What is icing?

let's talk about icing those of you

familiar with soccer will notice a lot

of the same rules apply to hockey as

they do to soccer offsides the number of

people in the game etc icing is not one

of those things obviously there's no ice

in soccer

so icing can be a little bit tricky so

let's watch this video and then we'll

talk about it afterwards

take a look icing occurs when a team

shoots the puck from its side of center

ice behind the center red line across

the opponent's goal line without the

puck passing through any part of the

goal crease icing is not called it's

waved off when a team is short-handed as

the result of a penalty when the

opposition could have made a play on the

puck before it went across the goal line

or when a player of the team shooting

the puck touches it before an opposing

player after the puck is iced play stop

and the faceoff is held in the defensive

zone of the team that was called for

icing okay let's talk about what we just

saw let's take a look at our hockey rink

graphic let's say on this red X down

here and I'm going to shoot the puck I'm

going towards my attacking zone I'm here

in the left I'm going down towards the

right if I shoot that puck it's going to

cross my blue line right there it's

going to cross the red line in the

middle in the neutral zone and it's

going to cross the blue line in the

attacking zone it is also going to cross

what they call the goal line it's not

actually scoring a goal it's just lined

up over there on the far right that

little red line that's called the goal

line now there's two things that can

happen if one of my players gets down

there in time and touches the puck first

icing is waved off if one of the

opposing team players gets there first

and touches the puck then there's icing

they bring the puck all the way back

down to my end and we have a faceoff

right there in one of those red circles

by my goalie the other option can be the

opposing teams goalie this got here with

a star if he comes out and touches that


icing is waved off so I hope that helps

be sure to check out my other videos and

I'll see you soon