How to call foxes right to your lap!!



there's a box right down here we're

screwed as in like it's okay when this

guy says we're screwed I know he is

honest and that sucker was on us now yes

so we're gonna keep going welcome to the

big leagues

boom done there freaking that go baby do

foxes to foxes to foxes in a minute

awesome you tell me that wasn't exciting

had a fox at 12 inches in front of I

shot mine a little far back but he

should be laying down here shouldn't




oh crap fine stay

and out of baby John Gilmore I'll shoot

foxes all day I don't care hey get along

yeah well you need to ream and scale the

wall yet pick that sucker up

it's the pretty ain't it that's it you

know chubby heel chubby Fox

I don't think I need to talk the whole

lodge you watching this footage that was

about the most exciting Stan I've had

it's up there top three top three up

three kill three boxes but whenever they

run hitching the toes kind of hard to

get them shot because she goes oh yeah

well we're gonna scale back up this rock

wall y'all don't have a heart attack