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channel I'm gonna give you a little

breakdown again this is my second

episode into the black man's guide to

travel around the world

this guy I'm gonna give you is for

Havana Cuba lately I've been coming

across a lot of videos of people of

black people black men going to Havana

Cuba and it's been a different

experience for everyone so this

experience that I'm giving you is it

could different with you based on I

guess your luck or just how you approach

things but for me my experience as a

black man in Cuba was amazing

Cuba is different that's the first thing

I start with let's start with the basics

now I don't care as much about

monetizing my channel but I do want

people that were like me who had no clue

as to how you know the world would be

for a black man because we don't really

get that many black men who video record

themselves traveling so this is

basically give you a background of my

experience as a black middle-class man

from America from North New Jersey who

you know works hard I'm going to start

off with explaining stuff for the fellas

so if you're like a lady or if you want

to skip the part about women I'm going

to give you a number right here and this

number is gonna be a point where you can

skip past the women or me telling you

about how things go with women in Cuba

I'm gonna first start off with a airfare

now depending on where you go or leave

from it's gonna always vary I am leaving

from the New York area north to be exact

with the New York area when you get

ready to go to Cuba there is something

you need to know you cannot go to Cuba

as a tourist that's not something that

is a possibility or a choice with this

whole situation with Donald Trump is

becoming even harder to go to Cuba now

for before of Barack Obama

for about some like 30 to 40 years you

couldn't even go to Cuba as an American

citizen but now you can go to Cuba but

you have to go for specific reasons and

you know these reasons for the majority

I can't explain all of them because I'm

not gonna go through the list but you

can go online you can google that but

the reason I chose was support of the

Cuban people the reason why I chose

support of the Cuban people because

there are so many fashions that go along

with your regular stay that can be

considered to support other Cuban people

if needed to be proven period my

experience I didn't have to show or

prove to anybody that I supported the

Cuban people so I'm not gonna say if

your experience may differ but from my

experience me going there and coming

back it was no person at the border for

so like show me you're supported the

Cuban people were somebody when you guys

did it say hey how are you going to

support the Cuban people

show me your print out so I don't know

that Diaries for anybody else but I

didn't have that experience um giving an

example of supporting the Cuban people

is that you cannot live you cannot stay

in a hotel when you go there you have to

stay in either Airbnb or Cassady

reticulata what a casa particularly

there particular is is you stay with the

family the family allows you to stay in

the room they sometimes more likely than

often provide you with food that's okay

but you got to understand that food is

limited by the what the government gives

them in Cuba also some of them allow you

to have company but a lot of them don't

because you have to have kids there and

it's even if they do allow you it's

awkward for the black man to have

company when there's kids there also so

with this said I would suggest Airbnb

Airbnb Airbnb in the background I'm

gonna probably show you the Airbnb that

me and my friends stayed at now this

Airbnb was a rooming Airbnb which came

with five rooms and each room had its

own bathroom you can stay in the room


or you can rent the whole entire Airbnb

out and stay together me and my friends

since it was fought it was four of us we

just rented the whole five rooms of the

Airbnb out it just made it easier and um

one thing is that everybody we say that

they had somebody that staying there

because the lady that was staying there

she watches the house and they had a

cleaner than somebody who comes and

cleans up the house was just work which

worked perfect too um they actually

helped because a lot of times if you

bring company which I'll get into

further they write down actually all the

time they write down no matter what time

it is they write down a person's name

and take the ID just in case something

happens see one thing that Cuba is this

kit was very stranger upon their people

respecting foreigners because Cuba

doesn't have much income that's coming

in so they want to make sure that the

chief finds correctly the Airbnb that we

stayed in was from one to four people

but sometimes they let up to six people

if you buy the whole Airbnb but the we

paid for the whole ambient being six

hundred and seventy eight dollars and

that was amazing I mean for us coming

from the East Coast I guess is amazing

maybe if in familiar American maybe it

won't be too amazing but that was

amazing 678 between four people four

five four four nights five days um the

other thing is when I go back to the

flights the flight costs me about four

hundred dollars yeah round-trip

round-trip from Newark New Jersey to

Havana Cuba was about four hundred

dollars so but you also have to pay

seventy five dollars because you need a

visa and like I said before earlier you

need a visa that says support the Cuban

people or one of the other ones that's

