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calm talk Sheree the question today a

viewer is asking if they can pray us or

prayer the shorten it and combined with

the door her prayer because of lack of

work prayer space issues at work and

with the time change okay so as every

viewer knows by now Muslims are required

to pray five times per day and develop

Muslims will do that now at two of the

prayers that better that fall in the

afternoon hours can be combined together

to pray it at once and to be prayed at

once and then two of the prayers that

fall during the night time hours can be

combined together to be prayed at once

so we're talking about the afternoon and

late afternoon prayer and can they be

combined and and now but but I said they

can be combined almost giving away the

answer but that's wrong what I meant to

say is that it can be combined due to

certain circumstances and traveling is

the most known circumstance a traveler

can combine the two in the afternoon and

two at night so theoretically then in

traveling you only need to stop three

times once for the morning prayer once

for the two afternoon prayers which

would be to pray together and once for

the two night prayers the evening and

late night they would be prayed together

at the same time so when traveling

there's no dispute about that although

the Hanafi school has a slight nuance

about this but we'll leave that alone

for the time being most of the other

schools accept that you can combine like

in this way now what about if you're not

traveling but you have some other

exigency well it is noted that the

Prophet peace be upon him sometimes

combined when there was rainfall so you

can do that for that circumstance as

well because of the inclement weather it

is also mentioned that the Prophet peace

be upon a combined man there was no

reason but that could only be be said to

be occasional you cannot make that a

regular practice no the questioner is

asking can I make that a regular

practice or at least that's how I hear

the question yeah so the answer is no

you cannot make that a regular practice

but if once in a while it so happens

that all today I'm gonna really be stuck

for time my

I'm not gonna you know I'm gonna miss

its proper timing so better to combine

the two now and then I'm over and done

with it and free so they can be combined

but in that case because you're not a

traveler you don't have the permission

to shorten the traveler has the the

permission both to combine and to

shorten so instead of four cycles of

prayer the traveler will pray to but the

resident does not have the permission to

shorten due to exigent circumstances you

can combine but not shorten if you are a

resident I guess the other option too is

if you're having a situation where queue

and always ask for a space and generally

they're very accommodating yes and this

is why we cannot say that there's a

permanent privilege you just continue to

combine because you have to work on this

you have to find some way talk to your

supervisor find some way of getting it

done within each prayer within its

proper role a lot of time perfect thank

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