Maldives Weather - When is the best time to travel to the Maldives?


when people in the Maldives feel like

they're on cloud nine it's not just

because of the heavenly hospitality the

gorgeous weather definitely plays a big

role too with temperatures averaging 29

degrees Celsius year-round the Maldives

are a fabulous tropical escape for every

city the year is divided into two main

periods dry season and wet season

running from the end of October to the

end of

dry season is driven by the northeast

winter monsoon rainy season starts in

April and goes till the end of October

brought on by the Southwest summer

monsoon over the past couple of years

the Maldives have seen a lot of change

in seasonal weather long periods of

perfect conditions are now common

throughout the year not just in dry

seasons this in turn is made forecasting

much more difficult this short video

gives you a brief overview of the

Maldivian climate month by month January

falls into the dry season which equates

sunshine combined with relatively mild

humidity average monthly rainfall adds

up to just two days while temperatures

are a balmy 27 degrees Celsius that's 81

degrees Fahrenheit by February the

northeast monsoon is in full swing and

you can enjoy bright days and superb

temperatures of around 28 degrees

Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit and

that's above and below water

considered by many as the best time to

come to the Maldives March as the ideal

blend of bright sunny days and pleasant

night periods of rain are rare and brief

at this time here more of a welcome

refreshment than a nuisance April marks

the beginning of the southwest monsoon

or wet season don't let the name fool

you into thinking that this is a bad

time to visit April can be just as

pleasant as the ones before but prices

are generally lower and it's officially

the first month of low season May is

typical of the wet season with frequent

rain and high winds taking turns with

Pleasant temperatures and sunshine the

probability of seeing whale sharks

mantas and other pelagics is at its

highest throughout the wet season

the average temperature for June is

predicted that a blissful 28 degrees

Celsius that's 82 Fahrenheit indicating

that even during periods of wet and

windy conditions the tropical climate

remains relatively Pleasant in July the

ocean is still rich in plankton a

tracking pelagics that migrate to the

best meeting places strong winds and

hefty downpours are often followed by

prolonged periods of sunny weather at 28

degrees Celsius 82 Fahrenheit water and

air temperatures remain wonderfully

tropical throughout August the weather

can be breezy and the time stormy but

guests still enjoy many hours of

sunshine on most days September brings

another changeable but enjoyable month

downpours appear just as fast as they

fade away and despite frequent short

tribulations continuous periods of bad

weather are relatively rare in October

the end of the wet season

uh sure Zin lower levels of humidity and

rainfall though the conditions remain

unpredictable towards the end of the

month the weather stabilizes as the

northeast monsoon sets in clear warm

waters matched by equally clear blue

skies or the hallmark of the dry season

and come November you can expect

exceptional visibility above and below

the sea the average temperature is 27

degrees or 81 Fahrenheit the northeast

monsoon generally brings brilliant


fans of watersports as well as those

wanting to celebrate in style

December is no exception with exotic

Christmas at New Year's parties the end

of the year offers a tempting escape

from the cold dreary weather at Europe

North America and elsewhere thank you

for tuning in to our brief overview of

the weather in the Maldives we hope

you've enjoyed it to check live updates

and forecasts please visit the weather

section on our website

that's wwm LDV travel calm