"Making a Murderer - There was NOT a bonfire OCT 31st That will HAVE burned a body!!!"

hey folks thanks for clicking the button

and watching this I hope you watch the

whole video I know it's like almost 15

minutes long but there's a lot of

information and I try to get it in fast

I want to talk about the bonfire October

31st I don't think there was a bonfire

behind Stevens garage on October 31st

the county needs a bonfire to be there

because they found those bones back

there supposedly I think they brought

the bones there in the Box already in my

opinion I don't think they were ever dug

out I think they brought him and then

they said they dug him out but I'm gonna

read some interviews by detectives

the state built a case where there was a

bonfire and that's where they disposed

of the victim so please watch this

entire video and follow along but I

don't think there was a bonfire and if

there wasn't a bonfire then we know that

the county planted those bones in my

opinion so thanks for watching here we


by the way I go by clash or Johnny Jack

so if you want to yell at your screen

just say shut up clash okay anyway this

is the first interview that I'm going to

talk about and it was the second

interview they did with Steven Avery

that I have as a as a written report

this was on November 6 they interviewed

him on November 5th as well the

detectives did but the interview on

November 5th just talked about what

happened while she was there while

Teresa was there is she going to his

house and things like that but what I

want to talk about is the bonfire now

here's here's the interview November 6

and this is what Steven said about the

bonfire on October 31st when they

interviewed him on November 6th that's

right they didn't say anything about the


Steven did nor did the detectives

because it probably wasn't one so anyway

they asked him what he did Monday after

Teresa left

he says they went by his sister's house

to see if bobby was there Bobby wasn't

there so he went back home his mom might

have stopped by and dropped the male off

to his place and then he said he

listened to a stereo not leaving his

place until around suppertime he says

that he was uncertain but he could have

gone to eat

his mom's house which he did a lot in

the evening City at his mom's house

excusing and then he said if he did eat

supper that he would return home to wait

on a phone call from Jody if you've

watched a documentary you know that she

did call his place October 31st two

times because she shows the phone

records where she called around 7

o'clock and then the second time I think

is around 10 o'clock or 9 o'clock anyway

he says that he went back and received

two phone calls but he could not recall

the times when that happened he said he

couldn't recall who would have eaten at

his mother's on Monday he didn't know if

Chuckie was there or not but knew that

his mom was ok that's it for the

interview as far as that evening later

in the interview they also asked him

about burn barrels and he said he hadn't

burned anything in two weeks

this is November 6 during the interview

so it would have been a week before

October 31st so he says yeah burned

anything the burn barrels nothing had

been burned so the first interview that

I have that I'm talking about is a

Steven Avery he doesn't say anything

about a bonfire on Monday evening the

31st now I'm gonna pull up someone

else's interview that they did bear with

me I'll be right back

won't take long ok once again I'm back

we're still talking about the bonfire

this interview is with Blaine dasi on

November 7th they've talked to Steven

and it's same thing about a bonfire on

October 31st all right they asked Blaine

what he did on October 31st tell him

about his day he says he got up at 6:30

like he normally does he went to school

he says school gets out at 3:05 the bus

gets him home drops him off between 3:30

and 4:00 o'clock he says that they

walked to their house Blaine and Brendan

Blaine says he didn't talk to anybody

except Brendan on the way to the house

when they got to the house Bobby was

sleeping and when they came in it woke

Bobby up Blaine says he received a phone

call around five o'clock that evening

from his friend Jason I'll skip over

this because what we're looking for is

the bonfire but what in doesn't happen

is Jason invites Blaine over to his

house for trick-or-treating so

since mom comes and picks up Blaine

around 5:20 they go to Jason's they eat

dinner and they go trick-or-treating the

detectives also explain if anything

happened between 3:30 and 5 o'clock in

the afternoon Blaine says it did not

also if you want to go read these

interviews just search you can google

being Yahoo whatever it is you do search

Blaine dasi interview November 7th and

then for stephen's interview just search

Steven Avery interview November 6

there's a YouTube video of Stevens

interview but it's like an hour and 13

minutes long or something it's pretty

long but if you want to read this stuff

you can the written reports are

condensed so they're not as long okay so

Blaine it says nothing happened between

3:30 and 5:00 o'clock he goes to his

buddy's house for dinner and then they

go trick-or-treating now here's where

you need to pay attention if he's owned

off listen listen to this part please

Blaine says when Blaine returned from

trick-or-treating he did not see anyone

outside lane stated when he got home

Brendon Barb and Bobbie were inside and

everyone was still awake shortly after

Blaine got home between 9:30 and 10:00

o'clock Blaine said he went to bed

Blaine was asked if he recalled anything

unusual happening after he went to bed

that evening and he said no he did not

he says that he estimated that he got

home from trick-or-treating around 9:30

that evening so October 31st 9:30 in the

evening this is when Stephen and Brendon

are supposed to be up to no good right

having this big bonfire but Blaine says

he got home and Brendan Barb and Bobbie

were inside at 9:30 they also asked if

he'd call anyone using burned barrels

that day now we know blame was only home

between like 3:30 and 5 o'clock and then

around 9:30 but he says no he did not

recall anyone using the burn barrels

that day so anyway so there's no talk of

a bonfire from Blaine who gets home at

9:30 on that Monday evening now there

was also an interview with

Brenden but they only interviewed him

for about getting off the bus and then

he said he looked out the kitchen window

and saw Theresa and Stephen taken or

talking and she was taking pictures now

I'm gonna go to November 10th this is

someone else and Brendan didn't mention

about a bonfire in his interview with

the detectives either all right on

November 10th this one's this one's

important Scott tatak is questioned by

the detectives they go to his work and

