Out of State Fireworks Still Popular For Omahans

so now on sale in Omaha vendors will be

selling all the boom and sparkle your

money can buy until the fourth of July

we wanted to know what you can and

cannot legally set off in Nebraska vs

iowa and missouri KMTV action 3 News

reporter Kelly Bartok did some traveling

tonight and landed back here in Omaha he

has the story new at ten hey guys

welcome to Liberty it all happens in our

south of the Metro across the Missouri

State Line Liberty fireworks is a

tradition for this Omaha veteran clean

losing two or three boxes everybody

always come to rob 40th fireworks and

ran back home on bottle rockets which

ticket get in Nebraska skyrockets what

they can't get in Nebraska most of Larry

Flanagan's customers come from Nebraska

the business boom began decades ago when

anything with a blast was banned from

the good life here the state relaxed its

laws in 2011 but Flanagan's been even

busier since then they'd stop of court

brownville or Nebraska City and I don't

think people worry about that much

anymore because all those items that

they were stopping them for getting them

confiscated are now legal in Nebraska so

people don't worry too much about

anymore and when it comes to what's

allowed you might think it's about size

the answer is absolutely not something

like this might be legal but these nope

try again if it stays like a multi shot

you light a multi shot it just shoots

multi shot itself stays on the ground

but the shot goes up in the air for

these the whole thing goes up there so

not all these items are legal Allen from

Omaha no comment knows it too I've never

been caught and I started as a little

kid with my mom and dad who grew up in

country club and had firecrackers he's a

little kid all through my adult life and

I'm the biggest kid in the box Allen

won't tell us what he bought either the

staff here knows the rules and we'll

share them with customers who want to

stay on the up-and-up Iowa is no

fireworks at all those who dodged the

law have their own Bank don't lie to the

police officer and say if they ask you

do you have fireworks safe serve I

respectfully won't answer that question

based on my fifth

right may I proceed and for customers

who make it home with their haul maybe

even across state lines the best tip is

if it stays on the ground you should be

fine you love the country you respect

the country the fourth of July is a

special time to remember the people that

have served for us now another firework

to keep in mind metal sparklers

officially banned beginning this year in

Nebraska those with wood handles though

are still okay the State Fire Marshal's

Office can ticket anyone bringing any

fireworks across state lines even the

legal ones in the studio tonight Kelly

Bartnik KMTV action 3 News and it is big

business this time of year tens of

thousands of people