When The Heck Is It Going To Warm Up?!

Matt Sampson here with storm specialist

Carl Parker Carl we know that it's cold

out there that's not the news but

everyone is tweeting me asking when is

it gonna warm up yeah you know the good

news about this cold outbreak is that

it's not going to be a very long-lived

one it takes a long time obviously when

it's so cold to erode that right cold

air but it is going to start happening

in the next couple of days and by late

week the warm air really comes back it's

a great graphics oh it's wonderful and

so it's going to be considerably warmer

but we will get a lot of rain and rain

falling in areas where there's snow on

the ground which could mean flood with

some flooding particularly in the

Midwest so when we talk about the

specific numbers you've got single

numbers across the northern tier you've

got 20s and 30s down south by Sunday

we're talking about 30s in the Midwest

we're getting into 60 or so around DC

and a lot of the south even 74 degrees

in Wilmington and look at the turnaround

here 34 today in Wilmington 74 on Sunday

in New York City 14 251 in that same

time oh it's wonderful and in Atlanta 28

to 62 but unfortunately it will be a

little on the wet side of this weekend

we were talking earlier about people

doing that experiment where they throw

the boil and water out and it freezes in

the air but there were some problems

with burns so a lot of problems with

burns yeah make sure you throw it away

from yours yeah not your friends not

near yourself and you gotta make sure

the wind doesn't blow them back note of

the wind direction exactly and it

actually works a lot better if you just

do a little bit of it you see the sort

of an explosion I did it last night it's

actually very cool yeah but if you do a

lot of water it doesn't work as well

yeah yeah all right always learning

something here that's willing to throw

it on yourself yeah not good alright

thanks Carla