Introduction to Lobbying and Advocacy

lobbying is advocacy

it's telling your story in a clear and

concise manner to policymakers so that

they can evaluate your request and

decide whether they're going to be with

you or against you

there's a lot of ways you can deliver

your message some are more effective

than others some are more thorough than

others but I think the best way to

deliver your message is talking to

legislators in their districts or in

their offices whenever you're able to do

so my concern over the years has been if

you prepare written materials that the

legislators are deluge dwith material

and you'll find your proposal your idea

buried in a two-foot-high stack of paper

in somebody's office and that's never

gonna be effective so bringing your

points with you and meeting with the

legislators is going to be more

effective I think if you've established

a rapport with the legislature with the

representative or senator and they're

familiar with your issue and you stayed

in touch with them that you can have an

impact on them with emails when your

issues are about to come before for

example a legislative committee or

something's going to come up on the

floor so you brief them they're familiar

with the issue they know that you're the

person or they're their favorite contact

on that point and so following up then

with emails something nice clear concise

can be really effective but you needed

to have been invested your time earlier

on in the process to kind of capture

their imagination and to get them to

give you the time to understand the

issues in order for that later follow-up

communication to have any effect

buddy anybody who has a keen interest in

an issue whether it's a financial issue

for state funding or it's a policy issue

dealing with you know housing policy or

economic development policy there's no

limit I would say that anyone who has a

desire for change or to enhance a

program should embrace the process and

commit some time to trying to convince

their legislators that a particular

approach is a favorable approach

well I would say that if you can capture

the attention of your legislator before

the legislature convenes they're gonna

have more time to visit with you they're

gonna have more time to think about your

proposal they're going to have more time

to ask you questions to clarify issues

that investment away from the capital

can really pay off