hello everybody and welcome to another

video today we are facing tropical storm

gamma ray

almost all hurricanes in this hurricane

season had not reached mexico

but only the caribbean and the

southeastern parts of the united states

this time however tropical storm gamma

had come into the top of the yucatan


i couldn't sleep last night because the

wind was just so strong you could hear

the whole building

we have winds as strong as 70 miles

per hour is more than 100 kilometers per


but let's go out on the balcony and see

how strong the wind actually is

but this does not necessarily have to be

a bad thing because it means that nobody


by the pool today so we can go and do


cool tricks in privacy maybe i will also

go swimming in the ocean

the waves look huge look the building is


we will get shaking cool trick outfit

and finally

perform some whoa

tricks it would be nice to swim in the

sea also

the waves look so huge

now we have to change into the portrait




oh i am ready

we are ready now for some pool tricks

oh finally it's time again

it's finally time for a proper pool

trick session

in privacy

and what better way do we have to do it


from in the tropical storm gamma


the door was coming my friends the storm

is coming


oh the wind was so strong over there i

could barely walk




now we are gonna swim

oh now i'm done swimming in the storm


actually i'm done with this storm i

don't want to go outside anymore

we're just gonna stay inside all day no


nothing a few hours later we're gonna go

out to the oxo the convenience store and

buy some chips i just want to buy

chips when the weather is [ __ ] so i'm

gonna show you

what the road looks like also in the

roads so come with me my friends come

along come along with

me and i ease your pain



it's actually not all that bad the wind

is not so strong anymore i think maybe

the storm has already passed

which is a great great success and it's

not raining anymore so we're gonna go

into the store here and buy some chips


i came back with the chips and the milk


everybody i actually didn't do much

today i came back after my

swimming outside and i was just sitting

in here just

so bored all day it was not fun life is

so much better when

the weather is good that's why i've been

here in mexico for so long usually the

weather has been perfect here

like all year almost but i just heard on

the news

that um in the month of october that's

when the hurricanes

start to go more west into the mainland

of mexico

because up until this point there has

been like no hurricanes here there was


in may but between may and until now

the weather has actually been really

good and i didn't expect that but that's

actually a good thing to know but now


hurricane gamma came in but anyways

it's the end of the hurricane season

here in the caribbean in mexico

now because it ends at the end of

october and after that the weather is

going to be

really really perfect from november

until may there will be also

no seaweed in the ocean or in the sea


no rain something also worth mentioning

is that there have been

24 i think i was reading on the news 24

tropical storms here in the caribbean

just between may and up until now

and i have only experienced this is the

second one so this is actually a perfect

place to be much better to be in mexico

here mainland or mexico

uh instead of the caribbean like between

may and november there's no point to be

in the caribbean because the weather

has been [ __ ] there so many storms here

has not been affected almost at all so

that's a good thing to know but thank


very very very much for watching this

video thank you very very

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