here's what he says actually they meet

at a restaurant I'm sorry they asked him

about his day on October 31st and here's

what he says please pay attention

because this this is is so important

because we're looking for a bonfire on

October 31st okay he says that on

October 31st he didn't go to that work

what he said he didn't go to work that

day okay remember this on October 31st

he didn't go to work that day because

his mother was in the hospital in Green

Bay he says he drove did green bay and

checked on his mother at the hospital he

says he left the hospital at about 2:15

and arrived home at 3:15 tatak stated

that he got all of his hunting stuff

together and loaded it in his vehicle

talks about what kind of vehicle it was

backed out of his driveway and went

westbound on 147 he also stated when he

was driving westbound he saw a black

blazer that was Bobby said Bobby was

going hunting to blah blah blah he says

he as he was driving by Bobby they waved

at each other he said this was around

3:10 p.m. anyway I'm still looking for a


alright so Scott says he hunted between

3:30 and 5:00 o'clock and then when he

got done hunting he had two messages on

his phone one was from Barb and she

wanted to go see his mom so scott says

he went to Barbara's house to pick her

up and take her to see his mother in

Green Bay

when he arrived he says when he arrived

at Barbara's house she was standing out

side with Steven Avery and one of her

younger sons tatak said he didn't know

the boy's name but he was one of the

young kids

Scott stated that Barbour got into his

truck and they drove to the hospital

where his mom was and stayed there for

about an hour and then they drove back

and he got her home around 7:30 to 7:45

now he says that he got home around 8

o'clock then he says at around 9 o'clock

barb drove out to his house to visit and

stayed there until 11:00 or 12:00 they

asked if barb was acting okay and he

said yeah she wasn't she was acting just

fine so here you have Scott says that

barb came to his place around 9 o'clock

but Blaine says barb was home around

9:30 when he got home

also when Scott goes to pick her up

around 7:30 to 7:45 and she was outside

talking to Stephen and one of the young

sons he doesn't say anything about a

bonfire so we've got Stephen Blaine and

Scott have all been interviewed about

the thirty-first nobody says anything

about a bonfire and he says that bars

outside talking to Stephen where's this

bonfire at nobody's talking about a

bonfire there is no bonfire on October

31st these people have been interviewed

and there's no bonfire now I'm going to

pull up something else and I'll be I'll

be right back don't go anywhere because

this is where things start to get a

little goofy

okay folks so this is where I I need I

need your help because I need to figure

out what happened here this is an

interview with Scott second interview

they did with him on November 29th at

this point you know we're three weeks

later they found bones and all this

stuff but so far in these early

interviews before the 8 before the bones

were found there there is no talk of a

bonfire now the county has their story

together they've planted these bones in

my opinion and they need someone to say

hey there was a bonfire so who do they

use someone that they have something on

they've got something on somebody but I

think it's Scott so November 29

three weeks after the first interview

they interview Scott again they they

advised him that they want to go over

his activities in the afternoon and

evening of October 31st this is what he

says Tadek says after work that day

after work and the interview before he

said he didn't go to work so now you

know he's making up a story now you know

he's lying because he says after work

that day he arrived home around 3:15

earlier he say went to go see his mom so

he says he arrived home after work he

went hunting we know he went hunting

that was a story before from 3:35 he

says he passed by be on the highway we

know that part's true then he says he

arrived to Bart's he goes to barb to

pickup barb so he can take her to see

his mom he says he got there between

5:15 and 5:30 he didn't get out of his

vehicle but he did observe Stephen Avery

and one of Barb's sons standing outside

behind Stephens garage he could not

identify which son but could tell it was

one of her boys Teddy says these two

were standing around a fire that was

burning behind Stephens garage he said

barb then came out of the house and they

drove to Green Bay now before he says

bark was outside talking Stephen and he

had same thing about a fire see now

she's in the house so someone pulls

Scott to the side between his first

interview and this one said this is the

story this is what you're going to say

or in my opinion we're gonna charge you

with murder because you don't have an

alibi and the only alibi you have is

Bobby so we're gonna charge you both of

you with a crime with maybe murder so

they want Stephen in jail because he's

the one suing them so what they do is

tell Scott you're gonna make up this

story about this bonfire because we have

to have the bonfire because that's where

these bones were so they told Scott this

is your story but what Scott didn't know

is that he's not smart enough to keep

the same story so he said after work

when he didn't go to that work go to

work that day so he's already lied and

he's lying about this bonfire they says

when he got home when he got home from

the hospital at night he says he dropped

barb off again he again observed two

people standing by by by the fire behind

Stephens garage he said look like the

same two people from before but because

it was dark out he could not determine

for sure but it looked like the same two

people because of their shapes and sizes

someone please help me

please tell me please tell me what they

had did they threaten Scot with murder

and and and told him you come up with

this story because before there was no

mention of a bonfire and then in the

third interview if you want to read his

third interview which is like three

months later after this he changes this

story again if it's then a big bonfire

it and I don't have time in this video

to go over that but if you read his

third interview he says it's a big

bonfire and he says barb has spent the

night with him that night when Blaine

said she was home so his lies became

bigger and bigger because because he

couldn't keep up with the truth what the

truth was the first one he didn't go to

work he went to his grandma's but he had

to make up a story for this fire when he

did he messed up his whole story so

anyway thanks for watching I have some

bloopers and I'm gonna add at the end of

this and please comment and and tell me

what did they have on Scott to make him

say there was a fire when when there was

not a fire there