on the list but support to keep you was

the easiest to prove it if I needed to

now when you arrive at the Cuban Airport

you don't want to exchange all of your

money matter of fact before you even get

to the Cuban input if you can is best to

change your American currency at your

bank or your financial institution that

you have in America two euros the reason

why it's better to change the American

Cuban your currency to euros is because

Cuba charge

America's 18% more tax on foreign

currency exchange than any other country

so if I have a dollar and say that's 100

pennies I would only get back eighty two

pennies by just having American currency

but if the euro was tied with of America

which is not right now but it was tied

with America at 100 I would get 92 back

maybe even more maybe like 95 back

because for every day every year oh

because of the fact that the American

currency is taxed for exchange at 18

percent versus the euro and other

companies or other countries which are

less once you exchange about maybe 20

dollars or whatever you 20 euros you

want to take that 20 euros and exit taxi

any taxi outside to take you to money

cameo exchange or where they exchange

money now

that will probably be like a 10 dollar

ride this is estimate I'm up estimated

say $10 ride the whole thing you want to

make sure you do is you stay aware of

the prices because people get Gringo's

I've seen a black skate gringo even

though it's less likely I've seen that

happen a lot nowadays when I watch

another hit with YouTube channels and

you don't want to get Gringo's so no

your prices a little bit before you go

another thing about Cuba is there is no

walking around Internet there was

internet in the Airbnb I state which is

another reason why you should choose an

Airbnb over a pastor but to Costin

particular because most consul

particulars don't have internet because

the people are people from Cuba they

live there and they usually don't have a

lot of money but they might be good

enough in Cuba but Airbnb is for the

most part mostly have internet okay so

the way the internet works is you go to

a internet salesman who sells you a card

the card allows you one hour on internet

with this passcode if you get one card

you get one passcode it will work for

any phone in the area that puts that

password or passcode in

I don't know if it's only when you have

Wi-Fi like what we did was we put the

code into the router at our Airbnb and

then all of us got to use the same

internet because we had the router or if

you could just put the code in each time

with each per each person but I know for

certain if you put the one code in for

the router it'll work for everybody now

the cards cost a dollar fifty

that's the nines ringo price nexus ninth

we go price is actually a dollar the

gringo price is a dollar fifty if you

know where to get them from if you

rather not have to go searching for them

and you want your Airbnb person to get

them for you they're like three dollars

which is still not a lot of money you

name four hours in the net over there

but a lot of people who are hearing on

YouTube be getting Gringo's than paying

five dollars or more it's that's

atrocious to pay five dollars for that

when the standard is one dollar for the

regular person so yeah the right price

the correct price is $3 this is 2019 I

went in 2018 in October so this is 2019

the right price is one dollar 50 cent

for Gringo's if you find it or three

dollars max if you get it from your

hotel person once you check into it

Airbnb the first thing you're gonna want

to do probably is get some food let me

give you this range right now so you

know that you don't get green gold there

shouldn't be for myself I spent four

dollars on average for food and drink

throughout my whole trip and Cuba but

there should be only three places where

you spend more than five dollars for

food and drink for a real big meal in

Cuba and if it's not one of these three

places don't go there because they're

dipping you all the food in Cuba mostly

tastes the same except for these three

places that I'm gonna tell you it the

first place is a restaurant near

Castillo de San Pedro el murder and

Santiago de Cuba it's the big castle

looking thing that you're gonna see on

the water from the malecon and this

place has a little bit higher pricing

because celebrities go there like we

they asking a picture of a Beyonce which

means Beyonce and jay-z was there so you

know they have a reputation and they're

gonna raise the price for tourists a

thing about the food though the food is

great but don't drink the water

everyone knows don't drink the water

which is easy right until you realize

don't ask for ice either because most of

them are supposed to put the bottled

water in ice but because of the price

and because of what it cost to get the

bottled water most restaurants will try

to use tap water face which will mess

your stomach up horribly the next place

to eat would be fabrica arte deco bono

this is also one of the activities I'll

speak going a little bit further and

there's a stream or whatever you want to

call this but I brie curd their art they

has some of the best cuisine you're

gonna be see on the island or in Havana

and it has a variety of different

cuisines in the same place the two

places that we ate at were the snack bar

which has like french fries and chicken

nuggets and little small things like

that with alcohol also and the rooftop

cuisine which was amazing I mean they

had Lobster strength it was it was dope

it was dope and it was a little bit more

