When Is It Gonna Stop Raining

rain rain go away inside we have to stay

we can't go out and play

it's raining the god

raindrops hitting the sidewalk palak

pop-pop oh do you think it will ever

stop raining

well the backyards

my tea probably won't try out for again


mean stuff

nothing to do but go crazy

when is

stop raining

we watch TV on

we've done every

do you think

first on

mom says well what

why would she say something like that

doesn't she know

we want to go

outside and my

but the backyards flooded the

playgrounds my

for a year we're gonna be stuck in here

with nothing to do but go crazy

when is it gonna stop raining




Suns coming out what do you know I've in

the sky there's a big rainbow I didn't

think it would ever stop



yds butter

and all of this but mom

but she still let it stop