Hardest Choices Personality Test To Test What Kind Of Person You Are

the choices we make every day can shape

our personality but our personality can

also influence the decisions we make so

in this video I'm going to ask you to

make some hard choices to determine what

kind of person you are I'll be measuring

you against the five main psychological

traits to measure personality

these are agreeableness your tendency to

cooperate and be compassionate

extraversion so how confident and

outgoing you are openness your sense of

adventure and equality neuroticism how

obsessive and emotional you can be and

conscientiousness if you're diligent and

careful grab a pen and keep a note of

how many of each trait you pick and at

the end I will reveal what kind of

person you are don't be alarmed

there are morning people and then there

are definitely not morning people but

the very first decision you make when

you get up can reveal more about you

than you think so tell me how do you

wake up in the morning before always on

your alarm usually hitting the snooze

button or don't have an alarm let's dive

into this if you wake up before your

alarm that is textbook neurotic behavior

your obsessive trait extends into your

unconscious and that's impressive

getting up on your alarm without hitting

snooze one shows a conscientious effort

to start the day but if you're hitting

the snooze you're probably a bit more

laid-back about your day to day routine

meaning you'd fall into the

agreeableness category but you must have

incredible levels of confidence to wake

up on time without setting an alarm at

all that's extraversion for you how do

you roll there are some choices you make

often without thinking that tell people

a lot about you so with that in mind

which way round do you hang the toilet

roll over under I never replaced the

toilet roll

according to the toilet paper

personality test designed by dr. gilda

Karl how you hang your roll is an

indicator of how assertive you are

hanging it over the exterior supposedly

shows dominance linked to being

conscientious and neurotic hanging it

under shows submissiveness linked to the

laid-back nature of those with high

agreeableness and if you don't replace

the toilet roll

that's a confident move link to the

unbothered side of extraversion and

openness trolly traits here's an age-old

moral busting question you're standing

next to some train tracks which five

people have been tied down to and a

train is speeding towards them you are

next to a lever which will change the

tracks but there's a catch on the other

track one person is tied to it

so do you hit the lever to change the

track or do nothing and lever do nothing


so would you personally kill one person

to save many it's a fight between two

schools of thought utilitarianism which

praises the idea of the greater good

like pulling the lever in this example

and deontology which says certain

actions are wrong despite better

outcomes but these thought processes can

reveal some personality traits a study

from Columbia Business School in 2011

found that utilitarianism is linked to

Machiavellian personality and

psychopathy on the other hand deontology

focuses more on the individual's actions

meaning your decision not to interfere

shows higher traits of neuroticism and

conscientiousness this famous problem

has been widely criticized as a test

though and don't freak out if you chose

to save the five and sacrifice the one

because 90% of people surveyed are

Psychopaths too let's expand on this

problem with a slight variation now this

time you're standing on a bridge over

the track as the runaway trolley

approaches now there's no second track

but there is a very large man on the

bridge next to you if you push him over

his body will stop the trolley saving

the five workers but he will die what do

you do push the fat man onto the tracks

do nothing you may have noticed here

that the decision is exactly the same

you lose one life to save the five but

instead of 90% of people saying it was

okay to sacrifice the one for the five

as in the first version this time around

only 10% of people say that it's okay to

throw the man onto the track our

instincts tell us that deliberately

causing someone's death is different

than allowing them to die as collateral

damage one reason is that pushing

someone to their death feels more

personal activating an emotional

aversion to killing another person it

just feels wrong for reasons that are

hard to explain this problem is at the

intersection between ethics and

psychology which is why it's such an

interesting puzzle to analyze your

behavior researchers studied the brain

activity of people thinking through

these classical problems and found out

that both puzzles activate regions of

your brain focused on conscious and

emotional decision-making but in the

bridge version the emotional response is

much stronger so if you decided to pull

the lever on the first example but not

push the man on the second you possess a

relatively normal emotional and

conscious decision-making mindset if you

chose not to pull the lever or push the

fat man the emotional side of your brain

is much stronger if you chose to hit the

lever and push the fat man you're a

die-hard utilitarian that may tend to

make morally questionable decisions

finally if you chose not to hit the

lever but you did choose to push the fat

man you're confused or you really hate

fat people please let me know in the

comments which options you chose and why

you chose them I'll be replying to a few

of you down there and while you're at it

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super psychology everyone has a