expensive but when I say a little bit

more expensive I mean it went from $4 a

mil to $7 a mil and as crazy as it

sounds from somebody coming from America

over there it's a lotta is a big

difference $3 it's a big difference but

it's definitely worth going now after

you get something to eat you're gonna

want to do activities right activities I

used the service called via hero via

hero spell VI a hero1 hero is its locals

that had their own businesses in

different countries in Latin countries

in other countries actually around the

world and they use they give you

information as tour guides

now when I say his tour guides I don't

mean that they sit and they go with you

places they just tell you places that

people want to go and you figure out

which ones adapt you more now the good

thing about having a tour guide in Cuba

is that when you need to set things up

it's easier to set it up do them now

it's gonna be a little bit more of a

charge maybe a little bit more of a

gringo charge and if you set it up

yourself but that little more of a

gringo charge is some time

better because it gives you certainty to

what you're gonna do the worst thing

I've seen is all these youtubers and

you'll see them I'm not gonna say any

names but you'll see him and what they

do is they they go to Cuba and he walked

a malecon and that's like pretty much

everything but Cuba is way more than

just a malecon and unless you set up

something prior to that you're gonna

think oh cube resistant malecon and

there's another street I think it's like

21st Street where there's some bars and

that's it

but there's so much more and that's why

I think you know via hero just to maybe

get it you know it's not a promotion I'm

not get any affiliate marketing planner

it's just who I use when I when I call

them I paid them like everybody else to

pay them and um yeah they gave me a

little bit more information on things

that I can do you know Saturday David um

now what we did was we went to this

place called first island and once again

I think they must really like Beyonce

and jay-z over there because we seen

pictures of Beyonce in food stole and

also and um and fucile and it's like a

big you'll see it in the background as

I'm talking but it's like a big Art

Basel where it's like artists from I

guess all around Cuba we're not they all

come there and it's one main artists who

create style and you know Tyler's you

seen your bathroom with different colors

but he'll create art out of the tile and

and the whole like it's amazing you'll

just see I can't really explain it too

much but you can see it in the

background and then we also went to a

beach now Varadero beach is the tourist

beach that's I think it's obscene right

is Varadero beach the Satori's beach

where everybody goes and it's fun just

wanted me some college kids it's cool

but you know me when I go somewhere I

like to get a cultural experience I

don't want to see the real because who

determines what's real anymore really

but um it gives you more of a cultural

parents and not like just a tourist

achill feel and so we went to a beach

called an Arctic Allah Marina the Cubano

somebody owned something like that not

took of Marina

something and you'll see in the

background also and I got to actually

intertwine with the locals like Varadero

beach is mostly only for tourists

because it's so expensive and so far

from Havana you know from the main city

that is mostly gonna be tourists there

but when you go to Maradona nordica

Beach you'll see like regular people and

you'll see some tourists at the time and

if you see how as different countries as

they come for come from they match mesh

very well and how they have people bring

our food to you know the food at the

beach ain't that good I'm gonna be rich

food in the meat ain't that good and

they're gonna charge you up gringo price

because they gotta bring the food out to

you to cook the food they gotta bring

the drinks out to you so we spent about

eight dollars like a food was like like

about four dollars for a chicken foot

off for chicken like five for fish and

like they bring the drink separately

it's like a dollar each so it's gonna be

like you're gonna spend like eight

dollars for everything food drinks and

for them the service that I'm gonna

bring it out and take the garbage away

when you're done um yeah I can go

without the food about you I think if I

can go there with some snacks that'd be

better but um that's one thing I should

tell you brain try to bring snacks to

Cuba from America cuz it'll give you a

save you a bunch of time but um as far

as the beach is beautiful women they

have a boat out there on the beach and

for like $12 it takes four people out

and for an hour and you get to explore

the Atlantic Ocean which is probably the

most amazing ocean I've ever seen

there's no I mean I don't understand how

it's possible but there weren't any fish

there weren't any sharks there weren't

any dolphins that were it it was just

like clear blue water and I mean look in

the background you can probably see the

video cuz I'm playing it in the

background now other activities we did

you know we um there's horseback riding

but we didn't do any less back riding

cuz he's only there for a certain amount

of time the old cars old cars thing is

good we went to UM the Revolution Square

where we get we got like a little

history on um you know what it's about

and what it stands for from the driver

that was driving with us and we drove in

an old car but yeah I got all crazy so

it's not a big difference but it was

