all the world is covered in pace our

whole world it's so slippery definitely

not good for driving bad driving


Stanhope we're not staying at home whole

be careful even the garbage can strike

it's covered in ice to do this I want to

feel like the Pope I am strong like Hulk




are you even opening the door though I

can't even open my car that's how much

ice there is everywhere it rained last

night and then it froze as it was

raining and as a result the whole car is

covered in a layer of ice as you can see

if anyone wants to have a cocktail party

we have plenty of ice for you okay here

we go

yes success being very capable that's a

foe it's so slippery everywhere all of

the trees are covered in icicles and it

looks so pretty

take a look at that

I love that crunching noise check out

this bike

nobody's riding that today this is gonna

be CEA's new invention I always try and

invent stuff but usually it's not that

good so this is windshield washer fluid

that is made to withstand minus 40

degrees no no wait it's probably like

minus three it's not that cold because

it rained last night right that's why

there's all this ice but I put this

windshield washer fluid which doesn't

freeze and usually you spray your

windows with it I put it in this spray

bottle and now I'm going to try and

spray all the windows of my car and wait

five minutes and see

if it dissolves I can already hear it

cracking I am hoping hear it you can

hear it cracking listen

it's working hopefully can't walk look I

just keep slipping

so apparently 250,000 people in Toronto

are powerless and that's supposed to go

on for the next 72 hours so it's gonna

be a lot of people having a dark

Christmas but it could be kind of nice

we still have power I kind of wish we

did it cuz it's fun and no Christmas

with candles everywhere but I mean we

can still do that but it's not as fun

when you absolutely don't have power

there's no way you can turn on the light

but I guess there is a plus because we

can use everything that uses electricity

and cook and our fridge is full and

things aren't gonna go bad I've been

hearing a lot of fire trucks and

ambulances and police cars this morning

an afternoon so hopefully everyone is

okay I think it worked out pretty well


poor trees frosted eyes this is my old

Street guys oh my god


this is absolutely in st. every tree on

my old street has fallen in on the

street but the whole streets working

together to help everyone and some some

trees have fallen on houses and they're

helping each other to I guess take it

off the house hopefully there's not too

much damage done this is absolutely

insane not one tree sniffing I swear at

least one little branch is broken off

we are now on CEA's parent's Street and

it's pretty bad as well

take a look

at the same time it's so beautiful wow

this is terrible then are you sad my


it's gone

I thought Toronto was bad Brampton is

all ours it mother nature you are crazy


my tree this is my childhood this is my

safe place this is where I went when I

was upset burrow sad and now it's half

gone just memories


we are on our way to Pearson Airport to

pick up CS sister na ba from Indonesia

she lives there now she's teaching and

she I think she's been gone for six


five or six and she hasn't told anybody

except us that she is coming home so

we're gonna surprise his parents and we

told them that we're off to get a piece

a piece to finish that their Christmas


Hanukkah gift and so that's what they

think that we're doing right now little

do they know that they're gonna get even

bigger surprise

hello welcome back to Canada

I'll show you guys when you have

electricity it will be more exciting and

I said I had a dream I went to work and

I came home and you were here he said no

mom I can I don't have it I see you're

lying to me oh my god I hope it was

worth the wait

hey no get away don't even 6-month

doesn't thank you see although a lot of

Power has gone out in many homes I I

really love that many people opened the

who did that power open up their houses

to people who did end and the whole

community was just working with each

other to get rid of the branches that

have fallen on the road and maybe on

someone's car or house and it's just

nice to walk outside and see neighbors

talking and helping each other it's just

nice to see

of community and people helping each

other and opening up their homes to each

other I will see all you beautiful

people later