High School Drop Out - What Happens In Life :(

okay so you dropped out of high school

and you want to know what's gonna happen

in your life so that's the topic of this

video and let me just cut right to the

chase and give you the ten second

version of this video what happens in

your life is going to be completely and

totally up to you okay

so there's not going to be any secret

revelations or anything else beyond that

main main statement that I'm telling you

hey life what happens in life is gonna

be up to you now of course things happen

to us in life okay and then we have to

choose how we're going to react to them

but with that aside really what I want

to focus in on on this particular video

is what really you know ghost goes

through a person's head you know when he

didn't get their high school diploma

okay now this is a you know I'm gonna

kind of generalize here but with working

with so many people I'm talking people

from 18 years old to 65 plus you know

they have not gotten their high school

diploma and going back to school to get

their GED or their high set or their

task exam completed you know I

you could pick up on these trends plus

just knowing a lot of people personally

who have not finished um high school

alright so you see a lot of these trends

and hopefully this resonates with you

you know the whole purpose of this video

is to give you some motivation and

encouragement okay so it's got a draw

old stick figure here just kind of like

to use a little stick figure as an

illustration of what I want to talk

about okay so first thing is this do you

need a high school diploma do you need

to finish high school to be successful

the answer is no okay

so you know I'm not saying you shouldn't

get one alright but you still can have

no high school let's do it this way and

be totally successful successful in all

ways financially physically

family etc okay but people like that who

have found success without the high

school diploma that's really the

exception okay the people that are

success successes in life happy and

fulfilled you know education is not

going to define them you know anyways

right so you know whether it's their

faith or maybe they're an entrepreneur

or whatever the case is they you know

they're driven people so these are the

type of people that can be successful in

any setting so just like society you

know you have a lot of people who've

gone alone or college degrees or aren't

successful so I want to kind of

establish at this point okay education

it's kind of do this over here education

does not necessarily mean more like

happiness all right not necessarily it's

a more education you have the more

happiness you you can obtain not there's

there's no such correlation okay

so what's the whole idea of education

and why are people kind of you know make

a big deal out of it well it is

important because although not

necessarily the more education you have

the more happiness you're going to have

but really it's the more opportunities

you're gonna have okay now what you do

with an opportunity is going to

determine your your happiness okay so I

think that's the kind of correlation the

more education you have the more

opportunities you're going to have in

life so so with that out of the way you

know if you're watching this video and

you're saying well I don't have my high

school diploma I'm a high school dropout

my life is great then you know I give

you a lot of credit for that you know

and and quite frankly you can just you

know stop watching this video and kind

of move on with your life but I don't

think that you as the individuals you

know listening or watching this video

would recommend that to somebody saying

hey drop out of high school high school

didn't help me school didn't help me

just you know go right off and become a

success very very difficult to do now I

want you to notice something that the

title of this video is high school

school dropout alright if I change this

title this video to college dropout and

this thing completely changes okay there

is plenty of examples that people drop

out of college who are you know

billionaires take Bill Gates for example

of Microsoft or Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

etc especially in today's generation

with all the technology we have so

college that's seeing a different deal

that's why I wanted to establish that

necessarily more education doesn't

necessarily mean that you're going to

just be happier

now there is a correlation to making

money in your life okay especially if

you don't have a high school diploma

just by simple statistics out there if

you don't have a high school diploma on

average you're gonna make far less than

somebody who does okay so this is kind

of what I want to get into next in the

video so so let's get back to what

happens in your life if you don't have

my high school diploma well for the

majority of people I think this holds

true okay so that I wanted to establish

get out there that there are exceptions

to what I'm gonna say now I'm gonna get

into probably what is generally true for

most people without a high school

diploma or dropped out of high school

they're gonna carry with them a lot of

mental and financial okay kind of

probably split that robbery that's okay

baggage with them if you will right

psychological effects mental let's focus

on that because personally I think

that's the biggest the biggest impact in

someone's life I know a lot of people

did not finish high school okay and

eventually got that their GED or high

school go and see but let me tell you

something struck for years they had a

lot of insecurities about hey you know

um I dropped out of high school played

on their brain you know it's like took

away it was like a negative energy it

really made them more insecure about


and it kind of you know it took space in

the brain you know it was just like this

thing running in her background so now

this can happen for many years I talked

to people who are in their 60s okay and

beyond because these people actually

have to go back and get their GEDs or

high school equivalency just to you know

compete in today's job market so you

