eight or nine or ten

as long as it is before though now it

becomes a sin so we have been executed

used to the fact that you were unaware

he did not do it deliberately but now he

decided deliberately to postpone it then

you are a sinner so what you need to do

according to the hadith once you

remember once we got up offer it whether