Why being yourself is more important than being positive 🌈

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to be yourself than it is to be positive

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Marianne bill or Marianne Billy but she

asked and she says I would love to hear

your answer as I can't really sleep at

night because of this is the law of

attraction real or made-up does this

mean we can literally attract anything

into our lives from objects love or

money to illness it is so so much like a

New Age American dream kind of thing and

do you also have sad days you seem to

have it all figured out

thanks so much Oh a couple of points and

then yes absolutely I do have sad days I

mean if somebody I know

passes transcends into the other realm

even though I know that they're fine I

know that they're free I do miss them

and I absolutely do have sad things

there are things that can go wrong and

do real wrong and does make me sad when

somebody hurts my feelings it makes me

sad when somebody is mean to someone

else when people get killed it makes me

sad so yes a lot of things make me sad

and so the other part of your question

Maryann was that you seem to have it all

figured out so I just want to I just

want to correct that because actually

one of the things I worry about is that

speakers and teachers and all like

myself when we come on and we speak to

you I worry about giving you the

impression that I'm some kind of guru

and I know all the answers and I have it

all figured out because I don't I may

have died I may have a different

perspective on things and yes I have a

different perspective on things from

what you are being fed or taught in this

paradigm I bought into the old

perspective of this paradigm at one time

because I didn't I hadn't had this other

perspective of leaving my body but it


mean that I know everything or I have it

all figured out and that my life is

peachy every single day and it's

important for you to know this because

sometimes when you're following a

particular author teacher speaker or

whatever you want to call them when

you're following one of them and they're

telling you and they're trying to help

you like me I'm trying to help you and

I'm trying to say no this is how you do

it this is the way we do it and and when

your life is still going wrong you're

like oh my god I must be so stupid I

must be so devil why aren't I getting it

so that's why it's important for me to

tell you this that you're not stupid

you're not dumb if your life is falling

apart it does not mean you're not

getting it it's part of the journey bear

in mind if this is it if you're the

reason you're not getting it is because

you're stupid or dumb I must have been

really stupid because it took death for

me to figure it out I mean how far do

you need to go to figure it out so I

must be like the stupidest person in the

world because really it took death for

me to learn how to live and the reason I

share it is because I don't want you to

have to reach that point but remember

whatever point you are in in your life

you're still way better than where I was

so don't judge yourself don't beat

yourself up so going back to the law of

attraction yes and oh and also please

know that I don't have it all figured

out I just try and share things from the

perspective of where I've been in my

experience of what I do and what I

learned because I want I don't want

people to have to go through the same

suffering and die basically so anyway

the law of attraction when I was really

really sick when I was going through the

cancer many many people said to me you

attracted it to you your thoughts

attract your reality so you must have

attracted the cancer at some level now

even if this is true it's really

stressful to feel that when you're sick

because you have if you knew how you

attracted it you would unattractive

and if the cancer is progressing you

feel even worse and beat yourself up you

judge yourself and I'd love to hear in

the comments any of you that are

actually relating to what I am saying

right now do you feel more judgemental

about yourself because you're going

through an illness or you're going

through negative things in your life and

you feel you attracted it because you

believe in the law of attraction so this

is the downside of the law of attraction

which when you are going through

negativity when you're going through

illnesses if it doesn't serve you to

believe in the law of attraction if you

are finding that you're judging yourself

you're beating yourself up you're adding

to your stress because remember it adds

to your stress to judge yourself and

beat yourself up and think I brought

this on I'm so done how can I get out of

it and then when you're not able to get

out of it you beat yourself up even more

so it's not adding to it and a lot of

people go through it I went through it

when I was ill it was when I died that I

realized that it was more important to

be myself than it was to be positive

because while I was going through the

illness and I believed that my thoughts

