CALL 6: Following the rules for towing cars

we call six investigates our team

working to find answers for you tonight

it's one of the worst feelings that come

out of a restaurant or store and watch

your car be towed away well this happens

to thousands of Hoosiers every day there

is one rule that tow companies routinely

ignore and it could mean getting back

your car without paying a dime call six

investigates Paris Lubell has the

investigation you'll see only on RTV 6

it's a moment that no one wants to deal

with I think a sign but I didn't think

they were gonna tow it that quickly

especially on a Saturday shadow shot was

taking his 7 month old and four year old

to a birthday party in Noblesville

favorite car now pulled into a very

small parking lot and I started looking

around there was no place to park really

close to it and it was pretty cold that

day so I see no business that looked

like it was closed and then nobody was

in any of the parking spots and it was

still pretty early in the day so I

figured well not gonna be here long

right I can park here and I was probably

only there 45 minutes by the time they

had towed the car shed knows he made a

mistake but he wasn't expecting to go on

an adventure to get his car back you

know I live on the south side of

Indianapolis this is on the north side

how am i how am I getting home how am I

getting my children home and on top of

that his car seats for the kids were

inside the car had called the tow

company only to be told to come back on

Monday between 8:00 and 5:00 went up

there buddy in the guy was just

unloading the car from the tow truck and

I asked him I said sir sir is there any

way I can get my car back I mean my car

seats in there I'm not kids stuffs in

there I need to at least get that stuff

and he didn't want to cooperate

whatsoever shed says he called the

Noblesville police and they came to help

eventually the officers were able to get

his car seats out of the car

both the two officers that arrived

firstly this isn't our first call here

we've been here several times for for

stuff like this

the tow driver told him to return on


fast for two days in Chad returns to the

yard this time armed with facts about

Indiana's laws and he records the whole

exchange on his cell phone

it wasn't an abandoned vehicle indiana

state law requires a vehicle be tagged

as abandoned for 24 hours before it can

be towed from private property unless

it's for an emergency or it's affecting

business but before he Forks over the

310 dollars to get his car out he brings

up Indiana's code for towing cars in the

first place don't you have to wait 24

hours a total vehicle we tried to talk

to someone at Brooks service every time

we showed up there was no one there

we finally got in touch with Jim Ringley

the owner of Brookes service

hey Jim this is Paris calling from rtv6

how are you we wanted to get his side of

the story but he kept telling me in

every tow story on the news the tow

company always looks like the bad guy

I've got one side of the story I'm

trying to get the other and Jim declined

our request for an interview he would

think there would be more cooperation

and more I guess humanity I mean he he

had no remorse whatsoever about the car

seats or anything he didn't care now in

our investigation we found that that 24

hour or tow companies can tow you for an

emergency purpose or if it's affecting

business is what tow companies usually

use as an excuse to tow your car but

according to the law an emergency

situation means the vehicle interferes

physically with the conduct of normal

business operations or poses a threat to

the safety or security of persons or

property now how often does this happen

well we're not exactly sure the state

doesn't keep any records of towed

vehicles till Paris what can someone do

then if they've been towed against the

Indiana Code now we talked to multiple

departments and agencies throughout

central Indiana and most of them don't

actually enforce the law the exceptions

of that is Indianapolis is code

enforcement that we've talked to some

attorneys as well and they say the best

thing to do is to take the case to small

claims court to get your money back all

right hopefully that works call six

investigates Paris LaBelle thanks