cool it was fun it's a fun thing take

pictures videos around the cars and

stuff that's cool

other than that now I guess I'll move on

to the party's don't don't don't fret

I'm probably in this before 20 minutes

and the women are coming up the women

are coming up I'm probably gonna have it

flashed through the whole thing with the

point to talk about women on here from

Cuba are but um so after we had our

friend doing all the activities you know

all activities I mentioned it was time

to party let's talk about parties the

best way to talk about Havana Cuba

nightlife is three initials F a C which

stands for family got their art a Cubano

this place is an art museum that also

has Broadway plays about about a ballets

and everything along with musical dance

parties I mean live music and DJs all in

the same place and it's all in the same

place and fabrica their art a is so big

that you can be in one section and not

even know about another section or hear

about another section and its culture

and its people from around the world and

this is what I mean by if you don't do

your research you don't find out about

stuff because a lot of youtubers are not

going to show you if I break it there

are tape because all they know is about

is the malecon and maybe street 21 where

there are some clubs on but FAC is a big

place and here's the thing it only costs

$2 for entry the way it works is you pay

$2 to get inside $2 to get inside once

you're inside you now are meaning

mingling with middle-class Cubans no

Cubans are not all poor yeah they're not

all poor if you walk the malecon you'll

see people with piratey sitting there

yes you will see that because it's free

and yours and it's closer to where

everyone lives because most of Cubans

don't live in a minute they live outside

and like when a boy or things like that

um when you get an F say FAC you pay $2

you get inside you'll see all this

artwork for all from all over the world

on the wall you'll see you'll see like

nudity from

just from artwork but it's it's it's

it's unique you know me and then when

you walk in the first to the left you'll

see I play the video in the background

you'll meet so many people from around

the world and so many middle class Cuba

Cuban people that will open your mind up

to what Cuba really could be or what it

really is um as far as what time is open

it's open from about nine o'clock till

about 3:00 in the morning the issue with

this that if you're not there by eleven

o'clock you're gonna have to stay online

for about an hour and a half before you

get in I mean FAC is always packed

we went there every night but one night

we left early and we went to another

place which I'll tell you about called

fantasy fantasy it which is spelled with

exit it's a little bit weird but it's a

fantasy is more like a hip-hop club but

it has a lot of reggaeton and Latin

music but it's more like a hip-hop club

the whole vibe is about Club buying

bottles you know I'll try to see if I

have it some footage and if I do it'll

be in the background where you can see

because here's the thing I should have

mentioned this earlier but cameras

cameras are not I don't want to say

accepted but they're found upon video

recording in Cuba you can't really

record many places like I try to record

in the store once the lady told me no

please don't record in this store yo you

can't record in the store um I try to

record in the nightclub the people in

the nightclub bouncer said no you can't

record a nightclub mind you we wasn't

just recording like in a crowd we

brought a bottle of white Hennessy and a

bottle is relatively cheap if you don't

get Gringo's now we'll get to the part

you've all been waiting for the women so

I'm gonna start with saying this fellas

to the black man 90% of the women in

Cuba are going to be pros but the pro in

Cuba is quite different from pros

anywhere around the world now it's not

looking better or looking worse thing

but just uh what they will take for

their time in Cuba it is more of a

system of barter now if those that don't

understand what barter is or know where

barter is from the medieval times barter

is when people used to trade things that

they have for things that they want um

we do that now currently with money but

in Cuba it's more of a barter situation

which is you can meet a pro and say hey

I don't have any money

I don't like exchanging money for time

but I do have these t-shirts from

Hollister or t-shirts from somewhere

that is not expensive in America like

t-shirts when they get and they will be

more inclined to give you their time

with something like that then if you

were to give a monetary value the reason

being this is for is because a lot of

the stuff in Cuba they can't get over

there there's been an embargo in Cuba

for a from what I know last 40 to 50

years there's been a embargo with Cuba

with a lot of the stuff that we have in

America can't be shipped over there and

because America's part of the United

Nations a lot of the stuff from your

Nations cannot be shipped to Cuba so

they only allow to get certain things so

if you have things like perfume or

clothes or lingerie or just basic

materials like flip-flops you can go

over there and hustle your way to

something amazing if you have any

questions or any thing about activities

pros a cost or anything just ask me in

the comments and I'll respond to you and

try to get to you in a timely fashion I

check my comments very frequently and I

respond to any qualms any question that

anybody asks


good morning world