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I am back to answer your frequently

asked question how much time should I

wait before getting pregnant again

it is true that both short and long

inter pregnancy intervals or time

between pregnancies can be associated

with certain complications more

specifically though with those short

intervals and so I'm gonna talk all

about it in this quick FAQ video if you

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get started you guys asked me on

literally any coffee and questions poll

on Instagram and then on so many of the

comments on multiple of my videos how

long should you wait between pregnancies

and so I wanted to make this specific

FAQ video because I feel like this is

one of my most common questions of all


so let's knock it out so when we talk

about inter pregnancy interval that is

the time between the birth of your last

baby and then getting pregnant again

previously I actually thought that it

was until birth of the other baby but

it's actually till you get pregnant

again and there's considered short and

then there's considered long we talk

about long I'm not really going to talk

about long inter pregnancy intervals the

quick answer to that is have a baby

before five years to decrease your

chances of complications and then when

we talk about short what we're talking

about is really the the research is a

little bit loose on this when they say

short some people refer to three months

between the time of birth to getting

pregnant which is actually very fast and

then up to 18 months so that range is

between 3 and 18 months if I give you

the quick answer then the overall

general recommendation is to wait 18

months from birth until getting pregnant

the next time and the reason for that is

that in that inter pregnancy interval

that's shorter than that 18 months there

are some risk factors there are some

things that you have a higher chance of

having with that second pregnancy now

whenever I talk about risk factors I get

nervous because I'm like I don't want

you to stress out about things I don't

want to I want to decrease your anxiety

and increase your confidence and so

anytime risk factor comes up these are

things that statistically

have a higher chance of happening and so

I'm gonna list those off to you and then

we're gonna talk about them so the

higher risk is for anemia in pregnancy

preterm birth along those lines is

small-for-gestational-age so you have a

preterm baby a lot of that has to do

with your cervix so your cervix member

is that rock-hard solid thing that has

to thin out and dilate and open and when

it's just recently done that it's almost

like muscle memory where it's like oh I

know what to do and I'm gonna do it a

little too early and so you are at a

higher chance of having a preterm baby

along those lines also that your water

breaks prematurely so before we want it

to at around 37 weeks and beyond there's

a higher chance of placental abruption

which is where your placenta detaches a

little bit too early and then congenital

anomalies so that has to do with mostly

folic acid intake so my tip for you is

if you do get pregnant first of all

don't stress out you're gonna be

followed by an OB or a midwife they're

gonna be watching for these things so

you just want to increase your folic

acid intake slash folate which is the

natural form which I talked about am I

trying to conceive video you can go over

there and check that out that

specifically the folic acid decreases

chance of neural tube defects which is a

whole nother video has to do with their

spine their back problems congenital

anomalies another small correlation has

to do with autism an increased risk for

autism and that's like a hot-button

issue here in the United States at least

and one study particularly looked at

people who got pregnant before 12 months

from the last pregnancy and then after

36 months they didn't really have

information from the ones in between

then but if you compared those to before

12 after 36 there was an over three

times higher chance of autism about 30%

of you will probably get pregnant within

a short Enterprise Nanci interval so

this is not uncommon and look at all the

healthy babies running around the world

so this is not something to stress out

about but something to be aware of that

if you're actually trying to plan ahead

and do the right thing do the textbook

thing then the goal is 18 months now the

other thing I want to note here is has

to do with miscarriage and stillbirth so

if you've had a miscarriage or you've

had a stillbirth the recommendation is

that you get pregnant whenever you feel

emotionally ready for that that the 18

months depend and you can talk to your

doctor or your Midwife about this

they're going to be able to specifically

recommend things to you that are more


to your pregnancy but in general if that

is a miscarriage or stillbirth that you

just need to be emotionally ready to to

have another baby and be pregnant again

and otherwise there's no specific month

time the last thing I want to note here

has to do with VBAC mama so if your

first pregnancy or you've had a previous

c-section in the past you really do want

to wait that 18 months if you can

because of the uterine scar so if you

want to know more about this I have an

entire VBS on my website that is awesome

I have slaved over that class to bring

you all of the most up-to-date

evidence-based information help you make

an informed decision but the quick

answer to how long you should wait if

you've had a previous c-section is 18

months because we want that scar to be

nice and solid and stuck together so

that when you go into labor or as your

belly grows your uterus grows that that

scar doesn't break open and it caused a

whole nother slew of complications so to

answer the question the answer is 18

months if you can wait 18 months if you

happen to get pregnant in a shorter

amount of time than that guys do not

stress out go talk to your doctor or

Midwife about it they're gonna watch

your pregnancy very closely for any of

these potential risk factors but moral

of the story is it happens all the time

no stress enjoy your pregnancy

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