superpower they secretly wish they had

but what you may not know is that the

superpower you want reveals a lot about

the kind of person you are so tell me if

you could have one of these four

superpowers which one would it be super

strength super speed flight or


let's break this down

going for super strength indicates you

like being the center of attention which

is why this is closely aligned with

extraversion and agreeableness what

about super speed the power to get as

much done as quickly as possible a

choice popular with the more

conscientious and neurotic among us and

as for flight which is one of the most

adventurous powers data gathered from

7065 leaders across the globe found that

if given the option between flight ER

and visibility 72% chose flight it's a

choice linked to confidence levels of an

individual and you can see in the graph

here that leaders who chose to fly over

be invisible were markedly more

confident which is a strong indicator of

openness and extraversion traits but

those who chose to be invisible we're

more likely to be in positions of

clerical power and safety roles

displaying less confident but more

diligent and careful behaviors this

means choosing invisibility places you

solidly in the conscientious category so

look out your secret super power might

be manifesting itself in your job rich

people problems

imagine you have invented a new

life-changing product but no investors

are willing to take the plunge just yet

they want to see results first putting

it into production will bankrupt you but

the returns could be huge your brother

is your business partner but he and his

family depend on the current business to

survive if you go under he does too he

doesn't want to risk it all but you

control the company what do you do don't

invest contractually make yourself

responsible for your brother and his

family if it all goes wrong take the


pay off your brother cut them out and

invest everything

you probably guessed what this question

is about the thought process and

personality traits of rich people

there's studies that show that rich

people's personalities show common

traits that help them get ahead in this

world so let's break these answers down

not taking any kind of leap to preserve

everyone's safety is a conscientious act

but if it was because you were worried

about losing everything then that's more

neurotic taking on your brother at an

expense to yourself shows you care about

the social implications of failure as

well as wanting to put it all on the


meaning agreeableness and openness

taking the leap regardless is a move

that requires confidence and a sense of


so extraversion and openness and finally

cutting your brother out and going for

it would be the ultimate extroverted

move with a dash of conscientiousness as

you preserve your own interest

research shows that rich people tend to

be less neurotic and agreeable but more

extroverted open and conscientious of

all the answers they'd probably choose

one of the last two I wonder if money

can buy you a new family can I get a

lift here's a really simple one you're

driving down a road when you notice a

hitchhiker would you pick up this

hitchhiker yes or no okay then you keep

on traveling down the road when you spot

another one would you pick up this


yes or no

this was a test of a principle in

psychology called cognitive bias - a lot

of people appearance is a kind of

subconscious indicator of


but it's the traits of your personality

which determined how you act on it if

you said no to both hitchhikers you were

probably thinking about how you don't

know this person

they could be murderers why risk it a

very neurotic or conscientious response

if you said yes to both hitchhikers

you're displaying tremendous trust and

are maybe looking to see beyond what

they look like despite the possible

danger this is common in those aligned

with openness but if you answered no to

the first and yes to the second or the

other way around it's likely you were

affected by their appearance this hints

towards extraversion and agreeableness

when you're judging the situation by a

skin deep social standard so it's easier

for you to make decisions based on what

you see which is crucial in today's

society some like it hot now let's turn

up the heat you've just ordered some

food at a restaurant and you realize

it's quite bland you asked the waiter to

put some sauce on it and they asked how

spicy would you like it what do you say

I'd like it hot I put hot sauce on my

hot sauce actually bland is fine

research from the Institute of Food

Technologists has found a link between

personality type and spicy food

preference so according to the science

if you said you'd like it hot you're

more open to new sensations putting you

in the openness category but for those

who really love the deep burn you're the

real risk takers here and there's a high

chance you sit in the extraversion

category a lot like spicy Saviour

Beyonce and for those of you happy for

her life without spice this question had

a second layer as well did you trust a

stranger to judge how much sauce you

wanted according to the research this

slides you into the neurotic category

but you're not alone celebrities like

Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian

aren't huge fans of spice maybe bland

has its benefits an electric dilemma

imagine this you're at work and one of

your assistants keeps messing up

but it's not really their fault as

they've been given bad old equipment to

work with one day after a minor incident

your boss instructs you to fire them you

know that if you do they will really

struggle to get another job what do you

do fire them

refuse to fire them threaten to quit if

