Grand Larceny Gameplay and Complete Pack Opening || WARDEN OP!!!

let's go warden warden Toby wouldn't it

be that was great what is up everybody I

didn't get flanked and we have a new

special event in Rainbow six siege it

just went live a few minutes ago and

with this we have a special game mode

and we also have a new collection of

special packs it's called the grand

larceny is the special game mode and you

can see I have it up on the screen now

to go into the game mode real quick it

says attackers must open the safe boxes

inside the building before the end of

the timer or eliminate all the defenders

defenders must protect their safe boxes

or eliminate the attacking team and it

looks to me like that's on old Herefords

so that's exciting

save ballast the map contains a certain

number of safe boxes you need to open

them as an attacker to progress from the

objective they can fall through the

floor if it gets destroyed and their

position is known to both teams all

operators use a shotgun in this game

mode their destruction power is

increased in their room floors can be

destroyed without leaving metal beams

okay so everybody's using shotguns that

sounds pretty cool so what we'll do here

we'll go ahead and open the packs and

see what all calls medics come in this

collection and then we'll hop in and

play a game and see what the game mode

is all about so with that said I already

purchased the packs they weren't cheap I

think that if my math is correct there's

over 60 dollars for the complete pack so

as any time that we're open in packs

like this keep in mind guys it's just

cosmetic items it's not that important

if you don't have the money to spend on

it especially in times like this don't

spend it on it okay I'm gonna open them

and show all of it to you but this is my

job so it's pretty easy for me to do it

and I don't recommend that you do it if

you don't have the money to spend with

that said let's see what's in there and

yeah there's 31 of them that's pretty

cool packaging here and we'll we'll see

what's in this pack okay so let's get

started here these packs are cool okay

eventually it will load six wash 24/7

laundromat yeah I like these packs

alright here we go

the cache jumps out okay Amaro head gear

I don't really have very many amaru

stuff so I will welcome some more skins

that's pretty cool look at that is like

that's like a good that's like a guitar

case with a tommy gun inside that's cool

that is a cool charm I like that I play

guitar so I really like that or criminal

violin I don't know

Oh Banas in here okay okay

Bay Bay's getting some new clothes the

shotgun skin for maestro and alibi yeah

maestro head gear okay so the theme is

obviously like the roaring 20s like

prohibition area gangster style stuff

whoo that's actually a that's a pretty

cool skin for echoes yeah

okay wall my headgear I like that I

actually like that headgear that's sick

and again one minds not somebody I have

much stuff for so that's cool okay echo

uniform I actually like that the the

pants the old school look yeah I like


warden yes I need some good warden

clothes okay that's a cool suit for

warden dapper garb I like it

okay Mavericks AR it's a pretty cool

skin but I don't really use the AR but

that skin looks really nice

okay gridlock headgear there we go the

Habana headgear I like that yes yes okay

it doesn't seem to want to load there we


okay that's the skin four okay so the

game moves all shotguns so all these

weapon skins are gonna be for the

shotguns okay that makes sense

I make sense all right there's the

Maverick uniform looks like it's dim

that is the shotgun okay a lot of people

use that shotgun and then pretty cool I

think I have black ice for that shotgun

no all right at legendary let's see what

this is the fuse here let's go I don't

actually have much refuse either and if

you guys want to know you know I've been

playing a lot of fuse so that's cool

but this fuse have a shotgun okay

there's the echo headgear

the cave heck here maverick headgear I

like it dude Mavericks gonna look like a

boss and all denim

all right maestro uniformed pretty cool

I mean everything I've seen so far is

good no way that's amazing that is

amazing dude oh you know who he looks

like if you guys watch peaky blinders

the brother from peaky blinders that's

exactly who he looks like dude that's

awesome I like that

well my uniform is amazing yes do these

these skins are high quality I will say

that I'm really excited all these kids

alright come on come on load we got this

okay that's the shotgun for amare okay

lots of shotgun skins here

okay so not all this go okay that's uh

