in this video we're going to take a look

at how to create a pie chart in Excel

pie chart is usually used to show how

the whole of something is divided up

into parts frequent application is to

show how a budget is being split up this

particular example shows how the lottery

proceeds were distributed for a

particular state and the data is pretty

simple all you're ever going to have

with a pie chart is one column with

labels you're going to have another

column with numbers and all you have to

do is select them before you start and

then go to insert and go to pie and I

think you should probably stay away from

a 3d pie chart just because it distorts

the pieces of pie so we're going to do a

2d pie chart and as usual going to move

its location to a brand new sheet and

there's a pie chart we've got a legend

over here but if the legend is over here

you have to constantly move your eyes

back and forth between the legend and

the pieces of the pie to figure out

what's what so we're going to get rid of

that by selecting it and hitting the

Delete key then we're going to first of

all you should always have a title so

we're going to call this 1993

lottery proceeds hit the enter key and

now we've got a label but it's still

pretty useless pie chart because don't

have any labels around the pieces of the

pie so let's go up here on our layout

tab under data labels and I want my

labels on the outside end so puts the

numbers there but it's still pretty

useless because they don't have any tax

telling what the numbers mean so the way

to get that fixed is go back to data

labels here and choose more data label

options and what we want here this is a

little confusing but what we want is the

category name and notice what I did that

it jumped everything back inside the pie

and I want it outside the pie I think

it's easy to read that way and click on

close and there I go now notice whenever

you select one of the labels all of them

get selected I think these labels are a

little bit small so we're going to make

them a little bit bigger here so it's

easier to read okay now if you want to

select just one label let's say I want

to select this senior citizens label for

some reason click on it once and then

click on it a second time because the

first time it selects everything the

second time it just likes to label that

you click on so let's say I want to make

that bold so that one stands out a

little bit any formatting I do now we'll

just be applied to the senior citizens


label a couple of other things you might

want to do you might want to explode a

piece of the pie to explode apiece just

click on the pot you'll see handles

appear around the pieces of the pie and

if I want to pull that out a little bit

just click and drag it straight out and

now you can emphasize that piece of the

pie if I take the label here and get my

whoops and I get my four-headed arrow

and I start dragging if you drag it too

far away a line will show up connecting

in and one last thing you might want to

do with a pie chart is you might want to

resize it okay the way you resize it is

you have to click in this area right

here on one of the four corners you got

to be outside the pie but inside the

corn and when you do you'll see the

handles appear around the pie and you

can drag those and you can resize the

pie and make it any size that you want

to make it whoops that's a little too

much let's go back down

and that's pretty much the basics for

creating a pie chart in Excel