just imagine that let's say you're 60

years old okay let's just make the math

easy let's go from 20 to 60 all right

years old all right are this this time

gap that's 40 years 40 years of self

doubt or maybe insecurity or deep down

bring you know inside you have regret

that is a long long time that is more

than probably half of your lifetime you

know and you got these kind of thoughts

floating around your head and you it's

so simple to just be like cut that that

thought process off it does take you

know some investment in yourself but if

you're going to invest anywhere yeah

the best investments are not in the

stock market or real estate the best

investment by far is in yourself and

you're not going to have any better

return on your investment than peace of

mind okay so if you're you know high

school dropout don't brand yourself as I

am a high school dropout I dropped out

of high school you know you're given to

yourself this this Brandan's is it's

wreaking havoc on your self-confidence

your self-image okay whether you want to

maybe am it it or not because maybe if

you you know do have a strong outward

self-image you dress well you look good

you're physically fit you know you're

you know doing some sort of a career

that you like in the background you

probably have some insecurities about

this and this is what gets me about you

know where people's priorities are you

know if they spent one year watching

like 50% less of Netflix maybe not even

one year like six months just cut your

TV time in half or your internet time in

half you will have your high school

equivalency and then you don't want to

have to suffer for 40 years you know

young no what do you tell your kids what

do you tell your grandkids what do you

tell your cousins who come to here for

advice or your or your friends you don't

want to walk around with that okay so

even if you're a big success and you

have your high school diploma trust me I

really well don't trust me trust

yourself I think you should just get it


take care of it not on course this is

different again then say going to

college hey get your high school diploma

etc etc I don't even my own son he went

to college for like a year and a half it

wasn't for him and I didn't push him

beyond that anymore because you know if

it if college if you're not if the

students not feeling college terms of

hey they want to get their degree and

they really know what they want to do

then that's not necessarily the best

route to go there's a lot of different

opportunities to be a success in life

however you do need a minimum level of

education in my opinion and that is your

high school diploma or high school

equivalency so now let's talk about the

second thing here and that is the

financial or the the money impact okay

it used to be years ago and I've done a

lot of if you follow me on YouTube I've

done a lot of videos honest but it's

kind of stating the obvious years ago

you didn't necessarily need a high

school diploma to get into a lot of good

paying careers okay you can get into

let's say a union trades you know

plumbing etc let's say 30 years ago 40

years ago in and hasn't done very very

well for yourself financially speaking

but more and more these opportunities

are decreasing they're not completely

gone okay you still be a high school

diploma a high school dropout in and

still find these are opportunities but

it's getting more difficult a lot of

trade schools for example or require you

to have your high school equivalency

okay your GED or your high set your

tasks and all that stuff taken care of

before they'll allow you to get into

their school I think pretty sure about

the military as well a lot of places

that provide a good start for young


you know that we just simply require you

to have a high school level education

not only that employers okay I tell you

just let me just State this I'm gonna

provide a link in a description below if

you need help you know with you know if

you want to go ahead and get your GED

your task or high set completed I'll

leave a link below so you can kind of

check out my courses the number one

reason people struggle to get these

statistically and get to get these tests

taken care of is the math section okay

that's where most people fail so that's

my focus on it so if you want to learn

from me and take my courses which have

been extremely successful you can check

out the link below but I wanted to get

that out of the way is because I work

with you know serving a lot of people

through many years getting their GED or

their tasks or the hiset I get a lot of

feedback I get a lot of responses emails

people tell me their personal stories

and it just blows my mind in terms of

what's kind of what I'm seeing is to be

a more of a more of a trend taking place

and that is a lot of people's are

writing me and are saying hey my job is

require me to get my GED it's kind of

got the blue or you know they want to

see my high set or my tasks or whatever

and now they're kind of caught off guard

and you know it's like they're changing

the job requirement on you they're

making kind of mandatory so I wouldn't

assume anything in this day and age

especially how competitive the economy

is and how you know selective employers

are becoming you know you don't want to

just assume that hey one day your

employer's not gonna ask for your GED or

hey you know we're going through HR

we're going through your records we

don't sit you know we couldn't find our

high school diploma can you provide that

for us but blah blah blah these are the

kind of things that I'm with the stories

that are kind of that I'm seeing

occurring so you know if that strikes a

little fear or anxiety and in you you

want to do that you want to use that as

leverage to get getting to take care of

this okay I don't want to use the word

or make a judgment against you

personally saying hey that you're lazy

or your priorities are all you know

recked um but quite frankly you know you

really got to start thinking about how

are you spending your time you know are

you investing in yourself it's like you

know if you're investing yourself

