Know the rules before you hunt - Deer Hunting Rules and Regulations - Wild Wisconsin Ep. 2





hey and welcome to another segment of

wild Wisconsin so everybody knows there

are reasons behind the regulations that

ensure that hunters are also good

conservationists as well as its training

they protect themselves and other

hunters while in the field but do you

know them inside and out there have been

changes in recent years it can be

difficult to keep up with so here to

refresh your memory is Jake dinar season

Wisconsin conservation warden who works

closely with hunters every day and

chantal barber

Chantell barber has over a dozen years

of deer hunting under her belt she

especially loves bow hunting and even

got engaged in a tree stand so the two

of these folks are ready to get you

ready for the hunt check it out hi I'm

Chantal and I'm Jake and today we're

gonna talk a little bit about everything

you need to know to go hunting so I've

hunted on a lot of private land but I'm

looking a hunt on some public lands this

year so what are the different rules of

public land sure there are a few

different rules involving public lands a

lot of them mostly pertain to do tree

stands when you're out hunting on tree

stands and ground blinds so in the

southern part of the state and south of

highway 64 when you go out there if you

do go and set up a tree stand or a

ground blind it needs to be removed you

know that day after you're done hunting

if you're north of highway 64 there is a

new rule that came into effect that

people can leave out tree stands but in

order to do that they would need to have

their customer ID number attached to it

or their name and address and then there

can't be more than two tree stands or

drawn blinds out there per county but

you are able to leave them out overnight

so I know that that option online is

really nice for people who happen to

wait last-minute but it is really

important to try to get your license

early and make sure that you know all

the new rules

relations for the year yeah absolutely

we have the abilities you know that that

everybody could go out and purchase

their license theoretically right before

the hunt but it is important to go out

and in purchase those licenses early you

can look in our regulations for the the

new 2017 hunt deer hunting regulations

and in those you can see what's new for

2017 an important thing to remember is

if you harvest a deer you're going to

need to know the tag number in order to

register that deer through the game

registration system your tag number is

different than your customer ID number

and your tag number cannot be found on

your driver's license or your go wild

card your tag number is located on the

printed copy of your deer authorization

or the image that you may have on your

smartphone you're going to need one of

four ways to display your authorization

to hunt deer your printed tag or your

Wisconsin driver's license as validated

through the go wild system a go wild

conservation card or electronic image

that you may be saved on your smartphone

so personally Jake

off the record why did you want to

become a warden well you know for me I'm

a guy that really likes to hunt and fish

and be outside

I really respect our natural resources

and what we have and you know I've

always been interested in law

enforcement this is just a protection of

our natural resources and that's what

really got me into it that's a that's

kind of what drove me to be in this

entity of the DNR I guess so to speak

and and decide to protect our natural

resources is there anything different

about baiting rules this year so there

are a few rules pertaining to to baiting

and feeding that are a little bit

different this year some of the areas

that baiting and feeding was prohibited

last year people actually can go out and

bait and feed the best way to find out

for that for whit's which specific

counties are allowing it is to go online

on to our DNR website and type in

baiting and feeding and search it and

that'll tell you whether your county

allows it or doesn't

it's basically directly related to the

testing of diseases in the deer herd and

if animals still test positive or found

testing positive in that County then

it's going to go back to a bathing and

feeding ban but there are some areas

that that are allowing it that in the

past they were it was prohibited well

Jake thanks so much for coming out and

talking with me I really learned a lot

today yeah absolutely thanks for asking

the questions that's the way - that's

the way to learn and way to know

everything so thanks for having me out

here on wild Wisconsin okay and now that

you know the ins and outs of the rules

and regulations of deer hunting in

Wisconsin be sure to check out this link

and listen to a great off-the-record

podcast on the wild Wisconsin web page