The Police Have No Duty To Protect You: Joseph Lozito's Story

this is Joseph Lucido a father living in

Long Island on February 12 2011 buzina

left his house and headed into Manhattan

to go to his job working in the box

office at Alice Tully home it was

something he'd done many times before

but on that particular day things were

different at Penn Station

Lucido got on the 3:00 train intending

to exit at West 66th Street

it was 8:45 in the morning so the train

was pretty fool but he found a seat near

the operators compartment shortly after

Lucido saw a man pounding on the door

that separated the passenger compartment

from the operators compartment the man

was yelling claiming that he was a cop

the man then turned around he had an

8-inch knife in his hand and he told the

xeno you were going to die then he

launched lazier who had studied some

martial arts and MMA did a leg sweep and

drove his shoulder into the aggressors

waist taking him down the aggressor

stabbed wildly slashing Lezyne Oh in the

back of the head face and arm eventually

Lucido was able to pin the man to the


Lucido then felt a tap on his shoulder

and a man's voice told him that they

take over that man terrence Howell and

his colleague tamara taylor were NYPD

employees another subway rider alfred

douglas put pressure on los hijos wounds

to stand his blood loss was Ito credits

him for saving his life

Douglas humbly noted that I just did

what any normal human being would do the

man who had lunged at Lucido and who had

caused his injuries was Maksim Gelman

and the preceding 28 hours

Gelman had killed four people his

stepfather a girl who have rebuffed his

advances the girl's mother and a

pedestrian and he had injured five

others how and Taylor were part of the

NYPD contingent searching for Gelman

they had been informed that witnesses

had seen Gelman on foot in the subway

tunnels between 34th and 42nd Street

they had boarded the three train and

were in the operators cab when Gelman

banged on the door it was from that safe

spot that they watched Gelman attacked

Lizzie dome when Lucido realized what

had happened that the police present had

failed to intervene and chose instead to

stay in the operators compartment he was

quote very upset

Lucido later added when they're looking

for Maksim Gelman and Maksim Gelman

bangs on the door and says let me in I'm

a cop and all you say is no you're not

disgraceful after the incident Lucido

sue the NYPD for not coming to his aid

city lawyers said that even though the

police on the train were nearby and GNU

FDL ones rampage they know special duty

to protect Lucido or any individual on

the train that day weren't Howell and

Taylor paid with money taken from their

neighbors under the auspices that they

would then protect them Margaret Chan

who is tasked with interpreting the

applicability of the related legalese in

the Manhattan Supreme Court sided with

the police that's right she said that

even though the police present did not

step in they were not in the wrong and

Lizzy dough's case was dismissed but

Chan's ruling was not a surprise she

just echoed these other legal and cases

that have reached the same conclusion in

the Zito's incidents the police were not

minutes away

they were feet away they knew of Gelman

and the threat that he posed yet they

chose to take no action for this

inaction they faced no repercussions

except perhaps for their own guilty

conscience 'as so what can be learned

take a page from Joseph Lucido dish the

illusion that someone with a badge will

protect you and instead be responsible

for yourself and take a page from Alfred

Douglas and look after your fellow human

the more we each do that the better off

we'll all be