have brought it on so I kept thinking I

must be a really negative person the

minute that you believe that your

thoughts brought on this negativity that

you're in you start to watch your

thoughts at least I'm speaking for

myself I started to watch my thoughts I

started to become paranoid about my

thoughts and I started to become really

fearful of my thoughts now when you

become paranoid and fearful of your

thoughts that is what you are being and

that is what you are the signals you're

sending out so you attract who you are

not what you are thinking you attract

who you are and when you have to watch

your thoughts when you believe that your

thoughts are negative unless you

suppress your negative thoughts and you

watch your thoughts you are sending

yourself the message that who I am

is a negative person and so I have to

watch my thoughts in order to change

that is the message you are sending

yourself and that is how we attract all

you know whatever negative things and in

actuality sometimes even illness even

though we may think it's a negative

thing it may be the best thing for us it

actually may be a positive thing which

is why I tell people I make it really

easy you don't have to figure it out

don't figure out don't watch your

thoughts don't try and figure out

whether what I'm going through is

negative or positive all you have to do

is love yourself love yourself when you

love yourself you realize that every

part of the journey is important to take

yourself to the next stage I mean if I

didn't have cancer I wouldn't be doing

what I'm doing today I was killing

myself even before I had the cancer so

even the cancer was a positive thing for

me because it's taken me to where I am

today but there could have been a

shortcut to getting where I am today if

I knew to love myself and when you love

yourself all you have to do is be who

you are when you watch your thoughts and

you filter your thoughts what you're

doing is that you're suppressing what

you believe is negative you end up

suppressing parts of yourself and that's

something I don't encourage you to do

because then again you're sending

yourself the message that there are

facets of myself that is not good it's

not acceptable that it's flawed there's

something wrong with me and actually at

your core you're beautiful you're

perfect and the people who are most

susceptible to beating themselves up and

judging themselves and watching that

their thoughts and and thinking that

they're negative the the people who are

most susceptible to that you are the

super sensitive empathetic people and

you are the ones that suppress yourself

to the point that you get an illness and

then you believe that you attracted the

illness with your negative thoughts and

then you suppress yourself even more

please tell me if you relate

- that that was me that was me to the

core and so this is why I tell you

please please love and honor yourself

don't filter your thoughts just be who

you are

and trust that who you are is not

negative you are at your core a positive


and you deserve to be loved and honored

so what does it mean to love yourself

that's a question that keeps coming up

what it means to love yourself is to

love your life that's the same thing

loving yourself and loving your life is

the same thing do you love your life and

loving your life means are you in a

great place in your life right now even

if sometimes you excuse me you're going

through obstacles and challenges you can

still love your life and go through

obstacles and challenges I go through

obstacles and challenges all the time

you know for me there are so many

challenges one of them is that my mom

who's getting older and lives on the

other side of the world I miss her and

she misses me and I go and visit her

frequently but when I visit her she

lives in the town where it's harder for

me to do the work I do it's harder for

me to do Facebook lives it's harder for

me to communicate with the people on

this side of the world with whom a lot

of my work is linked to it like the

making of my movie my editor who helps

me write my books and and so on so so if

you look like I always have to choose

between being there from my audience

which I really love I love communicating

with you on facebook life or being there

for my mom who is on the other side of

the world so these are the kinds of

challenges I face every single day and

so but it doesn't mean that I don't love

my life and so you so the way to love

yourself is to create a life that you

love and so I see these challenges are

just obstacles that are kind of like

taking me to a stronger place so I

figure out ways on how I can meet my mom

more often I figure

at ways on how I can Skype her and have

people help her with the technology and

and then and every time I go see my mom

it's an amazing experience but every

time I have to leave her it's really sad

but then I look forward to the next time

and it makes what I do here with you

more valuable because I have to keep

breaking away and seeing my mom so and I