that's the all go that's a really cool

skin for the AAG okay that's good

the fuse uniform okay all right here we


I think I got five more okay there's a

Mars uniform alright

okay there's Cades uniform pretty sick

gridlock uniform yes that's okay for

gridlocks uh what is that it's another

version of the all good isn't it yes

okay okay so I just noticed something

look at this dry-cleaning receipt

lipstick dirty collar dirty cuffs

missing button blood that's pretty cool

it's the details you know it's a small

thing all right moving on oh the ak-12

skin I will take that 100% let's go

that's cool alright we're getting near

the end here and we got the TCS g12 skin

I like the designs of these they're all

kind of similar but I like that design

okay that's it that's it for the packs

that's all 31 of them alright let's

equip a few things will go to attackers

first and we got to go we got to go to

my man fuse let's get fuse looking good

here and all right

and the weapon skin was this and let's

throw on the guitar charm all right here

it is okay all right let's go to warden

I would do who I want my first year why

my give him the head I love it I love it

that's sick all right where is a warden

here we go

warden look so amazing let's go oh

that's sick all right let's get into

this game mood I'm just ready to see

what this is all about all right let's

let's see if we can find a game here the

grand larceny game mode all right here

we go

stolen goods all right we're starting on

defense you know we got to go with

warden we got to go with warden look at

that I mean how could you not select

this man mmm Bane it would be good

though with that shot and that m870

shotgun is so good all right all right

I'm excited to see this destruction and

everybody everybody play with shotguns

is it gonna be fun like that's gonna be



maverick and Havanna oh that's cool

it is old hair for let's go oh that's

awesome okay so let's see what whoa that

is actually insane look at that Wow

this destruction is crazy okay you ready

there isn't a prep phase I'm guessing so

no prep phase they just scared scared


Oh down them the crack to save

Oh warden using wardens gadget let's go

warden warden Toby wouldn't it be that

was great that was great um oh he's got

the AIDS well let's do it oh no this is

the well stick with what stick with

warden we'll stick with warden he's

serving as well honestly though maestro

with that a 12 could be the play I mean

that thing isn't that what it's called

the a 12 just like the auto shotgun

that's okay get over that we want to

drop it down to the bottom floor oh

that's so cool dude all right so they're

okay I don't think there's a prep phase

guys that's where's that

yep watch me now oh okay okay

gotta stay closer gotta stay closer all

right we switching sides now

okay we're switching sides we're

attacking who do we want to use one

attack previous it's only shotguns who

could get foot step footprints let's do

a Mario we got to use a martyr right Oh

Mario with homework would be cool kind

of cool these stuns oamaru get in the

window go rush style they're not gonna

be ready for this but they're gonna drop

all them down too right like that's

that's like too cool not to do I feel

like everybody's gonna do that here we

go here we go

well we know where they are okay yeah we

can see them dropping I'll come to Papa

come to Papa

no oh I got it though I got it what we

lost that I didn't get that all right

oh no the Amaru

tomorrow is the play will do the same

spawn tomorrow again this time we're

going to we're going to kill some people

I think we need more cowbell that's what

we need

all right there I'm guessing if they win

this round it's over so we need it we

need to force this comeback all right

I'm doing the same window I'm doing it

I'm doing it bro

scared or you can go good night paint it

you can go no kill me you told me oh oh

no Ellis shotgun is gonna terrorize this

ah we lost Ellis shotgun is gonna be the

meta no why did they do that

Oh all right we lost Oh

ah that's a cool MVP screen alright

alright that's cool that is cool

yeah so that is the grand larceny

special event pretty cool the cosmetics

I love the uniforms the cosmetics are

cool the game-mode is awesome I love

that it's on old hair for the

destruction it's really fun to play with

it's really fun to play all shotguns I

kind of surprised they put LF shotgun in

there that could be a bit annoying but

we'll see how that goes but yeah that's

it guys let me know what you think about

this game-mode down in the comments if

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it and I'll see you guys