they're fired we'll start off by saying

this is an adjusted version of the

Milgram experiment designed to test your

responses under the pressure of an

authority figure if you answered fire

them without hesitation that would score

you a point in the neurotic category had

conscientious if you had to think about

it for a moment to some it feels like

there's no point fighting Authority and

going against them only puts you in the

path of danger refusing to fire them

works towards the agreeable trait you

don't want your assistant to blame you

for this unfair dismissal totally

understandable and pulling the power

move of threatening to quit that's a

confident extroverted response it could

also be considered as openness of seeing

the inequality of the situation made you

want to level the playing field do you

bite your nails pull your hair or pick

your skin those of us and there are many

out there who occasionally like the bite

on our nails have probably been told

over the years that we're a bit anxious

or highly stressed or maybe even a

little socially awkward well according

to psychologists these are all wrong

sort of the real reason some people bite

their nails is because their

perfectionist according to a 2015 study

published in the Journal of behavior

therapy and experimental psychiatry nail

biters are just people who are unable to

relax and perform tasks at a normal pace

this is what leads to frustration and

anxiety which people often associate

with high functioning nail biters one

study found that pair of functional

habits like nail biting were strongly

correlated with conscientiousness and

the least related to extraversion how do

you take a selfie the world seems to be

split into two groups those who take a

selfie it basically every opportunity

and those who avoid taking a selfie like

they avoid a highly can

ages disease however it seems like we

can break these groups down a little

further apparently your selfie style

says a lot more than you think it does

according to research from the Nanyang

Technological University in Singapore

friendlier people were more likely to

take their pics from below while the

conscientious selfie taker was less

likely to display the private space

behind them if you tend to go for the

duckface in your selfies than you are

according to the research more likely to

be neurotic interestingly most people

tend to not pick up on these personality

details when looking at selfies perhaps

because they are too busy rolling their

eyes how quickly do you eat your food we

are what we eat although how we eat is

important too in fact it can tell us an

awful lot more about ourselves than we

might realize

according to behavioral food expert

Juliette Baucus Ian if you're a slow

eater the kind of person who is still

munching long after the bill is arrived

you were the type of person who likes to

be in control and tend to be confident

and even keeled vast eaters on the other

hand are more likely to be impatient and

ambitious perhaps unsurprisingly

adventurous eaters according to Bob

Hudson are people happy to try things

outside their comfort zone in everyday

life while picky eaters are more likely

to be a little neurotic and anxious

finally if you're the kind of person who

separates their food and eats one type

at a time then your methodical and very

detail-oriented away from the dinner

table playing the psychology field let's

add a little romance into the mix you're

having a drink in a bar when someone

gorgeous walks in it's crowded and you

want to get their attention what would

you do plan out what you're going to say

Wayne the whole thing try and catch

their eye let them come to you

the things people do when they're trying

to flirt speak volumes about their

entire personality we all know someone

with enough confidence to just waltz up

and blindly try their luck a definite

sign of extraversion where is the person

gearing themselves up by planning their

moves and words meticulously sits on the

more neurotic side at the table but what

about more passive gestures allowing

them to come to you as a confident move

that also indicates you appreciate a

sense of equality in other words it's a

gesture of openness and if you're

sweeping back your hair and trying to

pose seductively then you're attempting

to appear more socially adept in a word

agreeableness final results okay so

let's look at the results then you get

very few openness scores but a wide mix

of everything else then your personality

type is average most people fall into

this category it's a well rounded

balance except for openness meaning you

prefer routine over adventure so you're

probably sociable a little pessimistic

and sensitive to people around you if

your answers were extraversion or

conscientious focused your personality

type is self-centered you're more likely

to be successful

but also way more ruthless and

headstrong it also makes you socially

confident and energetic did you find

yourself high in agreeableness

conscientiousness and extraversion then

your type is reserved

you're more trusting and well-liked but

also very aware of the people around you

you're able to approach problems with a

level head and give thoughtful answers

backing them up with incredible

confidence and finally if you scored a

mixed bag of all of them with exception

of neuroticism then you're a role model

you're dependable open to new ideas and

a strong leader maybe taking too many

calculated risks at times but you're

someone other people look up to so you

probably get asked for advice a lot how

did you do let me know in the comments


and also tell me if you think your

results fit your perception before

taking the test thanks for watching