face all kinds of other different

challenges like getting visas because I

traveled so much and I'm now trying to

get the visa to live in the US for

longer and and so there are always

challenges but it doesn't mean I don't

love my life so what what you need to

ask yourself is do I love my life and if

the answer is yes then it actually means

you do love yourself so the other thing

to ask yourself is do do I receive am I

open to receiving so many of you who

don't love yourself who judge yourself

I'm not good at receiving you it

underneath and I I was like that and it

comes up from time to time for me we

feel that we need to keep proving

ourselves to be worthy and defending and

deserving of receiving we don't believe

that we are worthy so this is something

I want you to check within yourself and

if you feel that way the way to feel

that one of the ways to deal that is to

allow yourself to receive abundance

every day do something beautiful for

yourself that you wouldn't normally do

and it could be anything from cooking

yourself a nice meal to soaking in a tub

or going to a movie that you thought you

didn't have time to go and I want you to

stop becoming aware of receiving from

other people and you can thank them for

whatever you receive whatever they're

giving you but do not turn it down

do not feel obligated that you

immediately have to make up for

receiving it these are the kinds of

things I want you to watch out for do

you have a habit of immediately feeling

oh my gosh I have to make it up to them

now have an obligation to

do this I can't say no the next time

they ask me for something because they

gave me this gift now remember when

someone gives you a gift they're doing

it without any expectation if they have

an expectation then it's not a gift then

what they feel for you is not love it's

it's conditional that means it's it's an

obligation so but you do not have to

feel the obligation if you feel an

obligation then don't accept the gift

but be aware that you are allowed to

accept gifts without feeling an

obligation because chances are the

person giving you the gift is doing so

because you have done something to make

them feel they want to repay you you

have already done it so the gift is a

repayment for you being who you are the

gift is not something to make you feel

oh my gosh what can I do now to make up

for it because if that's how you feel

then that's not again so remember it's

more important to be who you are then it

is to be positive because if you believe

that you need to be positive and you

need to sacrifice who you are then the

message you're sending yourself is that

who you are is not good enough who you

are is not positive so you have to

suppress parts of yourself to be

positive and that's not a good message

to send yourself so really easy all you

have to do is to love yourself love your

life honor yourself and then whatever

that's truly yours will come to you you

don't have to worry about vision voice

you don't have to worry about trying to

manifest more money or the love of your

life or you don't have to worry about

any of those things because the more

that you allow your true self to come

through the more that what is truly

yours will come to you it's actually

that easy but we make it complicated and

I am ready for any of your questions if

you want more clarity my preferences

questions asking for more clarity of


just said so please shoot please ask all

the questions you want and I'm gonna see

if I can catch your comments they keep


Thomas cedilha since birth we all

experience all kinds of separation from

another do you think the separation from

the source is real I feel like yes or no

at some point in same time this

separation is not real we are

conditioned to believe in the separation

but in actuality the separation is not

real so when you do things like when you

go out in nature when you connect with

the universe when you listen to certain

music I truly believe music has this

ability to alter our mind in such a way

to open it up to receive the messages

from the universe

that connection is always that every

single one of you is connected the only

difference is whether you choose to

believe it and choose to stay connected

or not some people choose to honor the

connection and some people don't some

people prefer to fall to believe that

the outer world is realer this physical

world is realer than the other side and

and and it's just your choice somebody a

message popped up and disappeared I

didn't catch her name she said what do

you say to naysayers about your story I

honor them and love them as much as

everybody else because I don't feel it's

my responsibility to convince people of

what happened to me I have the medical

records to prove it for people who need

to see the medical records please Google

me Anita Moorjani with dr. oz you'll see

that he scrutinized my medical records

he had me on his show and he held up the

medical records and and also I put a

testimonial in my book dying to be me

written up by another oncologist dr.

