How To Hunt Rabbits: Rabbit Hunting Instructions and Demo - Step by Step

hi you guys Adrian jr. will stay

outdoors and we're getting ready for a

hunting trip and I will show you guys

step by step I'm gonna break it down on

how we find our rabbits and our spots so

it starts at home

I'll Google Earth so as you guys know

I'm from Las Vegas the first thing you

got to do is figure out where the city

limits are and just go outside the city

limits and look for green areas like

you're just going around the spot you

just start zooming into looking for

areas kind of like this little bit

greener so this area looks good at first

glance but you could tell those are

trees and I don't like clenching around

trees because it's hard to get to the

rabbits so imma look for a completely

different spot like bushes not trees so

this area right here is noticeably

greener than the rest of the desert

around it and I really like these

valleys that come through rabbits like

to hang out around these also and

there's roads coming through so it's

easily accessed so once I find an area

like this that looks good I'm gonna drop

a pin on it with my phone and go there I

went to hunt it so this time of year is

really good for fishing and if you guys

are also around the Vegas area you'll

know it's been really windy like the

past five or six days 25 30

mile-per-hour winds

and fishing gets rough and those kind of

winds and rapa honey actually shines and

really windy stuff because you can get

closer to him I like to usually haul

rattles with like a bowl or my pellet

gun or something making a little bit

challenging but you bring a shotgun when

it's windy cuz the wind will just blow

those arrows and pellets away so let's

get ready go see if we can get a couple

weapon of choice today it's gonna be a

Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun so I like

using when I use a shotgun for rabbits

movie shooting size for to size six shot

at these dudes and it's gonna be working






and outdoor

it's a wide-open desert out here you

gotta go find those rabbits

alright guys right here at the spot we

found on Google Maps just a random spot

and just so you guys know this is gonna

be an educational video on how to

harvest black tail Jackrabbit

so if you guys do not agree with hunting

or harvesting animals then this is your

chance to exit the video but if you guys

do agree with this I'm gonna be showing

you guys some of the tips and tricks to

go out and harvest these animals black

tail jack rabbits are considered pests

and most states so I want you to harvest

them and you can do whatever you want

with them and we actually like to take

this goals and eat some of them and tend

their heights so this video is going to

show you guys how you can find rabbits

and harvest them so enjoy

all right so we're coming down here to a

spot we've never been if you've noticed

you can notice it's really green so we

like and these rolling hills are

sometimes pretty good too for rabbits so

just look for green stuff and the rabbit

should be nearby



all right real quick safety note if the

rabbit pops up anywhere in here not

gonna shoot it it gets high enough to

where I know the bullet or a kitchen

because it you're in here any direction

we shoot right here they'll hit off a

rock erectus a back at you and I so I

seen you up around quick safety note

especially with 22 minutes

about 30 seconds after we started

walking three just got rolled

he was on the run 3035

like just make territory down here

oh my hey put a mother's misery looks

like he's been chewed up by some coyote

or something



if you notice will we wrap up it most

the time you rarely look at where you're

stepping you always want to keep your

head up X can be a good thing about

coming out to this random spot we did

these rabbits aren't used to hunters so

a second they see you they're ready for

most of time they don't let him take it

really close so long as he keeps his

head up he's constantly scanning and

rabbits erect because these dudes

running if you're not standing you'll

start at five feet away from you and

each project in a matter of seconds so

that's an important piece of rabbit

hunting donut impulse back here holy cow

rabbit just popped out right over there



not a great day out here today so it's

again it's just a random spot we picked


and just look for green areas thanks for