How to Copy a Copyprotected CD/DVD


hi I just inserted my CD into my laptop

now the CD icon came I just try to open

it but I can find any data's

then I just checked the properties it

shows that the CD was fully utilized

is that your problem don't worry the CD

is just copy protected the lock symbol

in the CD icon shows that it's copy

protected in the case of copy protected

CDs you can burn another CD with the

same datas but you can't copy the data

on your hard disk so I am going to guide

you how to copy the content from the

copy protected CD or DVD into your hard

disk it's a very simple process all you

have to do is just follow the video step

1 go to the internet browser and do

search ISO Buster click the link and

download it

while downloading it will ask you

whether to save or run the program if

you want a copy of ISO Buster

installation file just click save

otherwise just run it step two now

install it while installing it will ask

about some additional programs like

toolbar installation

it's your interest whether to install

the toolbar or not step 3 now open the

ISO Buster now you can find all the

copy-protected datas in your CD through

ISO Buster but you can't find it on your

normal cd/dvd drive

step four now extract the data that you

want from the CD by right-clicking the

data if your data is a video file just

click the fourth option if it's an audio

or any other data just click any of them

except the fourth one in my case it's a

video file that's it you just crack a

copy protected CD or DVD thank you