Peter Coe who and so I put it all out

there and after that it's up to you

whether it helps you or not the other

thing I want to say about naysayers is

that every you know like a lot of people


beliefs which they hold on to very

tightly and if they let go of those

beliefs it destroys the very fabric of

their life it destroys what they have

based their life on so for example if if

you are somebody that is immersed in

hardcore evidence-based materialism you

know material based science where you

need things to be replicated in a

controlled environment like a laboratory

before you believe in it let's say and

and the things that you teach and

lecture or practice are based on that

and it's what you've been doing and it's

what your livelihood is based on and

then somebody comes along and what they

say threatens everything you believe in

and it's scarier to let go of what you

have built your life on than it is to

embrace something new that's completely

different because if you embrace this

new thing that you just heard even

though that person has proved it means

you have to let go of this life you've

been living and the livelihood and that

you know that your income is based on

and everything not just your income but

the life that you built is based on this

belief so something new comes in that

threatens that believe it's very

difficult to let it go and I'm actually

going to share a story about this is

that when I was in the hospital my

oncologist who treated me could not

explain what happened to me he could not

explain it any even told me he couldn't

explain it he said I don't even know

what to make of you and what to write in

in your medical records and I'm sharing

this because I think that it's relevant

for many of you who had experiences that

you're afraid to share I would love for

you to share them so anyway my

oncologist said I don't know how to even

make up what happened to you because the

healing he just couldn't he didn't know

how to even put it in my medical records

so when I told him

what had happened to me in the other

round and how I felt I'd left my body he

said to me he completely believed me

because he didn't know what to write in

my medical records because he saw the

miraculous healing he said to me I I

completely believe you because you're

not the first person you're not the

first patient I've had to share a story

like this so I was really pleased you

believe me now he was the head of

oncology at one of the top teaching

hospitals in Hong Kong he was a

professor of oncology at the top

university in Hong Kong and he was

involved in developing the best cancer

drugs like chemotherapy and so on and he

had administered a cocktail that he had

approved of and yet he knew that chemo

drugs don't always work he knew the

critical stage I was in he said that I

was critical and there was no hope at

the time I was dying so he knew all this

and when I healed he said I can't

explain it I believe you and you are not

the first person to share what you

shared shared about having an

out-of-body experience completely

empathetic anyway after the after I came

out of hospital and I was interviewed by

a newspaper who was very interested in

what had happened to me and then after

they interviewed me they said to me that

would your oncologist be willing to

verify what you have just said and I

said absolutely he knows about it he

himself said he you know he can't

explain it even said that and he even

made the gesture throwing my medical

record file into the dustbin into the

trash because he said this is of no use

to me I can't explain it so when the

newspaper went to talk to him I was

really confident he'd say something to

back me up when the article came out I

was really surprised because he didn't

say anything like that

for the newspaper article he said that I

was lucky to be a

and yes I was very very critical but he

said that it was the procedures they

administered that healed me so it was

really interesting that his story

changed when another oncologist who was

retired and had nothing to lose he

studied my face and he said which ever

way I look at it you should be dead and

he said I'm going to write up a

testimonial for you for you to use to

help share the story so I sent to him

how come my first oncologist didn't feel

that way and in the newspaper interview

said what he said and this second

oncologist said I don't blame him

because when I was practicing I would

have done the same thing it's a very

very tough industry he knew what you

went through and listened so this is the

second oncologist tiny oncologist know

that it's not an exact science

but they are under so much pressure in

the industry and their position is under

so much pressure they can't compromise

it they can't come across as being seen

as quacks but he said I'm retired and

then he even said to me he said cancer

scares me but the but the drugs the

protocols for cancer scares me even more

and in other words the diagnosis scares

me and the and and the drugs then the

healing of cancer scares me even more

and so I'm interested in studying cases

like yours because I want to know what

it is that triggers the healing and so I

would be happy to send your case to five

different cancer institutes which he did

and every single one wrote back and said

they have never seen a case of such

advanced cancer reversed in such in such

a speedy amount of time as quickly as

mine did they never seen such a case

before and so he even verified it for me

and yet

it's really interesting so after he

wrote that testimonial what's really

interesting is even though I had a lot

more people believing me and I was even

invited I'm dr. oz there is one little

forum in the far corner of the earth

somewhere on this on the internet on the

world wide web where there are a bunch

of people that actually track this

oncologist who verified me and call him

a quack for doing so so this is the

paradigm we live in and this is what I

want to tell you is that when we are

immersed in this physical world you know

there are moments where I feel and why

don't those people believe me but then I

think that's that thing when we are

immersed in this physical world what

ends up happening when we need

evidence-based material based evidence

for every little thing we actually miss

out on the gifts in the world so when

people don't believe my story when there

are naysayers

I actually feel for them I feel it's

their loss and I feel that they're

missing out on a lot because I've had my

healing I know what happened and I'm

open to so much more so many more of

these experiences in my life and my life

has actually having said everything that

I do face issues I haven't got it all

together but I will say one thing I love

my life and it does have a magical

quality about it when you know that the

other realm is real when you know that

there's more than this physical world

your life takes on a really magical

quality so don't worry about the


don't let them drag you into their world

please if you have stories like this

share it we want to reach a tipping

point where more people realize this is

true than the other way around

gosh thank you Susie Novus says you put

words into what I known in my heart

thank you so much for that

Tricia Carles what about dreams and

wishes of how we want to be do we focus

on it dreams and wishes and your

imagination or your truth there you'll


to your truth your dreams are who are a

insult into your truth your imagination

