Glove and Boots | When It's OK to be Afraid

there are times it was fun to be scared

and times it is not be I'm ghosts

jump-scare Mario I know that's you not

scary scary is great that was hilarious

he's actually right I got an adrenaline

rush but it's just Mario so I know I'm


wait then why was it no fun when you

scared me with this same mask last night

I am going to bed and I had my blankie


cuz in this situation you don't feel

safe feel releases adrenaline and

dolphins and stuff to give our bodies a

fight-or-flight reaction alright with

his adrenaline rush now caveman has more

power to fight or run away from scary

tiger exactly it's a natural response

and no man dolphins is a rush it feels


wait like rollercoaster you like roller

coaster exactly a roller coaster is

scary but food no the first time I wrote

roller coaster was scary fun the second

time scary terrifying that's because the

first time you wrote it correctly and

the second time you cut off your safety

harness and threw it over the slide yeah

that did not make it better like I

thought that but thank you for making

that point the only thing I made was in

my pants what the thing is scared of is

an actual threat fear stops being fun

like if you're in real danger that's no

good here take zombie for example one

zombies not scary I mean my heart's

beating a little faster cuz he's long

but everybody knows I'll be stupid and

slow and can't catch if you just walk

away I'm in no danger

multiple zombies however see this is no

good 50 zombies is actual dangerous this

feels no longer fun no I think you are

safe I think they're all waiting to

watch an Elvis concert or something

Elvis that don't make no sense it will

wait for it and they'll bonus if you can

face up to the stuff that makes you

scared you get a boost of confidence

self-esteem Oh

I have very low self-esteem then Mario

we gotta work on that did you write the

list of stuff that scares you like we

talked about yes there's no way we got

time to do all these shoes wait what's

this one your bedroom yes sometimes late

at night my imagination goes nothing and

the scare myself Oh perfect that happens

to everybody

first let me just say it is not so bad

since you are here that's right how

accompany is one thing that makes scary

stuff more fun second my imagination is

telling me that shadowy heap is monster

okay perfect

let's face your fear that's just the

imagination Mario look what happens when

we turn on the light see it's just

gorillas wearing to party hats what how

long have you been standing there

that is not better