learning things you know improving your

skills and whatnot then you know that

that's great but if you haven't taken

care of your high school diploma or your

high school equivalency I think that's a

pretty darn good place to start just to

take care of in a debt you know don't it

doesn't have to take forever to do okay

you just simply have to make a decision

there you're gonna do it make a

commitment that you're going to do it

and then just start doing it okay we'll

talk a little bit more about that in a

second here but financially speaking on

average the difference between a high

school diploma and and someone with no

high school diploma and this is just

rough statistics is the difference of

ten thousand dollars per year okay ten

thousand dollars per year on average

back in a 2012 US census I think the

average high school graduate was making

around 30 K right so that means somebody

with no high school is making around

twenty Kay a twenty Kay a year is really

you know you can't really live on that

you know may I pay rent food you know

your your cell phone your car insurance

that you're you know you just can't make

it on that thirty thousand per year you

can probably just be getting by you know

in most cities okay so we're talking

it's a big difference now of course

these are averaged numbers but you know

the average statistics that means

there's millions of people that are

fallen into one of these two categories

so you tell me you know how the regret

starts to pile up okay

well now of course again there's

exceptions to this but now you have this

mental regret and now you have this

financial impact I mean that's a huge

penalty to pay for not finishing up your

high school okay again it doesn't have

to take forever like literally probably

for most people

within six months you can have your

highschool quo and see if you're really

buckle down on focus does think that six

months is gonna pass anyways okay so you

know it just makes sense to do and to

get it out of the way so hopefully you

know um you know you're getting

something from this video that hey just

because you dropped out of high school

doesn't mean you're a high school

dropout if you understand what I'm

saying right you labeled yourself I'm a

high school dropout you know you give

this yourself oh no it doesn't have to

be that way okay so what's going to

happen to your life well it's totally up

to you but when you have millions and

millions of people that are suffering

psychologically from not finishing high

school and having a negative impact

financially then you know why don't you

increase the odds for yourself okay so

anyways I'm gonna go and wrap this up

and I'm gonna leave a link in the

description in my video here that you

can go and come to my mic I run tap the

tablet class Academy I offer various

different courses I have one on a GED

the hiset the tasks a lot of other tests

as well but they're very effective you

can go there check it out at your

leisure but again I'll leave the link in

the description below but here's I just

want to forget it too ending up my video

here finishing up look when it comes to

math all right for the GED or the hiset

or that are the TAT the task exam there

is a lot of stuff you need to know okay

you need to know a lot of algebra and

you did a lot of geometry okay a lot of

a lot of things okay do you really want

to face this on your own

I mean you have a couple choices here

right let's just break it down this way

there's three things you can do one two


your first choice okay is to do nothing

you can be like well yeah I you know I

understand this video you know I

understand what this guy's saying but

I'm not gonna do anything about it I'm

just gonna just gamble with maybe you

know potentially a lot of mental regret

and financial regret so

that's not a good option I hope you

don't do that okay

the second thing is you can just do this

on your own you could try to learn

everything on your own that's a lot

that's a that's a lot to do okay there's

a lot of different can you think about

it algebra geometry that's at least a

couple years of high school mathematics

but you know to do well in there you

need to know like middle school math and

is a lot of stuff you need to learn on

your and if you do this on your own this

is where people get discouraged I think

is they they'd start learning and

they're like oh man this is the give up

if you will because it starts to get

difficult and quite frankly there is a

good amount of material you do you need

to to to learn and understand to pass

these exams back in 2014

they've made these exams more more

challenging more comprehensive which i

think is a good thing so they're truly

like there really will be algebra and

geometry on these exams it's not like

there's put it out there hey learn

they're trying to scare you and then

when you go take the exam you don't

really have to know this stuff no you do

have to have a pretty good level of

understanding so that's your second

option is to try to learn all this on

your own or the third thing is you can

basically use a good proven system or

program something like maybe my program

for example something that not

streamlines things but packages things

together in a real effective way when it

comes to math you really do want to

learn from a math teacher okay and

someone who's you could like and

understand hopefully you know you kind

of resonate with my teaching style but

if we don't find another teacher okay or

go to your local adult education classes

in your community but connect with

someone who can kind of act as a

shortcut but anyways you know I have a

lot of passion and my videos here

because we're talking about people's

lives and when I get the testimonials

back from people who have passed and

they're and moved on with their life

it's a pretty wonderful thing and I want

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anyways I hope you got something really

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the best if you haven't finished your

high school I just really encourage you

to do so okay but anyways with that

being said thanks for your time and have

a great day