are your insight into your truth when I

say dreams I mean your dreams your

wishes your aspirations they are your

insights into who you desire to come

here to be and you have to listen to

them we have to listen to our inner

voice we've made the sound of the outer

world stronger than our inner voice you

have to change that listen to your inner

voice how do you know that your inner

voice is telling you the truth

okay so the difference between the real

connection to your higher self or the

voice of the fears of the outer world

your real connection will never make you

feel fear the the the deception 'el

voice or the one of the outer world

makes you feel fear the voice that tells

you who do you think you are no you

can't do this or your dreams are too big

those are not your real higher stuff

those are not your true self that is not

your calling that is not the person you

came here to be the voice that's telling

you you need to follow your heart you

need to be an artist or a singer this is

what you need to do that voice is real

so why do so many people fail even when

they follow that heart and follow that

inner voice you know why because when

they start to follow that heart they

have people from the outer world telling

them that they're crazy and that they

and what they're doing is wrong and what

they're doing is delusional and they

need to go get a real job and then that

outside voice becomes louder that's how

they fail because they get confused

between the outside voice and the inside

voice the voice of our paradigm versus

the voice of our heart if you can tune

out the voice of the paradigm of fear

and tune into your inner voice you won't

fail you will have challenges but every

challenge is part of the journey every

if you follow that inner voice that

inner voice will take you

to where your calling is the difference

between our our destiny and our freewill

is that our destiny is our highest

potential but we have the free will as

to whether we want to attain it or not

there is always free will but we come

here with a intention to doing certain

things to changing the world in a

certain way to being a certain way to

fulfilling certain dreams that is what I

would call our destiny it's our highest

potential it's our intention of what we

came here to do it's not written in

stone but it is what our higher calling

knows we came here for but we have the

free will of whether we choose to attain

it or not we can fall into listening to

the voices of this physical paradigm

that's been created we can listen to the

fears and we can lose our way but

everybody can connect to it again

nobody's exempt nobody's forsaken

everybody can tap into that self again

how do you do it you do it by tuning out

the outside noise you do it by going on

an information detox by tuning out you

can tune out social media for a while

you can tune out you know websites that

are constantly giving you Thea Ben's

messages I do not the news I have people

telling me that I bury my head in the

sand and you need to stay on top of

what's happening in the world believe me

you don't need to stay in here all the

time you can tune you can tune into the

news if it's something that you enjoy

but if it is making you feel fearful of

the world outside I would suggest take

long breaks from it I certainly do and

my my life works better for it don't you

know don't let people tell you how you

should live yourself your your love do

what you need to do disconnect from

social media pages that only feed you

hate based anger based fear-based


and tune into that inner voice I know

you need to come out into the world

sometimes but remember wherever you go

you take yourself and you want to take

somebody who is filled with love who is

filled with laughter who is filled with

joy you want to take that person

wherever you go because that is what you

will share and spread around you don't

want to take a fear-based person

wherever you go you don't want to take

someone who is filled with anger and

fear and who's needy wherever you go

because you won't be a pleasant person

to be around and you will be miserable

yourself so yeah I love this Linda Linda

Figueroa throw away your televisions

you're being programmed to be fearful

yes that's what I feel I've been

attacked for saying that but yes that is

exactly what I feel for a scissor cut

you are empowering us I feel it thank

you thank you can't wrong happy spring--

yes same to you happy spring and I will

go back and read all your beautiful

messages thank you thank you thank you

and namaste from Trisha College I'll

take one last question what do you think

about all of the very public celebrity

divorces is this part of the Divine Plan

why's this happening it seems like time

ruins relationships I think what's

happening okay so I'm just gonna guess I

think more and more people are starting

to come into that truth and they are

starting to realize that possibly they

came together for the wrong reasons

also people change people grow as long

as they're being authentic as long as

people can leave each other in the most

loving way possible I honor people being

who they are I have no judgment towards

people coming together or people coming


doesn't matter because truly the only

thing I believe in is love the only

thing I advocate Islam and as long as

you come from a place of love you're

doing good in the world that's all you

need to do all you need is to bring love

wherever you go but but the most

important thing is in order to bring

love wherever

go is to bring love to yourself first if

you don't bring love to yourself first

if you don't love your life if you don't

love yourself if you're not honoring

yourself if you're not allowing yourself

to receive and if all you're doing is

bringing love wherever you go you can

start to become drained many of us

including me was brought up to believe

that it's selfish to love myself if

you've been programmed that way you need

to change that you need to think of

yourself in terms of a smartphone and if

you give and if you're you are

discharging battery and if you don't

receive you're not charging battery so

in order to charge your battery you need

to do good things for yourself you need

to receive you need to receive love you

need to love your life you need to

follow your passion follow your heart

spend time with people you love

follow your joy do things that make you

happy being spiritual and being and

loving yourself is one of the same thing

being spiritual and being authentic is

one of the same thing being spiritual

and being creative is one of the same

thing being spiritual is not something

completely different that you have to

work at you don't have to meditate more

unless you want to when you realize that

you love your life your whole life

becomes a meditation you don't need to

take time out to meditate so on that

note listen to music be happy laugh eat

chocolate have fun with your loved ones

don't worry let go of life I love you

guys I'm gonna read all the comments and

thank you so much for tuning in and

please also if you want to see me

physically live I would love to see you

at my events I've got a bunch of great

events coming up going to Europe all of

next month I'll be participating in the

Edgar Cayce event in a couple of weeks

please check out the European events and

I will be doing celebrate your life with

Liz dawn in in Chicago in June I love

this dawn her events are amazing if you

can join us it would be great thank you


love you bye till next week bye