Honking now illegal / Maine State Police trooper Patrick Flanagan

you have not told me any law that I have

broken struction cuz you honked at me

that's no law it is no it's an icy


no it's no um so I wanted to bring your

attention to a video that was uploaded

about a year ago on April 17 2019 by

Shane grant I'm gonna include a link to

this video in the description thank you

appreciate it

why the first thing you'll note is that

the video does not capture the entire

incident but Shane goes on to explain

what happened so this cop pulls me over

because I honked at somebody who was

forcing me into his lane tells me I

honked at him and now he wants me to get

out of my car he wants my license

registration he just pulled me over

because I was honking at somebody else

and the lane next to me and now he is

being all agitated

I wish that I could report that

incidents like this were uncommon in

Maine but that's not the case

Maine State Troopers are not accountable

to anybody and there is no citizen

Oversight Committee to stop things like

this from happening hard to hold

troopers accountable for doing things

like this


so I'm driving along on the highway and

he's got somebody pulled over on the

highway now I lay on my horn because

somebody's coming into my lane on this

side of the car and he flies off the

highway comes after me saying I'm

honking my horn at him tells me he's

gonna charge me with obstruction of

justice because I laid on my horn

because of somebody else after the

officer makes the driver wait a very

lengthy amount of time he comes back and

does what can only be described as

abusive power corruption something that

only a dirty police officer would do


where's your sergeant you me just give

me your ID give me your ID or get out of

the vehicle why he's on his way I'd like

no I would like you sergeant here before

you get physical with me no no he is

coming from over half our way yeah we'll

sit here and wait for him no we're not

yeah we are that no you have you not

told me any law that I have broken

struction cuz you honked at me that's

not a law it is no it's an icy

misdemeanor no it's not I didn't know

honk it out of the D excuse me don't at

this point the officer arrests the

driver and other than some fellow

language being exchanged there was

nothing to indicate resisting arrest

listen why are you being physical get

out of the view got a little man

syndrome worse okay so I just wanted to

read the description to the video kind

of give us an update of what happened

and it says in an attempt to change

lanes I'd used my horn to signal another

driver that was coming over in order to

miss the back end of his cruiser that

was half in the right side lane and half

in the breakdown lane he then took it

upon himself to charge me with

obstruction of government administration

failure to show ID failure to show

insurance failure to control the motor

vehicle update the case was dismissed on

July 3rd 2019 so between April and July

April May June July so it's at four

months later state dropped charges due

to lack of sufficient evidence meaning

the state did not want to pick up

charges which means this man was acting

on his own accord and not as a state

official any lawyers want to help me sue

I would say the guy has a pretty good

case that was clearly a muse of power

that was a corrupt cop not sure about

the little man syndrome part but this

sort of activity is prevalent in the

Maine State Police also I saw in the

comment section so he posted an update

on two months ago on February 21st 2020

and he said I have beaten all charges 10

months ago a

comander asked if he could repost the

video and Shane agreed to it so he's

allowing people to repost the video

until there's an oversight committee a

citizen Oversight Committee in the state

of Maine that holds troopers like this

accountable or all police officers

accountable this will continue to happen

Maine has a serious problem with police

officer accountability and this needs to

change please share this video please

comment thank you