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you the things that you need to know

before you move to Australia just so you

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so this video was requested by Nikki

from Chandigarh and Shivan from

Ahmedabad and that's why we are going to

tell you the things that you need to

know if you're coming to Australia

number one whether in Australia now when

you listen to the world Australia what

comes to your mind beautiful beaches

beautiful sunny days people surfing here

and they're just going to break it down

to you because that's not always the

case because Australia gets really

really cold and Melbourne takes it to

just another level because when I came

here in July it was 3 degrees at night

and it gets really cold in fact right

now we're in January and I'll just tell

you what happened last week because the

highest temperature went to 42 degrees

and that night itself it went to 17

degrees and the very next day it was

raining so Melbourne Twitter is pretty

crazy so you have your umbrella on you

have your jacket on

and if you feel like you should have

your tank top on too because you never

know what you're gonna use and is we're

talking about the weather you're gonna

know how the Sun is here I come from a

city who has seen 45 to 50 degrees in

summer but here in Australia you can get

sunburned even in 30 to 35 degrees so

make sure you have your sunscreen with

you when you go up number two the things

that can kill you you know what to say

if you make a list of the things that

can kill you it's gonna be much longer

than the things that cannot kill you I

come from India and I have seen cows

camels and elephants on the streets but

you're not scared there because

know that they're not gonna kill us but

here in Australia even spiders can kill

you they had the deadliest spider of the

world they have one of the most

deadliest snakes afterward and if you go

out surfing you have to watch out of


well that's Australia number three the

language in Australia now obviously we

know that Australians speak English but

they speak English with a lot of snacks

and you will take time to get used to

those legs hey Sheldon how are you

getting manga I'm pretty good I'm good

whatever they knocked it all night just

went to serve I got myself some my

diaries and now for that I'm going out

of the water and home with me boys to

get lit them down have some babies all

right so just so you guys know all those

things I just said were Australian quite

common Australian slang first thing I

said was g'day that's hello the next

thing I said after that was hey gun that

just means how are you and then servo

means service station or gas station

depending on what English you're

learning and also the next thing I said

was Diaries no Diaries it's just

cigarettes it's an Australian sign for

cigarettes the last two things I said

was watering hole which means like pub

or a place we can go and consume alcohol

and Beverage like alcoholic beverage Oh

number four Australia is bloody

expensive and I'm not saying this

because I'm from India and we have

comparatively low prices of everything

but doesn't matter where you come from

anywhere in the world when you compare

your prices to Australian prices you'll

find that Australian prices are much

higher but they have a reason if you

work in Australia the minimum wage is at

least 20 dollars per hour

so everybody's level of earning is much

higher than compared to other countries

and that's why they're spending capacity

is much higher compared to other

countries so if you talk about breakfast

you're looking forward to pay at least

15 to 20 dollars because five dollars is

just coffee and the same goes for lunch

and dinner and at the end of the day if

you eat outside all day you're at least


dollars a day which is a lot number five

they like sailing if you're coming to

Melbourne or Sydney this is specifically

for you because what happens is on the

first Sunday of every October people

move their clock one hour forward so

that they can enjoy sunlight for one

more hour

this goes on for six months because it

doesn't go dark to the 9:00 p.m.

personally I wanted to convey this to

you because when I got to know about

that and when I experienced that it was

extremely surprising for me number six

public transport if you're moving to any

of the major cities in Australia you

don't have to worry about that because

Australia has pretty decent public

transport if you're moving to Melbourne

in specific then Melbourne has the

world's best public transport it has

train tram and buses running almost

everywhere in the city if you're moving

to Melbourne we have a whole playlist

which gives you information about jobs

public transport cost of living

accommodation and things like that

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