Unusual Chess Rules: Castling (1/3)

hey everybody its mr. fred and in this

video we're going to be going over

castling it's going to be the first in a

three-part series about the unusual

moves of chess so these are the moves

some of you may not be completely

familiar and comfortable with and I just

want to clear that up alright so the

first thing is castling is the only move

in chess where you move two pieces at

the same time the King moves two spaces

and the rook comes to the other side

here's what it looks like if you were to

Castle queenside King moves two spaces

rook moves to the other side this is

called castling kingside er castling

short this is called castling queenside

castling long and it works the same way

for black so here's black castling

queenside or castling long and here's

black castling kingside castling short

alright now what are the rules of

castling well for one thing your king

can't have already moved let's say

earlier in the game I had gotten checked

and then I decided you know what I still

want a castle so let me come back to e1

and then after black castles I can

castle - are illegal move once your King

moves you can no longer castle so now

this King had already come to e2 and

back so it's forfeited the right to

castle same thing goes for rooks if your

rook is moved let's say the rook comes

to f1 at some point and then let's say

comes back to h1 because sue psycho you

know what I should have just cancelled

say black castles can White Castle nope

because this rook is already moved so

it'd be illegal to Castle kingside so

you notice I try to do it the computer

won't let me I can still Castle

queenside though because the King hasn't

moved and the the a rook hasn't moved

see that

okay what else do you need to know about

castling you cannot castle out of check

let's just set up a little situation


ken so let's say black checks the white

king white would love to just get out of

check because you'd be bringing your

king to safety

right behind these three pawns and

outside of the center and you'd be

getting your rook in the game

can I do it nope the reason why is you

can't cash or you can't castle out of

check so the king is in check so first

you would have to block and if you ran

away would you be able to castle later

no once your kings move once your King

moves you lose the right to castle okay

let's look at a different situation next

question can black castle King hasn't

moved and rook hasn't moved nope the

reason why is if white were to Castle

kingside right here they be castling

into check because of this dark squared

bishop hitting the g1 square so you

can't castle add a check you can't

castle into check and then finally let's

set up a new situation you can't castle

through check so can this King Castle


candy won't even let me drag it this

time the King can't castle through check

because look this Bishop is hitting this

f8 square and the King has to pass

through it so that would be illegal as

well so you can't castle out of check

you can't castle into check and you

can't castle through check okay what

else your pieces need to be out of the

way they're camping any pieces in

between the night the king and the rook

and the King can't have moved and the

rook can't have moved right and you

always move the King to spaces and the

rook goes on the other side right that

applies for queenside castling so let's

look at queenside castling again

so right if we go kingside to two spaces

and the rook on the other side if we go

queenside King moves two spaces rook

goes on the other side it's a little

different because in Queen side the

works going three spaces right but the

King always moves - that's why you

remember that part of the rule King

moves to rook on the other side

oops we got it see that alright and last

thing I'll say is castling is often a

great idea because you're getting your

King out of the center right which tends

to open up and then your King will be in

danger so you're putting them on the

side of the board where things are not

as intense and you're putting it behind

a row of bodyguards and you're getting

your rook into the game a lot of times

kids try to develop their rook this way

this is usually not the best way to

develop your rook usually the best way

is to castle and then on your next moves

you can get your works right into the

center where they're gonna be the most

powerful right all right so that's