Living in Las Vegas: Is the heat really THAT bad?

it's such great weather throughout the

year that you can manage the heat out

here in the summertime what's going on

guys Jacob or back here with another

video of Jacob's life in Vegas here to

talk about a certain aspect of living in

Las Vegas that people are usually very

familiar with when they think of Vegas

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Instagram Jacobs life in Vegas this is a

question people ask me when they're

getting ready to move here to Las Vegas

about the weather and they'll ask about

the heat because whenever people think

of Vegas they think of the heat they

think of hot summers they know it's in

the desert they think it's hot all year

round which it is not but people ask you

know is the heat like is it really that

bad okay and to me the answer is no it's

not that bad

yeah I guess hot yeah gets 100-plus

degrees 110 degrees and all that a lot

of it's your perception I mean I grew up

in a part of California in the Central

Valley where it does get hot in the

summertime it's a dry heat just like

Vegas where we would get 10 plus days in

a row of over 100 degree heat so for me

growing up in that to come here to Vegas

was it that bad no not really

if you're moving here from Wisconsin or

something that it might feel like hell

on earth to you but for really about two

months out of the year to have that kind

of heat it's very manageable the weather

here is very good for the most part yeah

the summertime does get really hot but

it's just a couple months out of the

year and it's really not that bad and

plus it's a dry heat out here okay I

will take a dry heat over humidity any

day of the week okay I will take the dry

heat and get in the shade and cool off

over being outside and just being sticky

like you're in you know in Houston Texas

you're down in the south or something

like that so I will take the dry heat

some of you might like the humidity I

don't know why but it really is to me

it's not a deal breaker if you're

looking to move to Vegas I would not

think of just the summertime that heat

being a deal breaker for you we have

such great weather throughout the year

that you can manage the heat out here in

the summertime so if you live here now

in Vegas tell me you think

the heat is really that bad or if you're

thinking about moving here you've been

here during the summertime you during

different times of the year tell me what

you thought of it okay because I think

it's for all the pauses of living in


couple months of heat is not enough to

turn me away that's it for this video

guys that I am Jacob this is my life in